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What is extemporaneous speech? How to define extemporaneous speech? It is a specific speech delivery style that picks the specific forensic competition. Also, it depicts such a competition that has a basis of original analysis and research. Surprisingly all these must be done with limited or no preparation. Like the United States, high schools and colleges organize such competitions.

The audience hearing the extemporaneous speech can get two other types of speeches in the same delivery. Those are the manuscript’s impromptu. Also, when someone searches about extemporaneous speaking, they mostly find ‘ impromptu’ as a synonym. Yet, students need a clear conception of the speech. If you are one among them, this blog will help you.

extemporaneous speech

The term ‘extemporaneous’ depicts ‘ no planning. Extemporaneous speech is a good research public expression that is clubbed with clear organization and practiced delivery. But, shockingly, it should be read and memorized. In a way, the impromptu speech must be delivered in own words. Also, extemporaneous speeches are only sometimes delivered in a particular pattern. This article will also tell you about some exciting expository essay topics.

Usually, most speakers don’t depend on memorized speech. 

Instead, they have a dependency on the index card. Alternatively, they also use technology such as PowerPoint.

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What is the characteristic of extemporaneous speech?

What is the characteristic of extemporaneous speech?

You must know about the key points while proceeding with the impromptu speech. Following are some of the characteristics that you must know.


The most crucial factor when delivering an extemporaneous speech is clarity. The audience must understand what exactly the speaker wishes to convey. Thus, it is essential to use simple sentences while delivering the speech. The idea must be obvious. Thus it is one of the advantages of extemporaneous speech


For language to convey information correctly, it must be simple. In terms of language use, oral speech differs from written discourse. The first person, “I,” and “us,” are frequently used in oral communication at their best. Such words help the speaker establish a connection with the audience and give the extemporaneous presentation a sense of immediacy.

Effective speeches frequently include less formal language. It includes contractions, sentence fragments, and specific slang terms. Finally, spoken communication should be less formal and jargon-heavy than written communication. It is particularly in scholarly communication. But, the written papers never make good speeches when read aloud.

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No preparation

No preparation

Surprisingly, unlike other public speaking, the delivery method of extemporaneous speaking doesn’t need any preparation. Instead, it is going to be like a surprise test. It is always allowed to use visual aid while presenting public speaking. But, if you practice speaking regularly in public, you don’t need any preparation.

Own words

Use your own words and ideas. Both verbal and nonverbal communication is the vital part of public speaking. Using your own words will help you express the content with much ease. It is better to drop the idea of using bombarding words. Instead, some familiar words will make the audience get a good connection.


Body language

Body language

Body language in speech is another important phenomenon. Always try to create a friendly image with the audience. Also, eye contact will be an essential phenomenon while talking in public. Along with the introduction and conclusion, you must portray proper body language.

Repeat or revise

After you have completed your entire speech, it is essential to revise. People might need to remember the main point if there is a recap. In such a situation, note cards are handy. Also, the speaker must state all the important information in conclusion.

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Extemporaneous speech topics

Extemporaneous speech topics

You must be careful while selecting an extemporaneous speech topic for students. It can relate to cultural influences, politics, the environment, or personal matters.

Also, it should arouse excitement or enthusiasm in the students, as a result. Extemporaneous speaking will be less intimidating. Some of the topics for extemporaneous speech are:

  • How can the social class divide be closed in this nation?
  • Should the government be able to establish moral guidelines for citizens to follow?
  • Should frequent recycling be made a legal requirement for citizens?”
  • How can you raise environmental awareness in your neighborhood?
  • What environmental threat is the greatest in America?
  • Give the class a brief introduction and some fascinating facts about yourself.
  • What was your best night ever, and why?
  • Describe in detail to the class where you envisage your life in ten years.

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Examples of Impromptu Speech

Examples of Impromptu Speech

Students wonder about extemporaneous speech example. These speeches, frequently delivered spontaneously without planning, also help individuals rapidly improve their perception of themselves. It even aids in creating instant speeches and other prizes that have been made to comprehend various aspects and make new changes that are required in the company. It is also known for improving the individual’s understanding of the story. But, it needs to be prepared over an extended period. It is made to understand different cultures. Those are needed for the business as a whole that is to be comprehended by the company.

Top 5 tips for perfect extemporaneous speech

Top 5 tips for perfect extemporaneous speech

While delivering a talk could seem daunting, mastering the art of impromptu delivery isn’t that difficult. After all, a trustworthy essay writer can produce great content if you must learn how to create an impromptu speech. Following are some of the tips for extemporaneous speaking

1. Choose one presentation format

Choose one presentation format

The definition of extemporaneous delivery is straightforward for those who are unsure. Speaking about a subject without much prior research or preparation is a natural aptitude. Utilizing a reliable structure, such as the SEE one, is the most excellent approach to improving your extemporaneous style. The statement, proof, and emotion are all represented by the acronym. You can use this method as a helpful tool when you need to talk on the spot.

2. Utilize the Power of Improvisational Presentation Techniques

Utilize the Power of Improvisational Presentation Techniques

Sometimes, speaking to a large or small group of people makes you uneasy. If you can’t find a way to tune your audience during the speech, they will sense your internal strain. You can also create an extemporaneous speech outline.

Being courteous and speaking nicely is one of the tried-and-true methods of giving a great speech. Maintain eye contact with those you are speaking to, smile pleasantly, and scan the crowd to convey your confidence.

Making a deliberate pause anytime you lose the text during an impromptu speech is another fantastic tip to use in case of confusion or forgetfulness. Doing this will further pique your audience’s attention with what you have to say. You must explore some examples of manuscript speech in due course.

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3. Avoid attempting to memorize everything at once

Avoid attempting to memorize everything at once

It’s always a good idea to memorize texts, but it’s not a good idea while giving an impromptu speech. The message you want to convey will be more significant than memorizing every word you want to say in front of the audience. Instead of concentrating on the main points of your speech, you’ll want to remember the words from the notes.

Speaking spontaneously is a skill that calls for the capacity to draw listeners in and reveal the concept with the great force of words.

4. Never be afraid of your audience

Never be afraid of your audience

Attempting to envision how others would see you or draw hasty assumptions when you talk to them in a speech has your palms sweating. It’s only a mental illusion that you have. Try to unwind and relish the feeling of being heard.

5. Don’t Speak Quickly

Don't Speak Quickly

To process the data that the human brain gets when you talk, some is always necessary. Accelerated communication makes it more difficult for listeners to understand what you are saying and how you are putting your ideas together. It’s always a great idea to take a long breath before you begin an impromptu speech to help you manage your anxiety and calm down.

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Oral communication and extemporaneous delivery

Oral communication and extemporaneous delivery

Speaking is different from extemporaneous writing. The benefit of being able to go back and reread sentences is not available to audiences for public addresses. They need help perceiving new paragraph indentations or section titles when they glance over a page. Public listeners are more constrained to understand complex concepts.

Also, it is hard to absorb lengthy phrases and process complex or rich language. Public speakers must overcome these constraints by adhering to the principles of topic repetition. Also, they must emphasize structural clarity and ease of language.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are a few components of extemporaneous speaking?

There are some vital components while you deliver an impromptu speech. The following are some of them:

  • Present in simple words
  • It goes without preparation
  • Includes research and analysis

What is the difference between an extemporaneous and impromptu speech?

When asked to “say a few words,” speaking spontaneously is known as impromptu speaking; extemporaneously speaking entails using notes to deliver a speech extemporaneously. The majority of speeches demand this format.

What is extemporaneous speech used for?

A speech delivered extemporaneously needs little planning. The reason is that the speaker may refer to cards or notes while speaking. Presenters must continue to communicate spontaneously and in their language. A strong structure is especially crucial for presentations.

What is the structure of a proper extemporaneous speech?

It usually starts with an introduction. But make sure the audience gets interested. Then it would help if you made an introduction to the theme. Analyze 2-3 areas and then proceed with answering the questions. It will give you a perfect speech structure after the extemporaneous speech definition.

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