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Civil Engineering Assignment Help

Civil Engineering

This branch of engineering mainly deals with different types construction, but civil engineering is all about the study of designing, proper planning, supervising, contrasting, sustaining and managing the built of an infrastructure. Civil Engineering is said to be one of the oldest branches of engineering, the main responsibilities of a civil engineer is to construct bridges, canals, dams, high rise buildings, roads, and others. Civil Engineering can be divided distinctly into various small parts they are as follows:-

  • Construction Engineering.
  • Quality Surveying.
  • Architectural Engineering.
  • Construction Surveying.
  • Control Engineering.

There are some civil engineers who work mainly for the government sectors and other private sectors as well, as they have to visit the sites at first so that they can plan and then start the construction properly.

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What Is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering

It is a professional disciplinary course of engineering which deals with planning, designing, maintenance and the construction of natural and physically built environment which includes the construction of bridges, dam, canals roads, and others. Civil Engineering is one of the second oldest known branches of engineering just after military engineering studies, this branch of engineering is divided into some small sub-disciplines as well. Many civil engineers work in different government places and other private sectors too.

Civil Engineering is the application of all scientific and physical principles which are required for solving many different problems of the society, and even the history is linked with the understanding of mathematics and physics. As civil engineering is a wide ranged profession which comprises all the other sub-disciplines, its history is even related to the knowledge of structures, geology, soils, hydrology, mechanics and various other fields of study.

There are even some other sub-topics of civil engineering which will help us to understand that why this field of study is so much important and why it is being said as the second oldest branch of engineering. Given below are the sub-topics which will give us a brief idea that why are they important and how are they connected with this branch of engineering. They are as follows:-

  • Construction Engineering.
  • Structural Engineering.
  • Contour Maps.
  • Soil Mechanics.
  • Strength Of Materials.
  • Surveying.
  • Water Resource Management
  • Geology and Technical Engineering.

About Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering is a professional course which deals with the planning, constructing, designing and managing the infrastructures like roads, tunnels, airports, dams, and others. This part of engineering is considered as one of the subdisciplines of civil engineering as well. The technology of construction deals mainly with the practical areas of study like what are the equipment required for constructing a building, roads or bridges within a given period of time so that the city or the country can get well maintained and proper infrastructures.

Construction Engineers concentrate mainly on the study of design work, which is more analytical than just reading books, it helps the students to gear themselves for their career as a professional designer. To become a successful designer, they need to go through some design courses which is almost a part of their 4-year civil engineering degree. On the other counterpart of Construction Engineering, the students who want to become construction manager their studies are much more concentrated on the construction methods of costs, personnel management, and schedules. Here their prime concern is to deliver their projects to their seniors within the given time, with the desired quality and it should be within the budget too.

About Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Students who study about structural engineer they are trained to understand, calculate and predict the stability, rigidity, and strength of the of the structures built or required to be built. There are some other types of nonbuilding structures as well where they have to integrate and develop the designs in order to supervise the construction of the projects on site. The students also indulge themselves in designing different types of machinery like vehicles, different types of medical equipment they also have to manage the structural integrity and see whether it affects the safety and overall function of the machines properly or not.

The theory of structural engineering depends on the empirical knowledge about the structural performance and the requirement of studying about the physical laws for the materials used and needed. This part of study uses some relatively distinct structural elements to build some different kinds of complex structural systems as well. These engineers are responsible for making efficient and creative use of funds, materials and structural elements required to achieve their sole purpose or objectives.

About Contour Maps

Contour Maps

A Contour Map is a type of map where an illustration of the contour lines helps in showing the elevations of the surface above the sea level. This type of map shows hills and valleys and what is its gentleness or steepness of the slopes. Contour maps have some distinctive feature of a contour interval which helps in checking the difference in height between two or more successive contour lines. The exact function or role of a contour line helps in understanding two variables is a curve where the function has some sort of constant value, which help the curve join points of the equal or of the same value.

The lines on the contour maps are always given some specific names beginning with the words “ISO” according to the Greek knowledge ISO is said to be equal. These names help in understanding which is a hill or valley or what are its depth and how much elevated it is from the sea bed. Contour lines are based on the interpolation of the point which has been received as images from the weather satellites and stations. Here the weather stations are exactly positioned near or close to the contour lines, and this helps in indicating the precise measurement of the regions present in the contour maps.

About Soil Mechanics

Soil mechanics

Soil Mechanics is mainly the branch of applied mechanics and soil physics which actually explains everything about the structure or the formation of soils. Soil Mechanics does differ from fluid mechanics as soil contains many heterogeneous mixtures of both particles and fluids, though some soils also contain some organic materials as well. This field of study is a sub discipline of civil engineering studies, and this study helps the student to learn the exact use and analyse the flow of fluids from some man-made and naturals structures which are being made upon the soil.

Here the students have to gain knowledge and test the soil whether it is better for constructing any structure or not. Soil mechanics helps the students of civil engineering to know about the deformation of soil when they are being compressed while given pressure on the ground.

About Strength Of Materials

Strength of materials

This field of study about the strength of materials is also known as the mechanics of materials, and this subject mainly deals with the changes of behaviour of some solid objects like whether the solid material can take strains and stresses from day to day wear and tear. This began with the complete theory of the behaviour of the two-dimensional structures, where their state of stress can be measured by the help specially designed computers or other machines. Stephen Timoshenko was one of the leading pioneers in the and the founder of this subject which is Strength of Materials.

This study about the strength of materials helps the students of civil engineering to understand about the various methods by which they will be able to calculate the stress and strains a solid material can withstand materials like columns, beams, and shafts. These type of procedures are applied to get a response about the structure’s susceptibility towards different failure modes which mainly takes into account about the material and properties of the solid object.

About Surveying


Land Surveying or just Surveying is the profession, where different techniques are applied to check the three-dimensional position the distances and the angles between them. The person who does this profession is known as the land surveyor, and their main responsibility is to check and calculate the exact details of the distance, details of the site where work is going on and share the details with the workers so that they can work according to the given plotted points perfectly. These points are present on the surface of the earth, and these type of points are often used for sketching boundaries or drawing maps for the locations like corners of the buildings and others.

Since the beginning of history, surveying has become one of the known element for the development of human surroundings the planning, designing, and execution of some of the forms of buildings require this. Surveying has many uses other than calculating the points on the earth surface and measuring the angle between them. Surveying is used for transportation purposes, mapping and other sorts of construction requirements. Surveyors mainly deal with the regression analysis, metrology, law and other types of programming languages as well. They are well adapted to working and utilizing the machinery like the total robotic stations, total stations, 3D scanners, retroreflectors, handheld tablets, sub surface locators, drones and others surveying software.

About Water Resource Management

Water resource management

The activity of distributing, managing, planning and developing the optimum uses of water is known as the water resource management, in other words, it is also called as the sub-set of water resource cycle. Water is an utmost essential element for all the living beings and the survival on this planet. As there is news coming from almost all over the world that water is becoming scarcer and scarcer day by day out of all the remaining one percent around one fifth of water is still left in some remote places of the planet earth. For this reason, different methods are being applied to manage the water resources so that the coming generation can utilize the water for satisfying their needs and other requirements.

The carrying capacity of the planet earth is increasing spontaneously due to continuous urbanization and technological advancements all these are happening for the economic opportunity. For which water resource management is highly required to stop wasting of any further water hence storing them in reservoirs and preserving for the betterment of every living being.

About Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

This field of study is mainly a distinct branch of Civil Engineering which is totally concerned about the engineering behaviour of earthly materials. The study of geotechnical engineering is highly essential in civil engineering as it has all its applications of petroleum, mining, and other disciplines of engineering which are mainly concerned about the construction taking place on the earth surface. There are some principles of Geotechnical engineering like the rock mechanics and the soil mechanics which help in investigating the subsurface material and conditions of the planet.

A typical Geotechnical engineer starts his/her project with the beginning of the review of the required materials and other constructing properties, and then the engineers follow up with the investigation of soil, fault distribution, bedrock and some rock properties. The requirement for site investigations is important because it helps the engineers to gain a proper understanding of the area where the construction or other kinds of engineering projects will take place. There are some investigations which include the assessment of the risks towards mother nature and its beings to save the environment from further natural hazards like frequent earthquakes, sinkholes, the flow of debris, rock falls and other sorts of soil liquefaction.

A Geotechnical Engineer also determines the foundations, pavements and other types of earthworks are being done properly or not, as these are required for the man-made structures to be built perfectly. Here foundations are being constructed and designed for various structures of different sizes like high rise buildings, dams, bridges, smaller to medium structures, and the designers also have to keep one thing mind that the soil conditions might not allow them to build some code-based designs properly.

Civil Engineering Assignment Help By Assignments4u.Com

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