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Students are often asked to give demonstration speeches to improve their public speaking skills. A demonstrative speech is easy to deliver and is an everyday academic activity in high schools. This blog will let you explore interesting demonstration speech ideas to impress your target audience.

A demonstrative speech describes the ways of doing a particular activity with detailed and procedural explanations. Students can use visual aids like charts, graphs, or PPTs to explain points effectively.

Good topics for demonstration speeches make them more interesting and engaging. Students often need help selecting good demonstration speech topics. Moreover, there are numerous topics available that make things more confusing.

Furthermore, it takes time to decide how to develop speech ideas. This blog will list various interesting demonstration speech ideas and tips for developing a demonstration idea. Also, the demonstration speech topics given here will simplify your subject selection process.


What Are Demonstration Speech Topics?

What Are Demonstration Speech Topics?

The demonstration speech topic is a theme or subject on which you will present the speech. In other words, you will provide a presentation on a topic. A good demonstration speech topic should be close to your heart. Also, the nature of your presentation affects which subject you will focus on.

Always remember the demonstration speech topic should show you how to write the presentation effectively. Whatever topic you select to write a demonstration speech, you must implement its proper presentation methods.

What Makes Good Demonstration Speech Topics

What Makes Good Demonstration Speech Topics

As mentioned earlier, delivering an effective and informative speech starts with choosing a good demonstration speech topic. Think of the potential problems while creating a demonstration speech outline. You must explain the topic using visual aids that you are familiar with or good at.

The tips given below will streamline your work; while thinking of good demonstration speech ideas, make sure:

  • You can describe your ideas within a given time limit. Demonstration speeches usually last for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Your unique demonstration speech topics are valuable for your audiences as they improve their knowledge of particular topics.
  • It does not involve complex steps to explain the topic.
  • Demonstration speech topics should not be very technical.
  • You can explain it to wider audiences.
  • Your demonstration speech should not include overused topics.

How to Choose a Demonstration Speech Idea?

How to Choose a Demonstration Speech Idea?

The challenging part of writing an effective demonstration speech is to come up with demonstration speech topics. Select any topic, event, or idea that you find interesting. Let’s go through the proper way to develop demonstration speech topic ideas:

  • Consider what interests you: any sport, food, hobby, or enjoyable past experience.
  • Understand how demonstration speech ideas relate to the target audience. This will help you develop an effective demonstration speech idea and save you time.
  • Narrow down your speech topics. Gifted and talented students always narrow down their topics. For example, besides speaking on how to solve puzzles, it’s better to speak on how to solve math puzzles. 
  • Consider the intent or goal of your speech. Do you want to explain healthy food habits to audiences or demonstrate how to save money by sticking to healthy food?

Best Demonstration Speech Ideas

Best Demonstration Speech Ideas
  1. Cleaning your kitchen correctly
  2. Purchasing a smartphone
  3. Dividing your garden
  4. Steps for performing yoga
  5. Tips for managing water pollution
  6. Dressing for a date
  7. Writing a novel
  8. Ways of building a website
  9. Techniques for saving water
  10. Ways of speaking confidently in public
  11. Preparing a stew with herbs and vegetables
  12. Dealing with the fear of mathematics
  13. Playing the trumpet
  14. Techniques for taking lovely photos with your smartphone
  15. Ways of making a 1-hour exercise plan
  16. Meditation Techniques for seniors
  17. Surviving without sugar
  18. Ways of traveling abroad cheaply

Unique Demonstrative Speeches Topics

  1. Becoming an actor
  2. Eating healthier
  3. Guidelines for reading body language
  4. Valuable tips on learning Spanish
  5. What are the basics of identifying fake news?
  6. Tips for improving your social skills
  7. Precautions for using autopilot in your car
  8. Healthy exercise tips for tackling weight gain
  9. How to use Google Docs
  10. Mouth hygiene tips for men
  11. Techniques for completing your homework quicker
  12. What makes a good soup?
  13. Bake the best chocolate cakes
  14. Making online learning fun
  15. Swimming techniques
  16. Valuable guidelines to follow while walking on a busy street
  17. Changing a car tyre
  18. How to bathe your baby
  19. Using a utensil as a dummy oven
  20. Overcome destructive habits

Interesting Demonstrative Speech Topics

Interesting Demonstrative Speech Topics
  1. How to fly a plane
  2. Talking with your emotions
  3. How do video games benefit students?
  4. Tips on making life easier
  5. Seeking forgiveness from someone
  6. Ways smartphones affect your brain
  7. Ways of making your smile contagious
  8. Finding real online friends
  9. Influencing your employees to stay loyal
  10. Tips on being successful like billionaires.
  11. How do electric cars work?
  12. Riding a horse
  13. Guidelines for creating a garden out of a lawn
  14. Investing $1,000 and becoming a billionaire
  15. How to stop checking your social media feed excessively

Demonstration Speech Ideas: The Craft and Crafts

  1. Cleaning natural and synthetic fabrics
  2. Ways of delivering your CV to online job sites
  3. Tips for making traps for wasps
  4. Making lemonade
  5. Ways of making a fragranced pillow
  6. Guidelines for relieving stress using stretching techniques
  7. You are meditating correctly.
  8. Creating a silk flower bouquet
  9. Colouring Easter eggs
  10. Cleaning your laptop
  11. Different poses for yoga
  12. Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  13. Ways of creating animated gifs.
  14. How to defend yourself when attacked.
  15. Offering yourself a pedicure/manicure.

Demonstration Speech Ideas For High School Students

Demonstration Speech Ideas For High School Students
  1. How to find a perfect dorm roommate?
  2. How to make the best cakes?
  3. How to prepare for a school farewell party?
  4. How to select a topic for an essay competition?
  5. Explore the black box in a plane.
  6. How to deliver an engaging, persuasive speech?
  7. What are proper table & dining manners?
  8. Plan an exclusive prom evening.
  9. Guide on how to write a poem
  10. Ways to register for voting

5-minute Demonstration Speech Ideas 

Check out some easy 5-minute demonstration speech ideas that you can fully cover in a short time:

  1. How to create a Facebook page?
  2. What is graffiti? How to make it at home? 
  3. How to apply makeup?
  4. What is a bonsai tree?
  5. How to play computer games?
  6. How can you hone your public speaking skills?
  7. How can I use stretching to relieve muscle tension?
  8. How to solve Rubik’s cube successfully?
  9. How to work with mosaics?
  10. How do you determine your target audience for your YouTube channel?

‘How To’ Demonstration Speech Ideas

‘How To’ Demonstration Speech Ideas
  1. How to make the perfect cup of coffee
  2. How to be successful in college
  3. How to create a budget
  4. How to write a resume
  5. How to give an effective speech
  6. How to make a pizza at home
  7. How to start an online business
  8. How to play an instrument
  9. How to tie different kinds of knots
  10. How to make a simple machine
  11. How to use a 3D printer 
  12. How to build a computer from scratch
  13. How to sew on a button or repair clothing
  14. How to do CPR and basic first aid
  15. How to make a film using essential equipment
  16. How to paint a room professionally
  17. How to write a program that solves a basic problem using code
  18. How to effectively use social media for marketing
  19. How to create artwork using digital tools
  20. How to build a model rocket and launch it safely

Also, get to know more about extemporaneous speech.

Creative Demonstration Speech Topics For High Schoolers

  1. How to make a perfect cup of coffee?
  2. How to make a greenhouse?
  3. How to paint eggs?
  4. How to make a greeting card?
  5. How to start your own business?
  6. How to use chopsticks?
  7. X ways to make natural dyes
  8. Tips for travelling safely in a foreign country 
  9. How to decide what career you want?
  10. How to arrange flowers in beautiful combinations?
  11. How to pick a colour scheme and palette for your artwork?

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Funny Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students

Funny Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students

Here are some fun demonstration speech topics for light-hearted gatherings:

  1. Ways to persuade your professor that you will finish your homework
  2. How to prepare for a test that you have completely forgotten about?
  3. How to face a food challenge with confidence?
  4. What is the best way to break up with your girlfriend?
  5. How should a funny speech be delivered?
  6. Ways to turn yourself into a Monster
  7. How can you tell a lie without getting caught?
  8. How to tell someone ‘get lost’ humorously?
  9. How to crack a joke during a difficult situation?
  10. How can I have a good time in the exam room?

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Easy Demonstration Speeches Topics

  1. Making coffee with different brewing methods 
  2. Tying the perfect necktie knot every time
  3. How to change a car tire
  4. Creating a rain barrel to reuse water
  5. Organizing your home office for optimal productivity
  6. Cleaning your home quickly and efficiently
  7. Folding clothes for maximum space-saving
  8. Making the perfect bed every time
  9. How to pack for your next trip 
  10. Creating an effective study schedule

Cool Demonstration Speech Ideas

Cool Demonstration Speech Ideas
  1. How to secure your home from burglars?
  2. How to maintain consistent eye contact?
  3. How to land on the moon?
  4. X steps to write an award-winning speech
  5. How to beatbox?
  6. How to work from home?
  7. X ways to decorate a wedding cake
  8. How to whistle?
  9. How to catch a fish?
  10. How to become a good singer?
  11. How to create a business plan?
  12. How do you modify a WordPress theme to make it your own?
  13. How to run a golf club?

Also, here are some compare and contrast essay topics.

Short Demonstration Speech Ideas 

  1. How to make a delicious French toast?
  2. How can you lose weight safely and never gain it back?
  3. What is the best way to prepare sushi?
  4. X basic table manners
  5. How to become a model? 
  6. X ways to make your jewellery
  7. What is the best way to learn to dance in a week?
  8. How to create a YouTube video?
  9. How to post a picture on Facebook?
  10. How to prepare for a university interview?

Demonstration Speech Ideas With Food

Demonstration Speech Ideas With Food
  1. The Art of Crafting the Perfect Pasta Dish
  2. Creating an Exciting Salad with Fresh Ingredients
  3. 10 Steps to Making the Perfect Souffle
  4. How to Bake a Delicious Apple Pie from Scratch
  5. Simplifying Gourmet French Cuisine without Sacrificing Flavour 
  6. Cooking for Large Groups Tips and Tricks for Successful Meals 
  7. How to Master Sushi Rolling Techniques at Home
  8. Deconstructing a Restaurant Dish: How to Replicate Results at Home 
  9. How to Unleash Unique Taste Combinations in Ethnic Foods
  10. Preparing Nutritious yet Appetising Vegan Dishes

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Demonstration Speech Ideas: Sports

  1. How to skateboard like a professional 
  2. Essential skills for street basketball 
  3. How to perfect your golf swing 
  4. How to perfect your yoga practice: asanas and Pranayama
  5. Building the perfect snowman tips, and Tricks 
  6. Secrets to improving your tennis game   
  7. How to use running shoes to improve your running speed
  8. How to prepare for a 10-km race  
  9. How to create an outdoor course with obstacles for fun and fitness 
  10. Developing confidence in surfing waves 
  11. How to turn a bike into a stationary exercise machine

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Public Speaking

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Public Speaking
  1. How to Use Visual Aids to Enhance a Speech
  2. The Art of Crafting an Engaging Speech
  3. Public Speaking Strategies: How to Overcome Stage Fright
  4. Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Your Presentation Skills
  5. Understanding Body Language: Non-verbal Communication Tips
  6. Creating an Effective Outline for Your Speech 
  7. How to Effectively Manage Time When Speaking in Public.
  8. How to Use Your Voice to Command Attention
  9. Making Question-and-Answer Sessions Engaging for Your Audience

Also, explore more about a commemorative speech. 


We hope you liked the demonstration speech ideas provided here. Demonstration speeches are regular academic activities for high school and college students. They help students improve their public speaking. A good demonstration speech starts with a good speech idea. If you need more help with demonstration speech delivery, contact our experts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is demonstrative speech and example?

People also refer to demonstrative speech topics, or demonstrative speech itself, as ’How-to’ tasks because they show how to prepare or make something. Demonstration speeches also show how to perform or complete a process. They demonstrate how something works.

How do you choose a topic for a demonstration?

Choose a topic you are good at; it should be close to your heart. Be specific and make your topic relevant. Make your topic more interesting and practise it well. Devise all the things required to deliver an effective demonstration speech. 

How do you write a demonstration speech example?

Firstly, know your audience and the purpose of your speech. Outline the process and explain the value of the demonstration. Also, invite the audience to ask questions, summarise and conclude the presentation.

What are the four types of demonstration speeches?

The four types of demonstration speeches inform, instruct, entertain and persuade. However, these traits are not mutually exclusive. There can be various purposes while delivering a demonstration speech. 

What is a good demonstration speech topic for school?

There are many good topics for school: Importance of Kindness, Is There Value in Homework?, Things I Learned in Lockdown, How Can Food Be Recycled?, Should Art Be a Part of the School Curriculum?, Should Schools Teach Sign Language?

What are the three main elements of demonstration speech writing?

A practical demonstration should promote good observation skills, stimulate thought, arouse curiosity, present aspects of complex concepts on a concrete level, and, most importantly, be the basis for class discussion.

What is an attention-getter for demonstration speech?

You must consider a few things before selecting a specific attention-getting device: it should be appropriate and relevant to the audience. It is a device a speaker uses at the start of a speech to capture an audience’s interest that interests them in the speech topic. Doing so enforces an active listening-communication environment.

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