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About Engineering Assignment Help

An Engineering Drawing is a typical type of technical drawing which is used to fully and clearly define the requirements for engineering terms. It acts as a graphical language which helps in the communication and sharing of ideas and information from one individual mind to another.

Especially it helps the Engineer who made the drawing just to make sure to help his or her co-workers to understand it correctly, So they work according to the drawing intended to them.

The sole purpose of Engineering Drawing is to convey graphical messages like ideas, information that is necessary for the construction or analysis of the machines required to be built accordingly to it. Engineering is a vast subject so anyone can simply put “pay someone to do my homework” and get the best assignment solution.

Engineering Drawings are an orthographic representation. It is the combination of top, front, side, auxiliary or oblique views. Engineering Drawings, includes different types of lines, dimensions, sectional views, lettered notes, and symbols. They are formed with carefully planned and checked engineering drawings.

Many Machines have complicated designs and details which usually cannot be shown using graphical interpretations. Section views of the drawing and the pictures of the machines help the engineer to prepare his/her drawing in a much more appropriate way.

Mostly covers the same syllabus pattern as AutoCAD Assignment Help for a strong grip on understanding the subject.

Features of sectional drawings are like cutting-plane symbols. This helps the Engineers to make the design or the picture better, regarding viewing angles of the drawing and the machine structure as well.


Our website is all about e-learning and how its services help students of engineering drawing so that they can solve their engineer drawing assignmentsgiven from their respective universities and institutions. We serve students so that they can make us understand about their engineering drawing assignments so that we can complete according to their college format.

Our sole aim is to give total satisfaction to our customers so that they do not have any complaints regarding their assignment works. also provides help in another subject too like electrical engineering, statistics, biochemistry, sociology, economics, and others. Now let us understand about the types of engineering drawings.


There are different types of engineering drawings, such as:-
Isometric Drawing

1. Isometric Drawing – The figure shown on the left-hand side is called an Isometric Drawing. This belongs to the family of three-dimensional drawings which is called pictorial drawings. Here in this figure, the vertical lines are drawn in a vertical way only, and the horizontal lines are present in the width and depth planes, which are at least at an angle of 30 degrees.

When drawn under the guidelines, the lines parallel to the three axes are present in their actual forms. To view the full figure of the object, an orthographic projection may be used.

2. Orthographic Drawing – An Orthographic drawing represents a three-dimensional figure using two or more two-dimensional views of the object. This is also known as orthographic projection.

As one can see this image on the right-hand side the front, top and side can only be viewed, other than that nothing can be seen. This type of drawing helps the Engineer to present his diagram in front of the world just to show them, that how the representation looks in reality.

Orthographic Drawing

3. Dimensioning – The purpose of dimensioning helps to provide a clear and complete description of the reviewed object. A complete set of Dimensions will permit only one interpretation which is required to construct the part correctly. 

Just the way we have Dimensioned the figure given on the right side. As a general guideline try to think that you have made an object in your proper way just to make it useful in each and every way.

4. Sectioning – It is the process of drawing an object, imagining that it can be cut through by a cutting object. This means that Engineers try to cut open one part of an object just to make sure that the inner part can be shown in a sectional view.

This would help others to follow and to understand more vividly. The sectional view is affixed to objects like engine blocks, motor parts, etc.

 Drawing Tools

5. Drawing Tools – To prepare a drawing one to have to use hand-operated drafting instruments or with the help of Computer Aided Drafting, which is known in Short as CAD.

It is the basic standards of drawing and conventions which are regardless the same, of what tools one person is using to make the drawings. The figure on the right side shows us that it’s being used to without the help of CAD.


6. Assembly Drawings – An assembly drawing is required for all products and innovative inventions across the globe. These all drawings list all parts of the full diagram or drawing, which later on helps the Engineers to put them collectively to make a final product.

Some of these drawings provide instructions on how to assemble at a manufacturing level, while others may list part numbers, so that it may help the consumers to re-order the parts of the products in an orderly manner. Take some time to read our blog on genre conventions.

Assembly Drawings


There are many such topics in Engineering Drawing Assignments which helps engineering students to get prepared before they appear for their examinations as well as prepare their assignments or homework. Following are the names and short descriptions about the topics presented below:-

1)  Layout and Presentation  Sheet layout of drawings to modern drawings. Which includes items like, title, date, drawing, job number, scales, parts list, materials, material specifications, item reference, treatment, and general tolerance.

Students should note does note down the sizes and types of drawing paper which are used. Which will help them in the selection and preparation of drawing paper for the significant production of the presentation in a varied manner the layout and presentation of the drawings should be done by the International ISO Standards.

2) Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances  

It is a system for defining and communicating with engineering tolerances. It uses the symbolic, graphical language on engineering drawings and computer-generated three-dimensional models which explicitly describes the geometry and its allowable variations.

This helps the manufacturing team and machines that what degree of accuracy and precision is required on each controlled feature of the part. Geometric Dimension and Tolerance is used to define the nominal geometrical parts, to define the allowable variations in the form and possible sizes of individual features and to define the main differences in the features as well.

3) Symbols

Symbols are mainly used in Engineering drawings to communicate and detail the characteristics of the graphical representation. This includes the list of different abbreviations and symbols which are common to the vocabulary of people who work with Engineers and deal with engineering Drawings in the manufacture and assembling of individual parts of machines or others.

 You may also utilize this knowledge for Software Engineering Assignment Help.

4) Orthographic projections

It is a way of drawing three-dimensional objects from different two-dimensional directions. It is a general form of two parallel projection, in which all the projected line is orthogonal to the projected plane, resulting in every plane of the scene appearing in an affine transformation on the subject to be viewed.

The obverse of this type of projection is an oblique projection, which is a pair of parallel projected lines which are not orthogonal to the projection plane. These are also known as multi-view projections.

5) Freehand Sketches

The basic ideas and concepts are outlined using freehand sketches. This is the language of graphics in the Engineering World. It helps an engineer to transfer his or her thoughts in the way of detailed drawings or graphical representation.

Sketching improves the way of communications between the Engineering teammates. Freehand Sketches are used to present the whole diagram in an easy and quick way, which helps an idea that is related to a particular problem. Hence Freehand Sketching gives the solution towards any problems or issues.

Engineering Assignment Help Online


Engineering students always feel anxious when they try to complete their assignments by themselves. is an educational portal that mainly solves the issues where the students have when they get their assignments from their universities.

Our team of develops the relation amongst the students in such a comfortable way so that they do not feel afraid in asking for help from us. provide 24×7 online customer support for individual assignment related help.

Our team of Assignment writers give the best results in Engineering Drawing assignments so why wait! Give us your assignments so that we can finish it for you on time. We even give the best mechanical engineering assignment help civil engineering assignment help services for students who are located in these countries UAE, Singapore, UK, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

One of the essential things is that we understand our student’s requirements for their engineering drawing assignments. Our Engineering Drawing Assignment Online Help is always unique and entirely plagiarism-free. have 7800+ Engineering specific Assignment writers who are always ready to help whenever you need us.


Assignments4u’s assignments, homework, tasks, etc., provides the most efficient assistance to the students. Assignments4u is one of the best pioneers in this engineering drawing task related segment. We offer this special assistance program in the main branch of Engineering Studies with the help of our team of qualified Expertise.

With our Experts in Engineering Drawing related help or Engineering assignment help. Clients tend to come to us to test our potentiality and about the immense support they get from us.

Structure analysis – It is the main branch of Engineering Drawings that examines the performance and checks the different variants of drawings or graphical representation. It deals with the analysis of the drawing parts according to the orthographic or isometric analysis just to acquire detailed knowledge of the drawings made.

Design and Styles – Our Engineering assignment help the team handles the projects, homework, tasks or assignments given to you in such a way so that you can get some professional Degrees from certified universities without breaking any sweat. Our experts check the detailed designs and styles of the Drawing and scrutinize each of them in such a way just to check that it’s 100 % error-free.

If you require a more detailed analysis of our team and experts, you can contact us on our given contact page. We will respond to you at our earliest possible ways just to solve your queries and make you understand about us.


Engineering Drawing requires a certain level of discipline and neatness, barring by which your drawing would be helped. We need to maintain our presence of mind in making multiple calculations about which angle will be accurate and which will be perfect for the drawing. Visualization is the key to success for an engineering student.

Space and proper time management is essential parameter while working on assignments or preparing for examinations. These are some qualities that inculcate an engineering student. Thus it helps in the long run as well to perform in his or her near future.

  • Engineering Drawing helps a student in understanding planes, cones, projection, sectioning, isometric projections, orthographic projections, and whatnot.
  • It gives essential knowledge on how does a three-dimensional object looks like and how to work with two-dimensional objects. It is the basic subject for all the Engineers present today and upcoming engineering Candidates as well.
  • It helps you to imagine much more drastically and gives you the opportunity to make your innovative inventions.

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