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Writing a speech for a special event, like a work celebration, retirement, birthday, or another big day, can feel overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide on Special Occasion Speech Topics along with 5 written sample speeches for your last minute occasion.

This guide covers different kinds of speeches for special occasions and gives you a simple checklist and outline to come up with great ideas for your speech. Whether you’re a student who needs to give a speech in class, or someone getting ready for a big life event, our tips and advice will help you write a speech that’s memorable and well-received.

Keep reading to find fun topics and learn how to write a great speech for any special occasion. Download the free eBook to get the 5 Special Occasion Speech samples already written for you!

A man is standing with a microphone, giving ideas on special occasion speech topics.

Don’t search for a single memorable occasion speech topic. Instead, you will get several special occasion speech ideas today. Following are some of them in each category:

Graduation Speech Topics

  1. How successfully did they consider their life to be, in their own or others’ eyes?
  2. Which were some of their most notable successes?
  3. What distinguishes them? What lesser-known achievements do they have that are deserving of mention?

Tribute Speech Topics

  1. The Revolution Created By Albert Einstein
  2. The Best Sportsman: Muhammad Ali
  3. How Thomas Edison Inspires Me
  4. The Impact of Stephen Hawking on the Lives of People
  5. How Jesse Jackson Inspired Me
  6. Helen Keller Changed My Life As A Woman

Wedding Speech Topics

  1. What was your first thought about the bride or groom?
  2. What kind of relationship does each of you have with your parents?
  3. The couple has a strong work ethic. Discuss how this has affected them personally and strengthened their relationship.
  4. What do you initially think about the bride’s or the groom’s family? Are they friendly, nasty, proud, etc.?
  5. The groom likes meat, and the bride is a vegetarian. How, rather than hurting it, has this disparity in diet influenced their relationship?

Eulogy Speech Topics

  1. How successfully did they consider their life to be, in their own or others’ eyes? What were some of their most notable successes?
  2. What lesser-known achievements do they have that are deserving of mention?

The impact of these figures and events, and the psychological aspects of public speaking. What values did they uphold? Did they have a core belief or constantly consider the world around them? Did the deceased possess any excellent traits you want to be recognized for?


200+ Special Occasion Speech Topics For All Occasions

The image depicts a professor discussing special occasion speech topics with students.
  1. The Importance of Family
  2. Celebrating Friendship
  3. The Power of Love
  4. Graduation: A New Beginning
  5. The Significance of Birthdays
  6. Overcoming Adversity
  7. The Joy of Parenthood
  8. Remembering Our Heroes
  9. Honoring Veterans
  10. The Impact of Teachers
  11. Embracing Diversity
  12. Celebrating Cultural Heritage
  13. The Beauty of Nature
  14. Achieving Your Dreams
  15. The Art of Giving
  16. The Spirit of Thanksgiving
  17. The Blessings of Christmas
  18. The Meaning of Easter
  19. The Importance of Hanukkah
  20. The Spirit of Ramadan
  21. Diwali: Festival of Lights
  22. Chinese New Year: A Fresh Start
  23. Valentine’s Day: Love and Romance
  24. Wedding Toasts: Love and Commitment
  25. Celebrating Anniversaries
  26. Retirement: A New Chapter
  27. The Power of Resilience
  28. International Women’s Day
  29. Earth Day: Protecting Our Planet
  30. The Joy of Motherhood
  31. Father’s Day: Celebrating Dads
  32. Sibling Bond: Brothers and Sisters
  33. Grandparents: A Treasure
  34. The Impact of Technology
  35. The World of Sports
  36. The Magic of Music
  37. The Beauty of Art
  38. The Importance of Education
  39. The Role of Science and Innovation
  40. Environmental Conservation
  41. The Power of Literature
  42. The Influence of Movies
  43. The Impact of Social Media
  44. Mental Health Awareness
  45. The Significance of Volunteering
  46. The Importance of Community
  47. The Role of Faith and Religion
  48. The Power of Prayer
  49. The Art of Public Speaking
  50. Leadership and Inspiration
  51. Motivational Speech: Never Give Up
  52. The Role of Humor in Life
  53. The Importance of Laughter
  54. Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
  55. The Art of Time Management
  56. Goal Setting and Achievement
  57. Financial Success and Responsibility
  58. The Power of Positive Thinking
  59. The Joy of Travel
  60. The Significance of Home
  61. The Role of Fashion and Style
  62. The Impact of Food and Nutrition
  63. The Art of Cooking
  64. The Importance of Health and Wellness
  65. The Beauty of Aging
  66. Celebrating Youth and Energy
  67. The Role of Meditation and Mindfulness
  68. The Power of Forgiveness
  69. The Importance of Gratitude
  70. The Art of Communication
  71. The Impact of Social Justice
  72. The Role of Politics and Government
  73. The Power of Advocacy
  74. The Importance of Human Rights
  75. The Significance of Gender Equality
  76. The Beauty of Love and Acceptance
  77. Celebrating Achievements and Milestones
  78. The Joy of New Beginnings
  79. The Importance of Environmental Stewardship
  80. The Role of Heroes and Role Models
  81. The Power of Inspiration
  82. The Beauty of a Smiling Face
  83. The Art of Creativity
  84. The Impact of Technology on Education
  85. The Role of Teachers in Shaping Futures
  86. The Importance of Mental Health Support
  87. The Significance of Kindness
  88. The Beauty of Random Acts of Kindness
  89. Celebrating Cultural Diversity
  90. The Joy of Learning from Others
  91. The Role of Music in Healing
  92. The Power of Art Therapy
  93. The Importance of Empathy
  94. The Significance of Compassion
  95. The Beauty of Friendship Across Generations
  96. The Art of Personal Growth and Self-Discovery
  97. The Impact of Respecting Differences
  98. The Role of Positive Role Models in Society
  99. The Power of Community Support
  100. The Importance of Tolerance
  101. Celebrating Life’s Journey
  102. The Magic of Fairy Tales
  103. The Significance of National Holidays
  104. The Role of Art in Society
  105. The Impact of Social Movements
  106. The Power of a Thank You Note
  107. The Importance of Personal Growth
  108. The Beauty of Rainbows
  109. Celebrating New Year’s Resolutions
  110. The Role of Trust in Relationships
  111. The Significance of True Friendship
  112. The Power of a Hug
  113. The Importance of Dreams and Aspirations
  114. The Art of Overcoming Shyness
  115. The Joy of Playing and Having Fun
  116. The Role of Sportsmanship
  117. The Significance of the Olympic Games
  118. The Beauty of Teamwork
  119. Celebrating Cultural Festivals
  120. The Impact of Historical Events
  121. The Power of Creative Writing
  122. The Importance of Effective Leadership
  123. The Role of Role Models in Success
  124. The Significance of Setting Goals
  125. The Art of Effective Communication
  126. The Joy of Becoming a Parent
  127. The Importance of Family Traditions
  128. The Beauty of Random Acts of Generosity
  129. The Role of Hope in Difficult Times
  130. The Significance of a Warm Smile
  131. The Power of Music in Healing
  132. The Importance of Quality Time
  133. The Beauty of Flowers and Gardens
  134. Celebrating International Peace Day
  135. The Role of Empowerment
  136. The Significance of Independence
  137. The Art of Decision-Making
  138. The Joy of Giving Back
  139. The Importance of Lifelong Learning
  140. The Power of Positive Affirmations
  141. The Role of Courage in Adversity
  142. The Significance of Freedom of Speech
  143. The Beauty of True Love Stories
  144. The Impact of Humanitarian Efforts
  145. The Importance of Following Your Passion
  146. The Art of Mindful Living
  147. The Joy of Adventure
  148. The Significance of Celebrating Life
  149. The Role of Innovation in Progress
  150. The Power of Respecting Differences
  151. The Importance of Celebrating Small Wins
  152. The Beauty of a Supportive Community
  153. The Significance of Cultural Exchanges
  154. The Art of Overcoming Prejudice
  155. The Joy of Volunteering Abroad
  156. The Role of Education in Empowerment
  157. The Power of Positive Role Models
  158. The Importance of Celebrating Diversity
  159. The Significance of Global Citizenship
  160. The Beauty of Inspiring Quotes
  161. The Art of Finding Inner Peace
  162. The Joy of Adopting a Pet
  163. The Role of Creativity in Problem Solving
  164. The Significance of Nurturing Talent
  165. The Power of Expressing Gratitude
  166. The Importance of Supporting Local Businesses
  167. The Beauty of World Heritage Sites
  168. The Role of Travel in Broadening Horizons
  169. The Significance of Cultural Preservation
  170. The Art of Celebrating Achievements
  171. The Joy of Achieving Work-Life Balance
  172. The Power of Positive Parenting
  173. The Importance of Mindful Parenting
  174. The Beauty of Starry Nights
  175. The Role of Social Media in Connecting People
  176. The Significance of Space Exploration
  177. The Art of Sustainable Living
  178. The Joy of Homecoming
  179. The Importance of Mindful Eating
  180. The Beauty of Underwater Worlds
  181. The Role of Art Therapy in Healing
  182. The Significance of the Cultural Revolution
  183. The Power of Kindness in Daily Life
  184. The Importance of Emotional Intelligence
  185. The Art of Living in the Present
  186. The Joy of Discovering New Cultures
  187. The Role of Technology in Education
  188. The Significance of Human Rights Activism
  189. The Beauty of Cultural Heritage Preservation
  190. The Power of Encouragement in Education
  191. The Importance of Family Reunions
  192. The Art of Balancing Work and Play
  193. The Joy of Exploring New Hobbies
  194. The Role of Artistic Expression
  195. The Significance of Sustaining Traditions
  196. The Beauty of Inspirational Art
  197. The Power of Creative Problem-Solving
  198. The Importance of Celebrating Small Victories
  199. The Art of Forgiving and Moving Forward
  200. The Joy of Making a Difference in the World

How To Frame a Special Occasion Speech Outline?

A student thinking how to frame a special occasion speech outline

Special occasion speech topics have yet to have a set writing style or structure. But it would help if you organized the speech outline to make it understandable and engaging for the audience.

Checklist For Special Occasion Speech Topics

Before you choose your special occasion speech topics, you need to consider some of this checklist:

  • What is your part in the occasion?
  • Know your audience.
  • The timeline you are given to speak.
  • Consider the tone of speech, whether it’s formal or informal.
  • The primary purpose of providing the speech.
  • The points that you need to avoid while giving the lecture.
  • Will you speak for yourself or for an organization?
  • A funny story or personal experiences would be better to add.

After considering these points, if you face any problem, we can help you through assignments. You can ask for our online assistance for speech writing anytime you like.

Here is a unique occasion speech structure that can help an upcoming speaker.


It serves as your speech’s opening sentence in public speaking. When giving a speech outline for a memorable event, you should first start with a captivating opening. Your introduction should be engaging and quickly capture the interest of your audience.

Write an intriguing fact about the event as the speech’s first point in the introduction. The aim of your speech outline should then be explained in a compelling thesis statement. To be more specific, it will be about ideas for a particular occasion speech.


Discuss your memorable speech topic in-depth in this section. Your thesis statement should apply to every point you make in the body portion. Additionally, when writing the body paragraphs, offer solid proof to support your primary debate points to convince your readers. Your body section may be longer or shorter depending on the time given for your particular occasion speech outline.


Your speech should conclude with the points you used in the beginning. Put emphasis on your topic to keep the audience interested. Summarize the topic of your speech. Refrain from discussing new ideas or altering the subject. End your speech with a severe point of commitment or action for finality with an emotion.

Special Occasion Speech Outline Example

Download free eBook now and get 5 samples written for you. Along with special occasion speech topics we can also help you with informative essay topics for students. 

Types Of Special Occasion Speeches

The image shows a pen and a piece of paper with notes on the different types of special occasion speeches topics.

We participate in or lead many of the activities. Those are mainly to make these moments memorable. Typically, speeches at important events belong to one of two categories:

  • ceremonial and
  • inspirational.

Speaking is best for expressing your appreciation, views, and condolences. As a result, you must deliver a speech suitable for the occasion or event you are attending.

Introduction Speech

The event’s host introduces the future speaker to the audience during the introductory address. The commencement speech content should be brief and original.

This kind of speech is frequently given to acquaint the audience with the speaker before the speech. As the host, you should provide a captivating introduction speech while introducing the speaker to raise the audience’s anticipation and enthusiasm.

Dedication Speech

When you dedicate anything to someone, you give this memorable occasion speech. Typically, dedication speeches are delivered at events like store openings and inaugurations. As the speaker, you should briefly discuss the project’s importance and the people you dedicate it to when giving the dedication speech.

Award Speech

An individual who receives a reward, an award, or an accolade will typically deliver an award acceptance speech. When making an award acceptance speech, the speaker must thank the person who gave the prize or award.

The speaker can share their experience on their accomplishment in acceptance speech. It would help if you also expressed your opinions regarding the honor or reward you have earned. This can be deemed as Extemporaneous Speech where the speaker is not prepared for acceptance speech.


A eulogy is a public speech in memory of the deceased. Typically, priests or other religious figures deliver eulogies during funerals. The speech topic for the eulogy is to honor the soul of the dead. Throughout your emotional speech, inform the audience about the deceased’s life narrative and accomplishments.

Presentation Speech

It is mainly awarded to recognize a person’s achievements. As the presenter, you should discuss the recipient’s accomplishments and the significance of the award when giving a speech through public speaking. Add a personal touch to your speech by bringing up the legitimacy of the occasion and the prize, making it like a motivational speech. You can make the speech memorable with a good presentation.

Farewell Speech

It is a typical farewell speech topic for schools and colleges during graduation ceremonies. This speech is about telling fellow students or colleagues about your future endeavors on leaving the institution in public speaking. Be sure to express your gratitude to those who supported you during this time in your life and assisted you in succeeding in your farewell speech. Hearing your cherished events in the retirement speech will excite them, and they will feel satisfied on their last day at work.


It is a lighthearted after-dinner speech that is planned to praise and mock the target of the roasting. The roast is typically presented after a dinner speech to emphasize an individual’s accomplishments. Although this special occasion speech may be humorous, remember not to offend the person’s feelings.

Goodwill Speech

It is a style of discourse intended to develop friendly ties with the audience. The goodwill speech has the potential to persuade and instruct. Typical examples of goodwill speeches are public relations, defense, and apology speeches.

Retirement Speech

Retirement speech is delivered when you are retiring from your work. These speech topics are based on your best time at your job. However, if you need to provide a special occasion speech at another person’s retirement celebration, this example, a retirement speech from a colleague or a teacher, is valuable.

Commemorative Speech

A commemorative speech is a speech that’s delivered at graduations. Students who successfully finish their courses will receive academic degrees during graduation. In this commemorative speech, you will talk about your experiences. You must select your special occasion speech topics efficiently to make an impression on fellow students and teachers.

Informative Speech

The objective of this type of speech is to educate or give knowledge to the audience. Start your special occasion speech with an overview of the topic you provide information about. Make your sentences short for better understanding. For the body, give references from your research and support your thesis. Conclude the speech with critical words using different words.

Festive Speech

There are many events like marriages, birthday parties, or Christmas parties where you must give a special occasion speech. Here, your speech has to be funny to your close friends or family members. You can talk about embarrassing moments or the best moment you shared with the person. A speech at these events will create a friendly atmosphere.


You should end your speech at this point. Your speech topics should conclude with a strong message and a summary of all the key themes in the conclusion portion.

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