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Good persuasive speech topics engage your audience. Persuasive speech can involve a wide range of topics. That includes talking about dinner to what to gift a friend on a birthday. Interesting and good topics in persuasive speeches connect you with the audience.

Moreover, persuasive speeches help you develop various soft skills. Students learn the ways of communication, develop ideas, speaking abilities, and how to present themselves. The prime motive of persuasive speeches is to inform, educate and motivate people to do something.

That’s why it’s crucial to select interesting persuasive topics for speech. Topics for persuasive speech should be thought-provoking, daring, and present a clear opinion. Also, if you want to discover emotive language, click here.

School and university students are often asked to write or deliver persuasive speeches. It’s a part of assignments and holds significant marks. That’s why it’s imperative for students to come up with the best persuasive speech topics.

If you are struggling to select the persuasive speech topics? No more worries now! In this write-up, we will suggest engaging and easy persuasive speech topics. And help you write a commemorative speech.

Before moving to that, let’s dive deep to know more about persuasive speeches. 

How To Write a Good Persuasive Speech?

How To Write a Good Persuasive Speech?

Writing a persuasive speech will not be difficult if you select your topics wisely. After selecting a good persuasive speech topic, you need to prepare the topic. If you are eager to know how to compose a good persuasive speech? Follow these easy steps and improve your assignments grades. Meanwhile, you can read the blog on different demonstration speech ideas.

Step 1: Select a Topic and Angle

Come with the debatable topic. The topic that will spawn heated arguments regardless of your position. Proctored exam monitors students’ activity, but still, there are ways how to cheat on proctored examYou can select any topic under the sky. From abortion to illegal drugs, from human rights to the education system.

You can even select simple topics like what to eat for dinner tonight. Just, scratch your head and develop an excellent persuasive speech topic. Suppose you are confused between multiple topics. Select the one you are passionate about and close to your heart.

  • We have given good persuasive speech topics for school students if you are a teen.
  • We have also provided persuasive speech topics college for adults.

Select a particular angle that you will focus on to ensure your topic is not too broad. Then it’s time to research the topic thoroughly. Focus on background, key elements, and prepare arguments for and against your angle. Meanwhile, you can go through the speech outline format here.

Step 2: Define Your Persuasive Goal

Once you have come up with a persuasive speech topic, it’s time to decide your goal. Your goal will be in regards to how you persuade your readers. Your persuasive goal may include:

  • Are you trying to compel your audience to a certain position on an issue?
  • Do you hope they will change their opinion after listening to your speech?
  • Are you trying to promote something or want them to donate money to a good cause?

Knowing your goals will make you make smart decisions. It will improvise your approach while writing and delivering the speech.

Rhetorical analysis essay topics typically involve analyzing the techniques and strategies used in a piece of writing or speech to persuade or inform an audience

Step 3: Analyze Your Audience  

Knowing the perspective of your audience is crucial while writing a persuasive speech. It’s especially true with a persuasive speech. That’s because you not only want your audience to listen to you but also take particular actions.

  • Consider who your audiences are based on their demographic nature and why they are there.
  • Analyze how many audience members are likely to perceive your thoughts about the speech topic. It will help you to relate to them more efficiently.
  • Grasp the obstacles your audience is facing regarding the topic. It will help you build persuasive arguments to remove those obstacles.

Also, it is better to get some extemporaneous speech ideas on obstacles removal. Get more topics here.

Step 4: Build a Compelling Persuasive Argument

You can build a compelling, persuasive argument with a clear insight into your goal, topic, and audience. However, never use offensive language. This way, you can deliver a compelling, persuasive speech.

You can start by knowing which persuasive techniques will help you reach your goal. Some of these persuasive techniques include:

  • Can you make an emotional appeal to persuade your audience?
  • Is it possible to use a rhetorical question to convince the audience about the possibilities?
  • Can you use logic to sway the audience to make reason appealing?
  • Can you make use of the bandwagon appeal to present your point?

The bandwagon fallacy implies something is true just because it is popular. Similarly, you try to convince your audience scientifically or proven facts when you use logic.

Also, learn thesis defense techniques to impress faculties. 

Step 5: Outline Your Persuasive Speech

Now you know the effective strategies for your persuasive speech. The next step is to create a keyword outline. The keyword outline helps you manage your speech’s crucial points and structure. This way, you can effectively make the maximum impact on your audience.

  • Start your speech on a strong note. Let your audience know the topic on which you will deliver your speech. Moreover, convey why it is essential and how you hope to convince them with your speech.
  • Make a list of your main points. It should cover your complete idea and help you build an argument to overcome opposing perspectives.
  • Conclude your speech by appealing to the audience to act in a particular way. Your conveying power will determine the success of your speech.

As motivation is a significant factor in persuasive speeches. You must know how to motivate your audience with your logic, arguments, and experience. You can motivate your colleagues with an encouraging retirement speech. Mention that retirement is their last day at the office, but they can do their preferable work for the rest of their lives.

Step 6: It’s Time To Deliver a Winning Speech

Always remember what you say is important. But you need to develop the skills when it is critical. That includes your style of delivery and visual aids. This is how you can make use of those visual aids to improve your delivery:

  • Select appropriate visual aid that you can share with your audience. It includes charts, graphs, photos, or illustrations that will help engage and persuade your audience.
  • Practice before delivering your speech. It will provide you the much-needed confidence. While delivering the real speech in front of the audience, maintain eye contact, and avoid vocal interference.
  • Let your interest and passion for the topic shine through among your audience. Your enthusiasm about the topic should convince your audience to believe your perspective.

A good persuasive speech topic can help you deliver a great speech. That’s why we have come up with interesting persuasive speech topics. Now it’s time to understand what are good persuasive topics.

You can also explore the best assignment helper for top grades in persuasive speech.  

What are Good Persuasive Speech Topics

What are Good Persuasive Speech Topics

The good easy topics for a persuasive speech help you improve critical thinking. It also engages the audience and challenges their opinion. Good persuasive topics find evidence to support the arguments. Moreover, it also counters the opposite opinion logically and with past studies.

Great persuasive speech convince the audience to see the issue from another point of view. A good persuasive speech topic should deal with daily life issues. These topics won’t require you much research. Here are some of the easy persuasive speech topics for school students:

  • What should the punishment be for cheating?
  • Should students allow phones at school?
  • What’s the most fun subject to learn?
  • Why is homework required for students?
  • Does your school handle bullying well?
  • Are dress codes a good idea for schools?
  • Is the school day too long?
  • Should students get to choose what they study?
  • What school rules would you change?
  • Is it a good idea for friends to sit together in class?
  • Does school start too early?
  • Should students take a self-defense class?

Students know well about their school. Every student has some particular opinion about school and school activities. No need to be a professional writer to write about school. The persuasive speech topics given above are great for expressing their views on various issues. Keep reading for more interesting persuasive speech topics.

How to Choose a Persuasive Speech Topic

How to Choose a Persuasive Speech Topic

To write a captivating and interesting persuasive speech, you must select the topic to engage the audience. However, it’s not easy to choose the topic for your speech. There are many options that you need to consider. Here we will discuss how to choose a persuasive topic to compose a successful persuasive speech.


Always make sure to select the topic in which you are comfortable. It’s important that you are familiar with the topic. The topic near your heart will make a perfect persuasive speech topic.  


It’s best to choose the topic you have an interest in. It will make your writing process effective for a persuasive essay. When you enjoy the topic, you will put genuine efforts into the research. You will enjoy the entire process.

The audience can also see this enthusiasm when you present the speech. Best persuasive speech topics must develop your and your audience’s interest.

The Audience’s Interest

You must also take care of the interest of your audience. Try to analyze and understand your audience before presenting the topic. Great persuasive speech topics always take care of the audience’s interest. Also, explore Research Paper Topics!


Try to select the topic that allows you to become more descriptive. It will enable the audience to visualize things. Good persuasive speech topics allow the audience to visualize so that you can easily persuade them.

Not Overdone

Make sure you are coming up with a unique and interesting topic. If people have heard about the same topic many times, they are less likely to take an interest in your speech. Try to avoid cliché or overdone topics. As it will be challenging to maintain the interest of your audience.

People always like it if you have some new facts or viewpoints to share. You can also clarify that you have something new to share early in your speech. Keep reading to get interesting persuasive speech ideas.

Emotional Topics

Emotional topics are always best for delivering an excellent persuasive speech. The audience is more likely to be influenced and act on your viewpoints. Emotional topics always help you compose and deliver an effective persuasive speech. 


People like to know about the issues affecting them or their community. The audience finds these topics more relatable. You can survey the local issues to find such topics. Issues related to the audience help you deliver an outstanding speech.  

Desired Outcome

Analyze what you want your audience to do after listening to you? Use this as a guideline while selecting the topic. If you want people to recycle more? Present a topic that discusses the effect of plastics on the oceans.

Explore the most amazing persuasive techniques for improved engagement.

What Are Good Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students

  • Traditional schooling vs. homeschooling: which is better?
  • Why should animal hunting be banned?
  • Why do people stay in unhappy marriages?
  • Education makes life better.
  • Single parents should be allowed to adopt
  • Critical differences between private and public colleges
  • Why should recycling be mandatory?
  • Why should we not interfere in other countries affairs?
  • Day school or night school: which is better?
  • The death penalty should be abolished.
  • The effect of violent video games
  • Is global warming a myth or fact?
  • The harmful effects of the fast-food industry
  • Which is better: traditional schooling or online schooling?
  • Should birth control pills be banned?
  • Should be assisted suicide be made legal?
  • Technology helped connect people, or it’s a myth?
  • How to stop gender bias globally?
  • Should self-driving cars be made a part of professional sports?
  • Genetically modified foods are good for our health?
  • Driving with more than one DUI made legal?
  • How to increase human employment opportunities?
  • Why should human cloning be banned?
  • Is health insurance really necessary?
  • What should be the legal drinking age?

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are some more persuasive speech topic ideas in various domains.


  • Should college athletes get tested for drugs?
  • Should schools need to conduct physical education courses?
  • Why do sports grades in school depend on things like athletic ability?
  • What sport should be removed or added to the Olympics?
  • Should college athletes allow to make money off of their merchandise?
  • Why do sports teams need to recruit young athletes without a college degree?
  • Should we consider video gamers as professional players?
  • Is cheerleading a sport?
  • Why should parents allow kids to play contact sports?
  • Why are professional female athletes paid the same as professional male athletes?


  • Should education be free for high school students?
  • Are the traditional colleges becoming obsolete?
  • Should you select a major based on your interests or your future salary?
  • Why do high school students have to meet a specific number of service hours before graduating?
  • Should teachers earn more/less based on their student’s exam performances?
  • Private high schools Vs. Public high schools which are more effective?
  • Should a minimum number of attendance days be necessary to graduate?
  • Why are GPAs harmful or helpful?
  • Why must schools teach about standardized testing?
  • Should
  • schools offer science classes dedicated to mental health?
  • Should students need to bring their cell phones to school?


  • Should grocery stores charge customers for plastic bags?
  • Should breeding animals be made illegal?
  • Is it acceptable to have exotic animals as pets?
  • Should people be fined for not recycling?
  • Should compost bins become mandatory for restaurants?
  • Should electric vehicles have their transportation infrastructure?
  • Would heavier fining policies reduce corporations’ emissions?
  • Should hunting be encouraged or illegal?
  • Should reusable diapers replace disposable diapers?


  • Should all gender use all public restrooms?
  • Should unregistered immigrants enjoy equal employment and education opportunities as citizens?
  • Why should everyone be paid a living wage regardless of their employment status?
  • Should
  • guns be banned in public places?
  • Why must the national drinking age be lowered?
  • Why are prisoners allowed to vote?
  • Why should the government raise the retirement age?
  • Why should the government control the population?
  • Why is the death penalty ethical?

Science & Technology

Science & Technology
  • Is newspapers are more reliable than digital news sources?
  • Should automated or self-driving cars be legalized?
  • Should schools need to provide laptops to all students?
  • Should software companies need to have pre-downloaded programs & applications on devices?
  • Should drones be banned in military warfare?
  • Should scientists invest more money into cancer research?
  • Should cloning be made illegal globally?
  • Why must societies colonize other planets?

Social Media

Social Media
  • Why should there be a legal age limit on social media?
  • Why does cyberbullying have the same repercussions as in-person bullying?
  • Are online relationships valuable similar to in-person relationships?
  • Social media platforms are reliable information for news sources?
  • Why should the government censor social media?
  • Does social media create a fake standard of beauty?
  • How regular is social media presence damaging real-life interactions?
  • How is social media distorting democracy?


  • How many branches of government should function?
  • Who is the best or worst president in history?
  • What should be the serving tenure of the judges in the U.S. Supreme Court?
  • Why should a more significant portion of the U.S. budget contribute to education?
  • Why should the government invest in rapid transcontinental transportation infrastructure?
  • Why should airport screening be more stringent?
  • Should the electoral college be dismantled?
  • Should the U.S. have open borders?
  • Why should the U.S. government spend more money on space exploration?


  • Why do students sing Christmas carols, say the pledge of allegiance, or perform other tangentially religious activities?
  • Why are countries allowed to impose a national religion on their citizens?
  • Why should the church be separated from the state?
  • Should nuns and priests become genderless roles?
  • Why do schools and other public buildings have prayer rooms?
  • Why animal sacrifice be legal if it occurs in a religious context?
  • How does freedom of religion positively or negatively affect societies?

Parenting & Family

Parenting & Family
  • Why parents or the school system should teach their kids about sex?
  • Are family traditions important?
  • Which is better: having children at a younger or older age?
  • Why should children go to daycare?
  • Does birth order affect personality?
  • Should parents stop smoking or drinking around young children?
  • Why should “spanking” children be illegal?
  • Why shouldn’t parents use swear words in front of their kids?
  • Should parents allow their kids to play violent video games?


  • Should all-star casts be paid the same regardless of gender or ethnicity?
  • Why movies and television shows must have ethnicity and gender quotas?
  • Why do newspapers and magazines move to a completely online format?
  • Why should all award shows be based on popular vote?
  • Who is responsible for paying taxes on prize money, the game show staff or the contestants?
  • Why streaming services like Netflix and Hulu be made free for students?
  • Is the movie rating system still effective?
  • Should celebrities have more privacy rights?

Arts & Humanities 

  • Why should digital designs be considered an art form?
  • Why should abstract art be considered an art form?
  • Why are libraries becoming obsolete?
  • Why should all schools incur mandatory art or music courses with academics?
  • Why should offensive language be censored from classic literary works?
  • Why it’s ethical for museums to keep indigenous artifacts?
  • Why is music therapy effective?
  • Why should tattoos be regarded as “professional dress” for work?
  • Why should schools place greater emphasis on arts programs?


  • Should teenagers be given access to birth control pills without parental consent?
  • Should food allergies be considered a disease?
  • Should health insurance cover homeopathic medicine?
  • Is using painkillers healthy?
  • Should euthanasia be allowed in hospitals and other clinical settings?
  • Should the government support and implement universal healthcare?
  • Would obesity rates lower if the government intervened to make healthy foods more affordable?
  • Should genetically modified foods be banned?
  • Should there be a tax on unhealthy foods?
  • Should tobacco products be banned from the country?
  • Should the birth control pill be free for everyone?

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Fast food, I think it’s not that bad!
  • Students deserve a stipend to get an education.
  • Recycling: does it really work?
  • Veganism – everyone should go vegan!
  • Homework – we don’t need it!
  • Writing – keeping a journal is excellent.
  • Mental health – best way to cure phobias.
  • Money- can buy happiness!
  • Taxes – classes for high school students.
  • Alcohol – worse than drugs!
  • The music video should be banned from YouTube.
  • Playing video games should be allowed in schools.
  • How great leaders deliver speeches effectively?
  • Should we consider social media as a real-life thing?
  • Why should we have separate classrooms for boys and girls?
  • Why is community service boring?
  • Which foreign language is easy to learn?

Simple Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Freedom is the ultimate human right.
  • Life on Mars is possible.
  • Obsession with diets is dangerous.
  • Why are school uniforms necessary?
  • Why is vegetarianism not a healthy lifestyle?
  • Why did Atlantis not exist? The ultimate proof.
  • The amazing reasons why people should play PC games.
  • Children need private space just as adults do.
  • Influencers are unfitting role models for girls.
  • Why online slang is an essential part of youth culture.
  • GMO products aren’t as hazardous as people think.
  • We shouldn’t split the music into “lower” and “refined” genres.
  • Why are school days memorable?
  • Why should government protect endangered animals?
  • Why should we focus on renewable energy?


We hope you have found the list of persuasive speech ideas provided above helpful. There are a few persuasive speech topics that are close to your heart. You can compose an engaging speech on them. Always start writing by acknowledging human behavior. People like controversial issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to write engaging, persuasive speeches?

The entire process starts with selecting a good topic. Once you are confident with your topic, you can convince your views to the audience. Select the topic that the audience can relate to and find exciting. Offer an actionable plan at the end of your speech.   

What are the best persuasive speeches topics?

The best persuasive speech topics must engage your audience. The audience must be related to it and find the topic interesting. Select a topic that excites you and is close to your heart. This way, you can put serious effort into composing a speech.

Is it challenging to write a persuasive speech?

Writing a persuasive speech is simple once you select your topic wisely and adequately prepare. If you ready to learn how to write a persuasive speech? Follow these key steps that we have provided in this write-up.

What is the easiest topic to write on?

The easiest topic to write on is sharing your experience. You can select an issue like the first day in your college or how you overcome from past failures. People like to hear stories. If you have anything exciting to write about, share your experience with the audience.

Do you provide help with writing a customized speech?

Yes! We staff professional writers having deep experience in writing essays, journals, and persuasive speeches. We appoint a best-suited writer for your assignment who will write the customized speech for you. Call our customer reps for more information.

How much you cost to write a speech for me?

We are the leading writing service platform in the country. Our expert writers provide the best quality for your college assignments. Besides that, we take care of affordability. We also announce various offers, discounts, and promo codes to enhance user experience. 

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