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How Does It Function?

A Detailed, Step-by-Step Guide to Calculating Your GPA

You can add semesters and courses, enter the course names, units, and grades for each course, and the tool will automatically calculate the GPA for each semester and the average GPA across all semesters. It provides a convenient way to keep track of your grades and monitor your academic progress.

A Detailed, Step-by-Step Guide to Calculating Your GPA

Understanding the GPA Calculator

A GPA (Grade Point Average) calculator is a tool to evaluate a student’s scholastic achievement. It calculates the average grades secured by the student over a defined timeframe, generally a semester or academic year.

To compute a GPA, every grade received in a course is assigned a numerical equivalent based on a grading scale (commonly 4.0 in the United States). These numerical equivalents are multiplied by the credit hours associated with each course, and the resulting values are summed. This total is then divided by the overall number of credit hours attempted.

The final value derived is the student’s GPA for that specific period. Educational institutions utilize this figure to assess students’ scholastic progress and determine their qualification for scholarships, honors programs, and other academic pursuits.

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Crucial Aspects to Understand When Using Our GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator for university students at is relatively straightforward to use. However, it’s necessary to understand certain basics to obtain an accurate Grade Point Average score.

The GRADE FORMAT is the first essential aspect to know before using our comprehensive GPA calculator.

Choose the course for which you wish to compute the GPA. Carefully select the corresponding letter grades from the drop-down menu in the tool’s second column. It will display all letter grades from A+ to F, along with each letter grade’s percentage score/grade.

The CREDITS EARNED is the following critical detail you need to understand before using our GPA calculator.

Every college or university assigns credit points based on the number of hours you’ve completed during your study period.

Your credits earned will typically range between 12-15 credits per semester. Hence, when using our GPA calculation tool, ensure you accurately input the total credits earned for all subjects in your course.

Upon entering the correct credit points, our comprehensive GPA calculator will promptly compute the precise GPA score.

Additionally, it’s essential to understand your CLASS WEIGHTAGE. Each class carries a specific weight:

  • Regular
  • Honors
  • Advanced

Note that honors classes receive additional points on the GPA scale, while unweighted classes do not.

To compute your GPA, you must input the accurate weightage for your batch. Our GPA calculator will then adjust the GPA result accordingly. Now that you know these critical aspects – feel free to use our GPA calculator confidently.

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As for our comprehensive GPA calculator, here’s the procedure.

  • Input the accurate variables (Course weightage, subjects, and course credits) into the designated boxes.
  • Once you have correctly entered the variables, our GPA calculator will automatically update the grade point average score for the semester at its base.
  • If you decide to add a semester, the tool will continue to deliver accurate GPA results.

There’s no need to press any button. Simply enter the variables, and that’s all there is to it. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our Free GPA calculator tool.

But if you’ve understood how to utilize our GPA calculator, please leverage it whenever necessary.

How to Compute Semester GPA?

Follow the below method to calculate your Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) score. Essentially, your total credit score is divided by the total credit hours.

Hence, Semester GPA = Total credit score / Total credit hours

For instance,

Please refer to the subsequent tables for a more comprehensive understanding.