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Using Controversial topics for teenagers is an excellent method to engage students and get them invested in the discussion. Debates boost one’s vocabulary while also boosting their public speaking confidence. Additionally, it fosters children’s ability to think creatively and spontaneously while teaching them to appreciate and accept other people’s viewpoints.

Teens are recognized to have distinct interests and favorite subjects to talk about when they get together.

Although many students may have a natural talent for debate, their workload from school, extracurricular activities, and other commitments may prevent them from engaging in it regularly.

However, debate encourages youngsters to reflect on important issues and cultivate an interest in various subjects. Youngsters learn people and communication skills through debate, which also helps them become better listeners.

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How to Pick Effective and Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers?

A few key considerations must be made when selecting solid debate topics. Here are some recommendations to help you in choosing a concrete subject for your discussion:


Before engaging in a dispute, you should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of your issue. You can persuade the audience by contrasting your position with the opponents.

Argumentative Possibilities

Choose a subject that has the potential for a compelling argument. You will have difficulty developing a solid argument if there is only one correct side or if there is little material available.


Since you will be the one writing and presenting your topic to your audience, it is imperative that you have an interest in it. There is no chance that your debate topics will be persuasive enough to persuade your listeners if you are not interested in the subject.

Intended Audience

This is the most important thing to consider while selecting a debate topic. Your topic should be appropriate for your audience’s level of education. Only then will they be able to comprehend what your argument is trying to convey.

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Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers

The ideal debate topics for teenagers will mostly depend on the age and maturity of the participants as well as the purpose of the discussion or argument.

Sometimes it can be challenging to talk about contentious issues, so it can be helpful to do so with a friend who will engage in conversation or discussion with you in good faith and who won’t try to embroil you in any unfair conflicts.

You’ll naturally want to be able to comprehend both sides of these arguments in-depth for a formal debate on interesting topics for teens.

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Most Controversial Topics to discuss with teens

Most Controversial Topics to discuss with teens
  • Should there be a 16-person voting limit?
  • Is a 16-year-old drinking age appropriate?
  • What should the appropriate dating age be for teens?
  • Can cyberbullying be compared to real-life bullying in terms of severity?
  • Is peer pressure viewed as a positive or negative force?
  • Whether social media actively contributes to the rise in youth suicide rates.
  • Teens must not be allowed to consume energy drinks.
  • Mobile devices must not be permitted in classrooms. 

Controversial Relationship Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Relationship Topics for Teenagers
  • Is a summer vacation preferable to a winter one?
  • Encouragement of teen book reading: Are the results positive?
  • Has technology altered the way that adolescents get sex education?
  • Has social media replaced our downtime?
  • Can daily leisure time be a substitute for a yearly vacation?
  • Is leisure time essential for workplace effectiveness?
  • Playing violent video games: pros and cons.
  • Has work-life balance changed with the advent of technology?
  • Has globalization and our increased mobility altered the way we view vacations?
  • Women spend their leisure time differently than men.

Controversial Political Debate Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Political Debate Topics for Teenagers
  • Political campaigns shouldn’t accept money from outside sources.
  • The ideal form of government is democracy.
  • Is it fair for governments to restrict the freedom of expression of their citizens?
  • Are taxes that rise at ever-increasing rates just?
  • Senator and representative term limits for the United States do more harm than good.
  • Voting rights should remain intact for ex-offenders.
  • Racial disparity in the US results from contemporary incarceration patterns that disproportionately harm blacks compared to whites.
  • Is social media activity a requirement for a political leader?
  • Is the US Constitution still relevant today?
  • Should Supreme Court judges be chosen for fixed, predetermined terms? 

Controversial Religious Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Religious Topics for Teenagers
  • Does modern American policing of underrepresented groups contribute to the criminalization of youth?
  • Should the United States eliminate the death penalty?
  • Is it moral to abort a child in the first few months of pregnancy?
  • Peer pressure: Does it exonerate delinquent youth from responsibility?
  • Will physical libraries ever wholly be replaced by computer databases?
  • Is cloning morally permissible?
  • Is it a good idea to make marijuana legal?
  • Is legalizing euthanasia a good idea?
  • Is it necessary to increase the minimum wage?
  • Do drug addicts require treatment or punishment?
  • In the age of globalization, is nationalism advantageous or harmful? 

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Controversial Technology Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Technology Topics for Teenagers
  • Will technology increase human intelligence?
  • Is artificial intelligence dangerous?
  • Will robots improve the quality of life of people?
  • What impact do technical advancements have on us?
  • Will we soon settle on another planet?
  • Can all automobiles eventually be electric?
  • Can we say that technology enhances human communication?
  • Do you think that recent technological advancements are changing people’s interests?
  • Can technology protect (or damage) the environment?
  • Does legislation appropriately adapt to advances in technology?

Controversial Educational debate Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Educational debate Topics for Teenagers
  • Do you think private schools are superior to public ones?
  • Should all aspects of a college education be privatized?
  • Are student loans abused?
  • Does the traditional classroom meet the needs of modern society?
  • Is it a good idea to let instructors carry weapons on campuses?
  • Does the contemporary grading system function?
  • Should college be required for all students?
  • Is sex education in schools a good idea?
  • Is a private or public school education superior to one received at home?
  • Is it appropriate to mandate that every student study at least one foreign language?

Controversial healthcare Topics for Teenagers

Controversial healthcare Topics for Teenagers
  • Does it make sense to legalize marijuana for curing mental illness?
  • Is vaccine mandate constitutional?
  • Future of healthcare and the influence of alternative medicine.
  • Does technology advance our well-being?
  • Contemporary medical care and antibiotics.
  • Is it a good idea to legalize drugs?
  • Does globalization support public health initiatives?
  • Should the government provide total funding for all citizens’ access to healthcare?
  • Should parents be required to bring sick children to the hospital by the government?
  • Can competition raise the standard of medical care?

Controversial Sports Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Sports Topics for Teenagers
  • Drugs that improve performance ought to be permitted in sports. Do you concur or disagree?
  • Are athletes in the industry overpaid?
  • Professional sportspeople provide excellent examples. False or true?
  • Should collegiate athletes be paid in addition to receiving scholarships?
  • College players should undergo drug testing similar to what professionals do.
  • Can dance be considered a legitimate sport?
  • actual sports against e-sports?
  • If so, is it a legitimate sport?
  • Should dangerous sports like mixed martial arts be outlawed?
  • Should female athletes take part in sports competitions with male athletes?

Controversial Environment Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Environment Topics for Teenagers
  • Is there already irreversible climate change?
  • Is it appropriate to outlaw plastic packaging and bags?
  • Are foods that have been genetically engineered a good option?
  • Should zoos be outlawed?
  • How does tourism impact the environment?
  • Should the United States have more national parks?
  • Is it a wise idea to ban fracking?
  • Everyone should adopt a vegetarian diet.
  • What part does organic farming play in the future of agriculture?
  • Is it ethical to export living animals?

Controversial Parenting Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Parenting Topics for Teenagers
  • Should parents allow their kids to use smartphones unsupervised?
  • Is it acceptable for teenage girls to use birth control outside their parents’ presence?
  • Should parents choose the profession that their kids will pursue?
  • Is it true that parents always treat their kids fairly?
  • Do parents have the ethical right to decide on the genders of their future offspring?
  • Pros and drawbacks of gay couples adopting children.
  • Should parents monitor their children’s social media usage?
  • Does parental control equate to parental supervision?
  • Should parents permit teenagers to make fully independent decisions?
  • Is parental assistance necessary for children to succeed in the future?

Controversial Food and Nutrition Topics for Teenagers

  • Genetically altered food is dangerous. False or true?
  • Foods using genetic engineering should be labelled. Do you concur or disagree?
  • Manufactured food versus organic food.
  • Is fast food mostly to blame for obesity? Do you agree or disagree?
  • Can we reduce food waste?
  • Farming organically is sustainable.
  • Better than corn-fed beef is grass-fed beef.
  • Deforestation is one of the main effects of the production of palm oil. False or true?
  • Can biotechnological foods end world hunger?
  • Should there be nutrition lessons taught in schools?

Controversial Science Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Science Topics for Teenagers
  • Scientists must constantly maintain objectivity. False or True?
  • Businesses should support numerous types of scientific research.
  • Should science in schools be made optional?
  • Why don’t we see more women in science?
  • Humanities training is less critical than STEM education. Do you concur or disagree?
  • Should laws be passed to govern cryptocurrencies?
  • Robots ought to be given rights. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Should people be afraid of AI’s power?
  • Is AI the subsequent evolution?
  • Is modern technology suitable for the planet or bad for it?

Controversial Medical and Psychological Topics for Teenagers

  • The COVID-19 vaccination has undergone adequate testing and is secure. False or true?
  • Is COVID-19 a synthetic virus developed in a lab?
  • Should the COVID-19 vaccine be required?
  • When should euthanasia be made legal?
  • Does complementary medicine work?
  • Should everyone have free access to healthcare?
  • Can one classify obesity as a disease?
  • Is the religious practice of circumcision of children healthy?
  • Is stem cell research moral, False or true?
  • Punishment for medical negligence should be harsh. Do you concur or disagree?

Fun Debate Topics

Fun Debate Topics for Teenagers
  • Are males stronger than females?
  • Which is preferable—daydreaming or nighttime dreaming?
  • Are there differences in how men and women communicate between the sexes?
  • Healthy vs delectable pizza toppings: which is best?
  • Do children’s perceptions of reality change as they grow up?
  • Is it acceptable today to live together before getting married?
  • Should adolescents work after school?
  • What variables account for the differences in life expectancy between men and women?
  • Are women historically more intelligent than men? 

What Kinds of Debates Exist?

What Kinds of Debates Exist?

There are four different categories of debate topics. Each type is utilized for a certain kind of argument. All of them are conducted differently and may be held for various objectives. The four categories of debates are listed below:

  • Oregon-Oxford Debate

A planned remark or motion is used to launch this kind of debate. The action is the subject of debate topics between the two parties.

  • Rebuttal Debate

In this kind of discussion, one side exposes the weaknesses of the other’s arguments. Because everyone involved must always be respectful, practice is required.

  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate

There are typically time limits for research and presenting your views in this one-on-one discussion. It is called after the speeches made by Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln during the 1858 US elections.

  • Team policy Debate

One of the earliest and most well-liked discussion formats is this one. Each team may present a few speeches based on their arguments on these debate topics. 

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Dos and Don’ts When Debating Controversial Issues

Dos and Don'ts When Debating Controversial Issues

Fiery debates occasionally tend to spiral out of control. This is the fundamental justification for why professors should act as debate moderators and provide some ground rules.

College students and teens are perfectly fit for the controversial adolescent definition. There are a few standard Dos when debating:

  1.   Questioning the concepts
  2.   Commenting to spread the word
  3.   Listening attentively and understanding
  4.   Respecting the opinions of the other debaters while listening
  5.   Be receptive to the viewpoint of the other participant
  6.   Giving everyone an equal chance to speak

In addition, there are some things to avoid doing when debating:

  1.   There must be no personal criticism from the debaters.
  2.   They shouldn’t make remarks to influence others.
  3.   The debaters must refrain from considering their response while another person is speaking.
  4.   Others cannot be interrupted during the argument.
  5.   They shouldn’t assume anything about others or generalize about them.
  6.   The debaters must refrain from using any type of accusation, blame, or insults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are debatable topics for teenagers?

Interesting teenage topics for General Debate

  • Should we outlaw homework? Does it advance education?
  • How significant is a college degree?
  • Should mobile devices be prohibited in schools?
  • Is allowing pupils to design their curricula appropriate?
  • Is abortion murder?

Which topic is best for teenagers?

The best debate topic for teenagers involves a subject that the entire country has studied, usually a current issue. Students and coaches create instances and reasons for “their side.” Students compete individually or in two teams, seeking to persuade the assessor that their views are superior to those of their rivals.

What are some good debatable topics?

Good debate subjects and Topics to talk about with teens include:

  • In classrooms, religion has no place.
  • Peer pressure on girls is more significant than on guys.
  • It seems sense to lower the voting age to 16 years old.
  • Humans shouldn’t eat animals.
  • The ideal form of government is democracy.
  • Voting should be made mandatory for all Americans.
  • Both cigarette smoking and vaping ought to be outlawed altogether.
  • Giving is preferable to receiving.

What are some controversial topics for kids?

Debate subjects for preschoolers

  • Are animals helpful or valuable?
  • Which is more effective for education: instructors or the internet?
  • Is fast food appropriate for kids or not?
  • Should pupils dress in uniforms to class?
  • What time of day should kids watch television?
  • Is online education suitable for young children?

What is a debate for students?

It’s a discussion or structured contest about an issue or topic. In a formal debate, two sides are involved – one in favor while another is against of the topic. Such debates are bound by some rules and usually anchored with a mediator.

What are the four types of debate?

The four types of debates are – parliamentary debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Cross Examination Debate, and Academic Debate.

What are the two sides of the debate called?

Usually, there are two sides to the debate. One is in favor, while the other is against the topic. Those who agree with the idea are known as the “Pro” side, while those who don’t agree are known as the “Con” side.

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