Did your teacher in high school or professor in college ask you to write a claim? Are you struggling to know the right method on ‘how to write a claim?’ It’s time to release all the doubts and fear. Our expert team is there to guide how to write a good claim.

The blog will explain the meaning backed with step by step process of writing the claim with claim examples.

If you are confused, what is a claim in writing? Or, how to state your claim? Here is a crisp and straightforward answer to it.

A claim statement is a compact idea of the discussion and argument written on the whole theme or the academic piece. It is quite similar to the thesis statement. Which can be in the form of an argument or an idea. And click here to read about what is a number sentence

The importance of claims lies in an academic essay or in a research paper. Here we will discuss how to develop a claim and the way to write a claim in an essay.

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How to Write a Claim- Step By Step Process

How to Write a Claim- Step By Step Process

Step 1- Choose the topic of your claim

To write a claim, you must have a topic. Usually, the college or school provides the subject. But, in case you don’t have the same you must research and choose a topic. 

The step mentioned above is vital as the answer to writing a good claim solely depends on the choice of topic you make. If it is interesting, the claim will be fruitful. 

Step 2- Set up a question backed with an answer

The thesis is all about a question or a problem. You can keep a hold of the subject and write the answer by thinking about the question raised. It can even take diverse forms, such as a definition, argument, fact, etc. It is a beautiful step in writing a claim for an argumentative essay. Alternatively, you can end your search for Personal Letter Format as we will provide you with all the details here.

Step 3- Define the goal of the paper

The goal is an essential consideration before deciding on the claim statement. It will help you with how to start a claim.  

For example, if a student writes an argumentative essay, the writer’s objective will be to change the mindset of the readers. We will also give you a good direction on effectively writing a claim essay.

If the topic is about the critical economic situation in society. Your claim must be about overcoming such a situation. Also, you must claim it with a supporting point. 

Step 4- Take a single issue stand

Too many ideas may create a mess to find words to start a claim. It is better to focus on a single point or an idea. Your paper must revolve around a sole fact to compose good claims. Also, the “claim writer” must follow the particular idea throughout the piece.

For example, let’s focus on this statement, ‘The class debate was contested between two groups namely- Kinka and Soni. Kinka spoke about the role of the male in society as a whole. But, Soni said about women’s empowerment.

In the above example, you need to support either Kinka for his reason behind the subject or Soni for empowerment. 

If you are dealing with a problem in accounts, the accounting assignment help will be the best way 

Step 5- Create a different approach to the topic

Make your approach unique so that the readers get interested in it. Whether it is an argument or discussion, don’t linger into the stereotype performance. You can now get several ways to convey your opinion. It is better to choose a different way to transfer your thoughts to the readers. 

Step 6- Write the claim

Once you go through the above steps, the next task will be to write the claim. With this, you might have a thought in your mind about how to write a claim sentence?’ To be brief, you have to summarize the entire piece and then affirm the claim.

Once you know the way to write a claim for an essay. The next step will be to consider some vital factors to consider writing the claim.

These interesting research paper topics help you craft an engaging essay.

How Do You Create a Strong Claim: Some Helpful Tips

How do you create a strong claim

1. Choose the provable

Don’t make any imaginary claims. Instead, it will be better to focus on the sentences that you can prove. Also, it is better to make some plan before making a claim rather than doing vice versa. You must go ahead with the strong evidence and arguments associated with the same. 

With the enactment of how to write a claim example, one can quickly proceed with supporting the statement. Remember to avoid the verdict about what is right and what is wrong. The claim should be short and crisp. One should avoid long sentences while writing the claim for an academic paper.

2. The correct way of writing the claim

You cannot just write the claim randomly. There is a proper way of how do you write a claim that you must follow. It must make the readers aware of the subject matter of the claim—the right approach of writing claim matters as well.

To be correct, the essay claim must give the gist about what the content is all about. The fact on how you are going to prove it is also quite vital to consider. Within your claim, you have to take a strong stand. It is always important to give some claim of policy examples and evidence while writing the claim.

3. Firm and definitive tone

The tone of the claim is another critical consideration. You must write it in such a way that it appears as the claim from the author. The choice of words and phrases is again a vital consideration. You must be confident while placing the statement. The fact resonates when you are searching for the answer to ‘how to write a patent claim?’ You can also report flag outlined log

4. Right placement of claim

It would help if you considered the right place to put the claim. The readers always expect to get the claim at a particular area of the entire content of the essay. But, if you place the same in a different area, the readers will either get puzzled or won’t like it. 

The ideal place to put the claim also depends on the length of the essay. But, to be safe, it is better to place the claim or the verdict at the end of the entire piece or the article. Also, the readers expect to get the claim right at the end of the essay.

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5. Length of the claim

If your question is about how to write a claim statement? One of the most important factors you must consider while writing the claim is the length. Never make a claim too big, which can make the readers impatient. Rather, it is better to keep the length of the claim short and to the point.

Ideally, 2-3 lines of the claim will be appropriate. It is better for the readers to get the point without getting the impression of beating around the bush. Make the brief statement in such a way that it directly touches the reader’s heart. 

These are the best tips to remember when writing a claim statement or direct statement. With all the points mentioned above, you get a detailed answer: ‘ What is a claim and how is it written?’ The interesting, controversial topics of teenagers and debate ideas.


What Are The 4 Types of Claims?

What Are The 4 Types of Claims?

The claim of position

This is a position that you take with an issue, such as the role of education in our society. For example: “I do not think we should spend so much money on education.”

Definitive claim

Anyone can try to claim that something is true. But if enough people verify it, then the integrity of that thing is “definitively” proven.

Value claim

A value claim is not a simple statement of fact but instead makes an explicit appeal to the target audience’s values. 

Accuracy claim

A common way to advertise a device is by claiming its accuracy. Accuracy means the deviation between what you want to measure and what the device measures. More simply, it is a difference between the wrong measurement and the right one.

Incidentally, in academics, the essay on emotive language also should have a claim at the end. The blog will give you a perfect idea of several examples and benefits of such language.

How do you start a claim sentence?

A claim sentence starts with a verb phrase, and it has the same basic format as any other kind of sentence: The first word in that phrase is the “subject,” sometimes called the “nominative.” It’s who or what you’re talking about, and it’s usually a singular noun.

After that is the verb, with its helping verbs and other modifiers. Then comes the “object,” which can be anything from a pronoun to a noun phrase. This is how to create a claim. Wondering who invented homework? Read here for the answer.

What Should You Avoid When Writing a Claim?

What Should You Avoid When Writing a Claim?

Avoid using conjunctions, such as “and,” “but,” “or,” and “so,” in your claims. If they are essential to your meaning, repeat them in your description. It would help if you also avoided the following:

  • Wrong tense
  • Omission of preposition
  • Misplaced modifier
  • Verb agreement errors

What is an example of a claim?

You are now aware of the meaning, definition, and tips on academic claims. You also know what is a good claim.

But, all of this must-have proper presentation. Only the claim of examples can make it happen. The following examples of claims will make the user understand in deep:

  1. The primary reason for getting overweight is the consumption of too many carbohydrates in the diet.     
  2. Online and app-based learning has several advantages over the traditional way of study. Thus, students and teachers must develop the practice.
  3. Relationships provide temporary happiness, but self-love will take you a long way.

Apart from an academic perspective, the claim can also take place in business or customers perspective. In such a situation, you must know how to deal with it.

For example, a consumer buying a product from the market might get some flaw and claim for a refund. In such a situation, you must know how to write a claim letter.

Again, dealing with the insurance company also needs some knowledge about approaching. Suppose your car has recently met an accident and you have insurance cover for it. In such a situation, you must know how to write a letter to insurance company for a claim.  

There may be situations when a person gets injured or is defrauded by a fake investment scheme.

In order to get the claim, you must know how to write a letter to the insurance company for an effective claim.

How to write a claim paragraph?

The claim paragraph is also known as the topic sentence. It depicts the main goal of the paragraph. With the content in the claim paragraph, users will know the actual idea behind the entire essay. You can also depict the same as a mini argument that speaks about, ‘what is claim fact?’.

The claim paragraph usually gets a pairing with a hook in an argumentative essay. It is usually designed to attract the reader’s attention to a particular topic. Also, see how to write an essay while following the spatial order.


Essay writing is a common academic assignment given to school and college students. There are multiple aspects to composing a good essay. At the same time, your paper should contain the main argument or main point in the form of a claim sentence.

The claim sentence(s) helps you offer the main idea of your content. Main claim narrow subject with credible evidence and settled fact. Claim sentence help you gain more attention from the readers.

However, it’s not your personal opinion. Argumentative claims with supporting evidence make research essays enjoyable. A debatable statement further increases the readers’ interest. Also, include sub-claims to make present the final fact.

We hope you have learned how to write a claim, include claim examples in essays, and make different types of compelling arguments. If you need further help with essay writing? Want to know more claim writing definition? Need to explore more good claim examples?

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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a claim?

A claim sentence is a statement you make to your audience – and any opposing parties you may be debating with. It’s most commonly used in formal debates such as those between the President of the United States and a political challenger or in a courtroom before a judge and jury. Its purpose is simple: tell anyone listening what it is that you want them to agree with.

What is a strong claim example?

The meaning of the term “strong claim” varies from person to person depending on two things, which are their definition of it and their level of awareness about this type of statement. One of the examples is ‘- actions speak louder than words

How do you use a claim?

The answer to this question has several perspectives. The claims can be used to pass information about your identity (or whatever you choose) around. Again, a claim is simply something an ACS server can trust a client about.

How can I get Assignments done within a short deadline?

Writing an assignment requires time and effort. Students with a lack of experience can’t complete assignments before the deadline for submission. That is why Assignments4u assignment help tutors provide an online portal to make it easy for students to write assignments. Regardless of assignment forms and subjects, they provide any student with instant assignment writing solutions. The team of professional assignment help experts works tooth and nail to provide an instant assignment solution as soon as you recruit them. On your behalf, they write your assignments while keeping your expectations and requirements in mind.

What words do you start a claim with?

It’s important to ask yourself what words you use when making a claim. Are they abstract, concrete, or conditional? When we start with ‘I believe’ or ‘I think, the person reading your claim is more likely to accept it without thinking too deeply about it.

You can start with “Some.” “Most.” “A lot of.” “Lots of people say that.” These are all claims that begin with a term called an indefinite

What is a good sentence for a claim?

A good sentence for a claim should be specific and emotionally charged. It should contain vivid language, cause you to feel an emotion, or make the reader think about the topic in a new way. If your claim is true, it will also work as a hook that makes people want to read more of your essay.

How to write a counterclaim?

When writing a counterclaim, you should include: “a preamble outlining your relationship with the original plaintiff”. It made zero sense to me because we know nothing about our relationship with the original plaintiff other than that we are using them.

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