Writing an essay in the college academic programs is a typical assignment for every college student. There are different kinds of essays which has their own significance and characteristics. This article will talk about an argumentative essay step by step and learn about the techniques to craft it accurately.

What is an argumentative essay and examples?

An argumentative essay is a kind of persuasive essay and is the most impactful essay in which you have to establish your point very firmly. It demands a solid piece of evidence and logic. An excellent argumentative essay is one in which the writer reinforces his argument and convince the readers through strong reasoning. The topics of such an essay are generally based on science, healthcare, politics, and technology. Generally, an argumentative essay is assigned to the student once or twice a year in high school or college.

Writing an argumentative essay can often be confusing. You need to do a lot of research work and develop writing skills to write such an essay. When it becomes increasingly difficult for a student to complete it and the deadline is near, he is open to take an essay writing help where he can avail of expert guidelines for research to craft the article of his choice.

Choosing an argumentative essay can be quite confusing. You have to look for a topic that is debatable, controversial, and researchable. Also, ensure that the topic is based on recent affairs to generate more interest among the reader. Some of the fresh argumentative essay topic examples are as follows:

  • Coronavirus has done better for human beings than bad.
  • Work from home is a successful practice. 
  • Social distancing is an impossible thing in the long run.
  • Working mothers can raise better kids than home-making mothers.

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What to remember before writing an argumentative essay?

Before starting an argumentative essay, it is inevitable to establish a vital point to claim. Always remember that an argument is the necessary foundation of an argumentative essay. Hence you have to focus on the point of controversy. Accordingly, set the context in such a way that you can support the points with an opinion. Finally, state your main idea in the beginning and use it as a reference repeatedly to help your further narration.

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What are the steps to be followed while writing an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay should have an organized structure. You need to map an outline before you start your draft. Here is the step by step guide and a design planned for you:

Change in the everyday schedules

Step one-Research 

While selecting the topic of an argumentative essay, you need to make an extensive research plan. Before finalizing a case, you should ensure that you will be able to derive enough evidence to support your essay. 

Even after selecting the topic, a detailed work of finding the related information follows. You can also avail of professional guidelines for research from a good homework help service.

Introductory paragraph

The first paragraph of an argumentative essay is the introductory paragraph. The aim of the introduction is to provide background information to the readers and give them an idea about what are they going to read about. The introduction should be able to catch up the attention of the readers.

Bonding with technology
Change in the everyday schedules

Thesis statement

The thesis statement is one crucial line of the introduction of an argumentative essay. A thesis statement is generally written close to the end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis statement is a one-line summary of the topic and your point of argument that you are going to narrate. 

When you take an assessment help, the expert writers state the best argument in the thesis statement to virtually hook up the readers.

Body paragraph


Right after the introduction comes the body paragraphs. A conventional argumentative essay has three to four body paragraphs. In the body paragraphs, you write the topic sentence with your claims and an elaborate and comprehensive explanation. Your search for how to write a claim ends here!

Better communication
It is now the time to effectively use your data reports, statistics, research, and text citation.
An overall personality improvement


The conclusion is the last paragraph in an essay. It is the summary of the entire argumentative essay. Here you should not add any fresh information but reinstate your already mentioned claims. 

A good argumentative essay should have a great conclusion to create to impress the readers to correlate themselves with the topic or feel that they have invested their time reading a good essay. To build up a personal connection, it is a great idea to use personal anecdotes too.

Review and edit

After investing a lot of precious time in the essay, it is not wise to submit an unfurnished work. Hence always start early and end before the due date of submission so that you get a significant period of time to edit the work. Check the spelling and other grammatical errors. 

Better communication
Proofread the entire paper and make necessary changes to craft an impressive work to impress your professors.

How do the beginners write an argumentative essay?

Writing a good argumentative essay entails a lot of practice and hard work. A beginner may often fail to craft an ideal argumentative essay due to a lack of proper guidance. A beginner gets detailed guides on writing by taking an assignment help service. With such expert guidance help, the beginners know the perfect way to structure an argumentative essay or get a complete solution.

How do you write a good argumentative essay?

A good argumentative essay becomes a challenging task for a student who is involved in multiple ventures. Hiring an expert helps assists you to continue and complete your higher studies without disturbing your present profession. Also, you get a host of services that ensures better grades. For example, if you happen to remember all of a sudden that your assignment is due the next day, you can reach them out for an immediate solution. 

The expert solution offers you high-quality work. This is because the writers are scholars from their respective fields and take great care in crafting your customized write up. They are familiar with the university guidelines and therefore make almost no errors in writing your report. The most exciting part is its comfortable pricing structure, which empowers students to pay the service from their pocket money. 

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What should you avoid in an argumentative essay?

You should learn the professional tips of writing an argumentative essay and know the things to avoid while crafting it:

  • Do not fail to follow the guidelines of the instructors.
  • Do not try to explain an argument without a piece of evidence.
  • Do not write any expression that weakens your statement.
  • Do not use expressions that sound commanding.
  • Do not skip the proofreading step as it confirms a better grade.

This article is research-based and is prepared to assist the students who need prior knowledge to write an argumentative essay. The tips mentioned above will guide beginners and advanced learners in the long run in writing a better college essay. If you liked this read then check out our blog on The Impacts of Homework on Student Achievement.

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