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What Is Factoring?

Decomposing an object (often an integer, polynomial, matrix, or factor a trinomial) into a product of other objects, or factors, which when multiplied together provide the original object, is the mathematical process known as factoring. This procedure has applications in algebra, number theory, and algebraic geometry, among other areas of mathematics. The following are the primary factoring kinds that are frequently seen:

Factoring Numbers

Factoring a number means breaking it down into its prime factors, which are prime numbers that multiply together to give the original number.

This is an example of factoring 60 step-by-step:

Determine whether 60 can be divided by 2 by starting with the smallest prime integer, 2.
60 is divisible by two because it is an even number.

Divide 60 by 2 to get 30. So, one factor is 2, and now we have

  • 60=2×30
  • 60=2×30.

Continue with the prime number 2 for the number 30. Since 30 is also divisible by 2, divide it by 2 to get 15. Now, we have

  • 60=2×2×15
  • 60=2×2×15.

Move to the next prime number, 3, since 15 is not divisible by 2. 15 is divisible by 3, so divide 15 by 3 to get 5. Now, we have

  • 60=2×2×3×5
  • 60=2×2×3×5.

Finally, 5 is a prime number, so we stop here, as it can only be divided by 1 and itself.

Factoring Matrices

Matrix factoring involves decomposing a matrix into a product of matrices with specific properties. Common types of matrix factorizations include LU decomposition, QR decomposition, and eigen decomposition. Every kind of decomposition helps solve linear algebra problems, such as solving linear equations and finding matrix inverses.

Factoring Polynomials

In polynomials, factoring involves writing a polynomial as a multiplication of its factors, such as numbers, variables, or other polynomials.
Let’s see an example of factoring a polynomial. Consider the quadratic polynomial:


To factor this polynomial, we look for two numbers that multiply to obtain the constant term (12) and add to give the coefficient of the middle term (7). These two numbers are 3 and 4, because:



Therefore, we can factor the polynomial as follows:


This means that the original polynomial, x^2+7x+12, can be rewritten as the multiplication of two binomials, x + 3 and x + 4, which are its factors. This factoring method is beneficial for solving quadratic equations and simplifying algebraic expressions.

Applications of Factoring

A fundamental mathematical operation with a variety of uses is factoring.

  • Equation Solving in Math: Higher-degree polynomial equations, systems of linear equations, and quadratic equations can all be resolved via factoring.
  • Math Expression Simplification: It facilitates the simplification of algebraic expressions, making them more manageable.
  • Cryptography: In some cryptographic systems, like RSA, where the security of the encryption depends on the difficulty of factoring huge numbers, prime factorization in math is essential.
  • Signal Processing: Processing and data compression employ math matrix factorizations to expedite and simplify computations.

Discover The Power Of Factoring With Our Free Online Factoring Calculator Solver

Our free online factor calculator helps students quickly solve complex math algebraic expressions. We can assist you in resolving various issues, including binomial and quadratic equations. Our factor calculator generates step-by-step solutions. But occasionally, you need to account for people who can respond to your questions. Employ one of our professionals, who are always available to take your orders and accomplish the almost impossible to assist you in obtaining a perfect score if you believe you require more than simply the correct response. Before helping you, they take into account several factors. They can provide written solutions rather than just doing the calculations because they know your particular needs. Therefore, use the calculator or the form to factorize online.

Discover The Power Of Factoring With Our Free Online Factoring Calculator Solver

Why Do Students Need An Online Factoring Calculator?

Students need a factoring calculator with steps for the following reasons:


Factoring polynomials can involve complex arithmetic and can be prone to human error. Factoring calculators ensure accuracy in the process, reducing the chances of mistakes.


Factoring calculators can quickly factor in polynomials, saving students time and allowing them to focus on understanding the concepts behind factoring rather than spending excessive time on tedious calculations.


Students can use factoring calculators to check their work and verify whether they have factored a polynomial correctly. This helps reinforce learning and build confidence in their problem-solving skills.

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Factoring Examples

Algebraic factoring is an essential ability that enables you to solve equations and simplify expressions. There are various factoring methods, each appropriate for a particular class of polynomials. This is a synopsis:

Factoring out the Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

Factoring out the Greatest Common Factor (GCF)<br />

Factoring by Grouping

Factoring by Grouping<br />

Factoring Trinomials

Factoring Trinomials<br />

Difference Of Square Roots

Difference of Squares<br />

Perfect Square Trinomials

Perfect Square Trinomials

Sum or Difference of Cubes

Sum or Difference of Cubes<br />

Each factoring technique applies to specific polynomial structures, quadratic integers, and prime numbers, and choosing the right method depends on recognizing these structures. Solving a factoring problem may often require combining several of these methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Eliminate Common Factors From A Polynomial?

To remove a common factor and rewrite a polynomial as the product of a monomial and another polynomial: Find the greatest common factor which is a whole number (no variables). Divide all terms of the polynomial by that factor, and put the result in parentheses. Write the factor outside the parentheses.

Is This A Factor Trinomial Calculator?

Yes, our calculator can generate solutions for trinomials as well.