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What is Communication?

Communication can be defined as the transfer of information or data from one place to another. In simple words, it is the process of imparting or exchanging of information between two or more medium by speaking, writing or using some other channels.

Communication Skills:

The term ‘Communication’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘communis.  The Word communis means ‘standard.’ Hence to communicate’ means ‘to make common’ or ‘to make known.’ This act of making conventional and known is carried out through the exchange of thoughts, ideas or the like.

The exchange of thoughts and ideas can be performed by gestures, signals, signs, speech or also in writing. Most commonly, People are said to be in communication when they discuss some matter, or when they talk on the telephone, or when they exchange information through letters.

Communication process

It involves certain steps that give an effective communication between two or more people. Communication process is
What we try to do speak to those near us and to which we want to convey our message. It happens through the following operations:

  1. Thought
    First of all the information exists in the mind of the sender which is the formation of the thought. This can be an idea, information, concept, or feelings.
  2. Encoding
    The thought has to be transferred through a medium.The message is sent to a receiver in words or other symbols which are the language or gestures or body language used by the sender to convey the message.
  3. Decoding
    Lastly, the receiver decodes the words or symbols and interprets the information that he or she can understand and hence gets the meaning of the message.
    Until and unless the receiver is unable to decode the message, it cannot be called as effective communication.

Types of Communication

Verbal communication:

It is the process of sending a message through a spoken language that is understood by both the sender and receiver of the message.

Face-to-face talking, listening to a television program, listening to a lecture or seminar, listening to a television program are some of the examples. In fact, if you are listening to a video version of this lesson, you are engaged in a verbal form of communication.


Body language, gestures, eye contact, Eye Contact, Facial, Expressions, Posture & Body Orientation, Proximity, Vocal, falls under nonverbal communication. In simple words, it is a way of conveying messages without the use of spoken words.

Advantages of Non-Verbal communication are as follows:

  1. You can communicate with someone who is auditory impaired.
  2.  Communicating at the place is much more comfortable with nonverbal maintaining silence is mandatory like libraries and church.
  3.  Secret communication becomes easier with nonverbal communication than verbal as you can convey the message which you don’t want others to hear or listen to.
  4.  Communication when far away from a person becomes easy with gestures which are a part f nonverbal communication. In such cases, the person can see but not hear you.
  5.  Non-verbal communication makes conversation short and brief.

Disadvantages of non-verbal communication:

  1. Long conversations are difficult.
  2. Need repetition of gestures to understand the message.
  3. Cannot be used as a public tool for communication.
  4. Not everybody is comfortable with nonverbal communication.
  5. Sometimes unintended wrong gestures can lead to chaos and misunderstandings.

Besides Verbal and nonverbal communication, there are two more kinds of communication. They are:

Written Communication:

It refers to the communication between two or more parties in written form such as letters, e-mails, books, magazines, the Internet, or via other media.


It includes communication that helps in interpreting messages in graphs, maps, logos, charts, etc.

Importance of communication.

Effective and good communication impact our day to day lives to a great extent. A simple miscommunication can lead to a lot of chaos and misunderstandings.Below are the two major importance of effective communication.

  1. Define goals and expectations. An idea that needs the involvement of other people to understand and implement will never be successful unless it is conveyed properly to the listeners. So effective communication gives a person the leverage to convey his thoughts in an efficient manner.
  2. Clearly, deliver your message. Communication helps to get your message delivered and interpreted well so that you get your goal or aim fulfilled. It can be a simple gesture to close the door or a pat on the back to praise an employee.

Barriers to effective communication.

Communication between two or more people is said to be effective only if the listener can interpret and understand the message correctly. Some barriers to communication are:

Culture and background:

The difference in culture and background can be a significant impediment to effective communication. A Chinese, who don’t know the English language can face difficulties in communicating with the people in England. However, he can convey his basic message through nonverbal communication to some extent.

Physical Barriers:

Physical barriers include noise, the improper auditorium where speech is being delivered, and so on.

Mental barriers:

Mental barriers include lack of concentration on what the person is speaking or implying can lead to a lot of misconceptions.

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Communication assignment help service.

Communication assignment covers both verbal and nonverbal communication assignment help. Studying the communication process is essential because we coordinate, evaluate, counsel, and supervise throughout this process. It is the series of understanding that combines the members of the organization from top to bottom.

Communicating with others includes these three primary steps: Thought: Firstly, information exists in the mind of the sender. It can be a concept, an idea, a piece of information, or some feelings as well. Encoding: Next, a message needs to be sent to the receiver through words or other symbols. Decoding: Lastly, the receiver translates these symbols or words into a concept that he or she can understand.

Two elements will be received, at the time of transmitting the message: content and context. Content is the real words or symbols of the message that is normally known as a language — the written and spoken words merged into phrases that produce grammatical and semantic sense. We all use and translate the meanings of words differently, so even simple & easy messages can be misunderstood.

As various words have different meanings to confuse the issue even more. Communication Channels are the medium given to the way by which we communicate. There are innumerable communication channels available for us today, for instance, face-to-face interaction, phone calls, text messages, email, the Internet (including social media like Facebook and Twitter), radio and TV, brochures, written letters, and reports to name just a few.

  • The topic we cover in Communication Assignment Help:

Basic concepts and various types of Communication and Journalism, Mass Communication, nature of media, Importance of media in society, the effect of media on the audience, media effects, Mass campaigns, limitations, different types of media
Major role and responsibilities of journalist, their ethics, careers & training in Journalism, Media Management, Media laws, freedom of the press, etc.

History of various kinds of media, small newspapers, Committees in broadcasting, development of radio and TV Communication and different theories of social change, Role of media in the case of social change, development communication, Research methods & its history, Mass Communication Research, techniques, process, and its tools.

Grammar and formats of different forms of media, Writing techniques for both Radio and TV, TV production and Radio program production Study of Advertising and Public Relations, Printing technology, news agencies, production methods, and specialized areas of journalism.

At Assignments4U, we don’t feed students the answers to their queries. Instead, we show them how to learn the subject. We have expert curriculum developers as well as experienced classroom teachers who know how to guide students to understand concepts; not just memorize them. Our teaching method is supportive and friendly.

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