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The conclusive statement is often the most crucial because you need to wrap up your ideas perfectly in any form of presentation. Discover over 100 powerful “conclusion starters” to bring your concluding paragraphs to life.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a newbie, our collection offers the perfect phrases to conclude any piece of writing effectively.

But wait, there’s more! Not only will you unlock a vault of “conclusion starters,” but you’ll also learn how to weave them seamlessly into your writing.

Imagine concluding your arguments, narratives, and reflections in a way that leaves your reader enthralled. 

In any form of presentation, we will provide the best closure that will leave a lasting impression on your readers. 

Let’s set sail on this voyage toward robust conclusions that resonate, captivate, and impress. 

Ready to end your writing with a memorable bang? Let’s get started!

What Is A Good Conclusion?

A reasonable conclusion is like the final bow at the end of an excellent performance. It’s where you remind your readers about the main ideas of your writing. 

It’s like taking all your essential points and tying them together neatly in a summary. 

But it’s even better when you use ‘conclusion starters’ to make people think more about what you wrote. 

You can ask interesting questions or suggest new things to explore related to your topic. 

The best conclusion makes your reader feel like they’ve finished a really good book – it should be memorable and make them think.

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph?

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph<br />

Writing a conclusion paragraph is like wrapping up a gift. Follow these simple steps to draw an impressive closure.

Step 1: Revisit your main points. These are the key ideas you want your reader to remember.

Step 2: Use ‘conclusion starters’ like “In summary” or “In conclusion” to start your final paragraph.

Step 3: Summarize your main points. Don’t start explaining those once again. Just provide a brief revision.

Step 4: Add a final thought or question to make your reader think more about your topic.

Remember, your conclusion should feel like closing a book, leaving your reader satisfied yet still thinking about your ideas.

Points To Remember To Compose a Good Concluding Paragraph 

  • Do not introduce a new idea, thought, or topic in the conclusion paragraph not covered in your essay or paper.
  • Avoid emphasizing anything less significant in your essay. Always highlight the key points or main points you want your readers to understand.
  • The conclusion paragraph’s main points should be easy for readers to remember.

You can include conclusion starters even in short essays. Learn how to write a short essay and impress tutors.  

What Are Good Conclusion Starters?

What Are Good Conclusion Starters?<br />

The concluding sentence appears in the closing paragraph when you reach the end of the entire written content. The words written in your conclusion paragraph will leave some impact on the readers. Good conclusion starters help create a lasting impact, and readers can easily recall the entire paper.

The conclusion starters are the opening sentence in your concluding section. It acts as a link between the body of your essay and the conclusion paragraph.

Every good conclusion paragraph should have good conclusion starters for essays. Using good sentence starters for conclusions, you can inform your readers that you will wrap up your writing.

There are tons of conclusion starters in the English language. Good closing sentences vary depending on your writing or essay type.

Best Conclusion Paragraph Starters

Below is the list of the best conclusion sentence starters you can use while writing a concluding paragraph.


Simple and Impressive Conclusion Starter words

Simple and Impressive Conclusion Starter words<br />
  1. Finally or finally one final idea
  2. Lastly
  3. Clearly
  4. Hence
  5. Thus
  6. Nevertheless
  7. Overall
  8. To sum up
  9. In my opinion
  10. Generally
  11. Therefore
  12. In general
  13. In conclusion
  14. As expressed
  15. For this reason
  16. Given these points
  17. All aspects considered
  18. I think there is no option but to conclude
  19. In drawing the closure
  20. Now that we know
  21. Ultimately
  22. The logical conclusion seems to be
  23. With all these in mind
  24. Considering the perspective of
  25. There is nothing else we can conclude, but
  26. When faced with the question of
  27. Thus, we can restate
  28. In a nutshell
  29. On a whole
  30. On considering the different facts presented in this work

Also, explore expository essay topics to create engaging essays for good grades.

Best Conclusion Starters For School & College Students

Best Conclusion Starters For School & College Students<br />
  1. To summarize
  2. I conclude that
  3. In closing
  4. In short
  5. In brief
  6. To sum it all up
  7. To put it briefly
  8. Eventually
  9. As a result
  10. Altogether
  11. In the last analysis
  12. For the most part
  13. As a last point
  14. All things considered
  15. For these reasons
  16. So, I have concluded that
  17. In my opinion
  18. In effect
  19. In the end
  20. To wrap it all up
  21. The summative conclusion is that
  22. The broad conclusion
  23. The study concluded
  24. Towards this end
  25. Having that said
  26. I recommend that
  27. The informative conclusion is that
  28. Now you know why
  29. From now on
  30. Looking back
  31. I hope you can now learn that
  32. Last but not least
  33. In the future
  34. You should now consider it
  35. I think I have shown
  36. With no doubt.
  37. The time has come to
  38. I agree with that
  39. I hope you
  40. To review

Also, learn how to write a claim.

Conclusion Paragraph Sentence Starters For Research Papers

Conclusion Paragraph Sentence Starters For Research Papers
  1. As per the final analysis
  2. Based on the evidence presented
  3. As expected, the results imply
  4. Due to the result
  5. In light of these findings
  6. The data reveals
  7. As per the data, it can be indicated
  8. The significant revelations made by the study
  9. Unexpectedly, the data revealed
  10. To assume from the data
  11. The result of this research showcases
  12. What the study shows is
  13. On reviewing these findings, it can be stated
  14. In the context of the concept
  15. While further research is competent

Other Strong Conclusion Starters

Other Strong Conclusion Starters<br />
  1. As I observe things
  2. At the end of the day
  3. After all, it has been told and done
  4. To reach the core of the heart.
  5. As per my perspective
  6. To make a long story short
  7. No one could have assumed that
  8. As the time comes to wrap up
  9. In a simple language
  10. As stated in the introduction
  11. I would like to say finally
  12. One final idea
  13. My conclusions are
  14. The data indicate that
  15. It is worth re-examining
  16. The nexus between
  17. As this paper demonstrates
  18. After discussing
  19. I’m looking forward to
  20. Although
  21. While
  22. Since
  23. It is my conviction that
  24. My final bow is that
  25. It is my sincere belief that
  26. Through this research, we learn that
  27. My verdict is that
  28. The research proves that
  29. That was the conclusion reached
  30. The summative end is that 

It is time to compare and contrast essay topics to get deeper into the easy writing techniques, 


The conclusion starters encapsulate the final takeaway your readers will carry back with them. A robust ending to your written piece will leave a lasting impression, and readers will share the document spontaneously with others. Also, it will help you avoid an abrupt end causing readers a shock to an otherwise well-written article. You can gradually build the ending to the story in the form of a relevant conclusive statement.

We have enlisted various essay conclusion starters that you can use in your writing to compose an impressive last point. You can select these to present your final analysis in the concluding paragraph.

Powerful conclusion statements help you cover all the significant points effectively. Whatever your topic, you can make your essay memorable when concluding your paper with good starter words.

Students can add value to the essay by adding the best conclusion sentence starters in the final or narrative paragraph if they need help writing the conclusion starter sentences or want to see more examples. Contact our assignment experts; they can even write customized essays for you and offer the best assignment help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good conclusion starters?

Writing a reasonable conclusion is a skill students must know to compose an impactful essay. Evidence presented using an informative decision affects the readers’ minds. The excellent and logical conclusion starters help inform readers you will wrap the paper.

How to start a conclusion sentence starter?

Use strong and impactful conclusion paragraph starters to help you compose a summative conclusion. You can start a concluding paragraph using words like–In conclusion, As expressed, Overall, As a result, Thus, Finally, Last, and more.

What is the importance of a firm conclusion in an academic paper?

The conclusion is an essential aspect of the academic paper. It offers closure and, finally, one last idea to the readers. It also reminds the importance of the content provided in the document. We have offered various conclusion starter ideas here, which you can use to make an impactful conclusion.

How can I ensure that my conclusion is impactful and memorable?

You can make an effective and memorable conclusion using three key steps. First, restate the thesis. Second, reiterate supporting points to offer a broader end. And finally, make the connection between opening and closing statements. Also, follow the concluding sentences paragraph structure provided by your instructors.

What are some strategies for ending a conclusion on a solid note?

Always end your essay on a positive note and use an impactful concluding statement, restate the importance of your ideas, provide a sense of closure using good conclusion word starters, summarize your main points, and restate your thesis statement.

How effectively summarize the critical points of my essay?

Include a summary of the main points of your essay. However, remember what you stated in the document’s body. Show your readers how the points you made and the support and examples you used fit together. And effectively pull them all together.

What not to write in conclusion?

Avoid summarizing the main points, repeating the material verbatim, and bringing up minor issues in conclusion. Do not introduce any new information or use phrases in conclusion. It would help if you avoided these things while concluding.

How long should the conclusion be in my essay?

The length of the conclusion paragraph depends on the type and topic you are working on. Academic essays have long conclusions sometimes. But, a firm concluding remark should have 3-4 sentences. Use a good conclusion sentence starter and briefly cover all the significant points in the last paragraph.

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