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Just like any other piece of writing, it is necessary for you to create a speech outline. Your presence on this page is evident that you are looking for the main ideas to create speech outlines. Don’t worry. In this blog, you will find ideas for creating an outstanding outline of speech. Just hold a grip and read this article until the end to clear your queries on the speech outline.

Before sharing the ways of creating outline for your thesis statement, you must understand the value of following an outline. So, let’s start with that in the below passage. Also, if you want to learn about the assignment help, click here.

The Importance Of Speech Outline

The image shows a person writing an informative speech outline.

It is a fact that once you understand the need of speech outline template, you will take it more seriously. Often, people avoid creating the outline because of saving time. Interestingly what they are not aware of is once you follow the outline, you will never miss the main points of the speaking outline speech.

With an outline, you may quickly and easily see the length and content of your speech. It also enables you to determine whether or not your speech’s important themes are fully developed and to discover the logical relationships between them. Making an outline before giving your speech is essential since it will serve as your guide for structuring your content in an organizational pattern and ensuring that you cover all of your essential themes. Also, you can ensure that your speech flows smoothly with the visual aids of your outline. 

The structure of the content is crucial while writing a speech since it lends credibility and makes the speech simpler to understand. The key concept comes first, followed by all the various elements speech body and an impactful ending. Thus, to compel a good speech, you need a preparation outline. Even professional public speakers also utilize speech outline example to help with recall during speeches. 

If you are still wondering about the need for a speech outline, you must go through the below passage. It will share some benefits people can enjoy by following an outline for a speech.

What Are The Benefits Of Following An Outline For A Speech?

The image talks about benefits of follow a speech format

Your speech might sound unclear or unpolished if you don’t have an outline. However, you can deliver a comprehensive and powerful speech if you write a speech by following an outline. Meanwhile, you can follow the link here to learn the Extemporaneous Speech.

  • Every element of your speech should complement the main concept you want to get through. By outlining your speech, you can ensure that your speech’s thesis statement and main idea get the attention required.
  • It’s a good idea to prepare a speech format in advance if you want your speech to flow naturally and make sense to an audience. It enables you to examine every vital detail in the order that makes sensible to you.
  • If you use an outline, your speech’s transitions will be more smooth. It might be easier to offer effortless transitions between parts if you are aware of the context of what happens before and after a specific segment.

Yes, making an speech outline sample before writing your speech’s draft version will help you to save time and reduce stress. So, now that you know the significance and benefits of sample outline for speech, it is time to discover different types of it. Let’s know about it in the below passage. Also, discover more about the Demonstration Speech Ideas.

What Are The Different Types Of Outlines?

The image shows different types of outline of speech

You can connect with your audience in a way that grabs their attention and helps them comprehend your entire speech by using a good outline. Let’s now explore the three different forms of outlines: the preparation outline, the speaking outline, and the rough outline.

Preparation Outline

A practice or working outline is another name for a preparation outline. Your talking points are arranged in accordance with a constant theme. Each talking point is then often further broken down into sub-points. You may create a strong thesis and call to action for your public speaking project speech while you write this outline. And you can also list the key and supporting elements you must cover.

Rough Draft Outline

The preparation outline prepares your ability to research your speech successfully. You may efficiently create the draught version of your speech by using the rough draft outline as a guide. Each of us does our study and makes notes in a unique way. The rough draught plan enables you to organize your research into a coherent journey you will lead your audience on, regardless of how you take notes. Start by filling in the information missing from your preparation outline with a few other things. Also, if you want to learn about the commemorative speech, follow here.

Your writing will be much more successful, and your speech will be more effective if your full sentence outline follows this pattern. Additionally, it is an excellent tool for getting beyond writer’s block.

Speaking Outline

You will be using this speech outline when you give your speech. The speaking agenda lists all the topics you intend to make and any phrases or quotations you wish to repeat precisely. The points act as useful guidelines that make it possible for you to follow the speech without continually looking at your notes. To ensure that you include all the information you need while yet seeming genuine in your delivery, use this outline as a guide. The outline to which these elements correspond is frequently followed as notecards that speakers carry to deliver an organized speech.

You will have notes on the three key points of your speech and offer them a sneak peek at your conclusion, much like your preparation outline. Here, your outline is different; a transition will come after the introduction and the body.

Your words should flow naturally throughout your overall organizational pattern. The most crucial transition, nevertheless, comes after your introduction and before your argument’s body and conclusion. Keep in mind how you’ll conclude your speech with the supporting point.

It is a fact that a proper speech outline will help you in developing presentation skills and increase audience engagement. Finally, the time has come to share the ways of following a informative speech outline. Along with speech outline if you need help with research paper outline click here “Examples and tips to write a research paper outline” to learn more.

How To Follow A Proper Speech Outline?

The image show tips to follow inorder to write a speech format

It’s time to start the persuasive speech outline with those types in mind. You can deliver your prepared words with more assurance if you use a speech outline. However, not all outlines have the same structure. But each outline needs the same things, which are listed below. As a result, the following template makes a great place to start when writing a speech. These components should be part of your sample speech outline.

Good Title

Even if the audience cannot see the title, every speech should have one. The speech’s topic should be clearly stated in the title. A title should be catchy that people will remember and use as a guideline. So, always think of a good title for your speech to get the audience’s attention.


Include the speech topic in your outline as well. Make the topic a short sentence. This might assist you in concentrating on the key points of your speech. It is important to remember that before you even start outlining the format of your speech, you must have a clear understanding of your topic. Consider your audience members and what they may get from your speech.

Speech’s Purpose Statement

Ask yourself– ‘what is the purpose of this speech? What do you want the listeners to take away from what you say?’ Your purpose statement will be formed from the answers to these questions. Always keep in mind that every element of your speech should support the main idea. To ensure that your speech is focused and convincing, make sure your mission statement is clear and concise.

Create A Thesis Assertion

Your speech must have a thesis statement and a purpose statement. Similar to how it works for an essay, the thesis statement has an effect. It gives a concise summary of the points you hope to convey or points you want to make during your speech. The thesis statement, unlike the purpose statement, is something you’ll probably express out loud throughout the speech. The essential concept of your speech is expressed in the thesis statement. It is the core of your case and the idea you want to get across.

Give A Compelling Introduction

What will interest your audience is your introduction. You’ll be able to attract people’s attention and start persuading them once you know how to start a speech. Getting the speech’s opening correct is crucial because if you immediately lose the audience’s interest, it will be challenging to regain it. Therefore, your introduction speech outline should be engaging to get the audience’s attention. Think beyond the box and be daring. You can follow some compelling speech introduction examples in Google.


The body of your speech will comprise the majority of it. Here, you should outline your presentation’s key argument and describe what you want to show the audience. The speech body further divides into many pieces, each establishing a sub-point closely related to your main point. Additionally, each sub-point needs a supporting point to give your argument additional substance. Use illustrations, pictures, or research to back up your arguments. So, make sure they’re memorable and entertaining.


The conclusion, like the introduction, should be a brief section that summarizes all you said. Your speech should be reviewed at the end, highlighting your primary argument and the most vital supporting points. Your speech’s ending needs a concise, memorable recap of its main points. A last call to action that the audience can take after the speech is over should be included in your ending. After you’ve finished speaking, consider asking them a question that will offer them something to reflect on. Along with speech outline if you need help with essay outline  click here “how to write an essay outline” to learn more.

Thank Your Host And The Audience

The image show a man giving speech on importance to thank host and audience in persuasive speech outline

Appreciate the attendees and the event organizers. By expressing gratitude to your audience, you demonstrate respect and esteem for them for investing their valuable time in listening to you. You should be confident to thank the hosts again for the invitation if you were specifically asked to attend.

Use Transitions In Every Section

The image shows a happy girl talking about importance of transition in speech format

As you outline your speech, you should also plan transitions between the following elements. Whether switching from the introduction to the body or from the main point to a sub-point, transitions make speeches flow more easily and keep listeners engaged. Make sure all of your transitions are smooth from one to the next. With them, a speech may sound startling and easy to comprehend.


We can now see why developing a proper speech outline can increase your confidence and help you establish credibility and acquire the respect of your audience. The list above should be helpful for your future talks and assist you in developing rapport and credibility with your audience to help you give captivating, coherent, engaging, and memorable presentations.

In conclusion, writing a speech outline that is effective and makes it easier for you to deliver a memorable presentation is crucial because you will have a lot of beautiful things you want to share with the audience when you are planning or writing your speech. Still, time and forgetfulness won’t be on your side.

You can always ask your peer to review your speech or else learn how to write a peer review yourself with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.
How should your content be arranged in an outline?

Put your information in a sensible sequence. Sort the information into chronological order based on its importance and relevance. Primary supporting information should be included after introducing your primary topic, and each should be backed up by evidence like examples, statistics, cited sources, etc.

Which is better preparation outline or a speaking outline?

The speaking outline is considerably shorter than the preparation outline and includes supporting information, signposts, and concise phrases or words that remind speakers of the points they need to communicate.

How should a speech begin?

Top examples of these concepts are the introduction, body, conclusion, actual storylines, and high-level concepts. It is polite to introduce yourself at the beginning of the speech. Afterward, introduce yourself. Spend some time expressing gratitude to the event’s organizers and attendees.

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