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Who invented homework? The question is almost in the mind of every student. Younger children especially find homework assignments quite boring. Yet, homework is a vital phenomenon in the learning process.

Today, in this blog we are going to explore the name of a homework inventor. We will try to answer the queries like – Why was homework invented? Who created the school? What is homework history?

And, many more similar questions. For that, we must go back to the brief history of homework. So, let’s start our journey about who invented homework and why?

History Behind Inventing Homework

History behind Who Invented Homework

You can find several myths associated with the invention of homework. However, the most popular name in history books and the internet is Roberto Nevelis of Venice. In addition, he was an Italian Pedagon.

He had an idea behind introducing homework. Since he was a teacher, he found several lazy students in the class.

According to Nevelis’s thought, “Students lose the essence of teaching once they leave the class”.

Also, after the tremendous effort of teaching in class students fail. Thus, he added the idea of homework as a measure of teaching. It was the time when homework was born.

So, we can answer the query, “Who finds the homework?” Roberto Nevelis was the person.

Purpose Of Homework

Purpose Of Homework

Let us briefly examine the purposes for which homework was created. The original purpose of rigorous homework was to enhance students’ learning. Also, it is not to burden students with more work.

An out-of-sight, out-of-mind phenomenon was taking place. There was a belief that learners rarely paid attention to their schoolwork. Also, they forget once they leave school.

In such a scenario, students walked into class the following day with little link to the session before. Thus, it became impossible to draw a connection between courses. Students forget everything in two consecutive days.

So, the primary purpose of homework would be to reinforce learning. In addition, If students practice what they get in the classroom, they will develop a solid foundation.

As a result, students will recall it readily in the next lesson. Also, it will ease their learning. As a result, students develop a habit of learning.

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Time Considerations in the learning process


Time Considerations In Learning Process

Each class and course has a time limit. Now, what does it mean? The teacher must complete their or her curriculum within the specified time range. But, in certain topics, students demand more time. Also, the inability to devote more time results in incomplete learning.

The second target for all those who invented school homework can be to enable students to review their teachings. Also, it will meet conceptual clarity when they do not have time. So, homework is a technique to encourage learning that is not constrained by time.

Homework is an amazing opportunity for students to learn independently. Moreover, it improves their time management skills.

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Methodology and Utilization

Methodology and Utilization

Classroom learning continuity is a must. In addition, homework assigned provides opportunities for practice and improves research skills.

There are multiple facets to this argument. Also, in the lack of need, students rarely practice. Students underutilize practice despite repeated evidence demonstrating its ability to improve academic performance.

The role of homework in changing this trend. As a formal requirement, homework motivates students to apply their learnings and knowledge. Secondly, it provides an opportunity for students to apply new skills in their spare time.

Homework heats individual students to gain knowledge, including tax-funded public education. Inventing homework is a boon for many students. Homework helps to improve student’s life and other aspects of everyday life.

Why Students Don’t Like So Much Homework?

Why Students Don’t Like So Much Homework?

Students typically dislike homework. And always wonder who made homework and why? They perceive it as an added burden that limits their leisure time, physical activity, and other aspects.

Most often, students say teachers assign too much homework. They blame teachers for not covering everything in class.

Students use some compelling arguments to illustrate their position. They criticize homework origin because of the following:

  • Homework online assignment is a misuse of time.
  • A person doing homework carries extra weight on student’s lives.
  • More homework lacks consistency.
  • Homework doesn’t encourage students and reduces the motivation process.
  • Also, it has the inability to increase grades.
  • Homework has challenges and develops mental health issues.
  • Tasks do not boost comprehensive development.
  • It comes with excessive time commitment in student life.
  • Students find Health-related difficulties.
  • As per American Child Health Association, homework is a type of child labor.

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History Of Homework In The 20th Century

Who was the father of modern homework?

At the start of the twentieth century, students were asked to do homework.

At the end of the 19th century, there was enough progress. It made homework less stressful. The inventor of homework, Nevilis got the credit for being a homework inventor. Also, his modern take-home assignment is prevalent throughout the world today. In a compulsory public education system, homework is a must.

Horace Mann was instrumental in encouraging the acceptance of homework. Horace Mann’s homework positively influenced the educational system during the 19th century.

Mann was a politician and educational reformer who advocated for compulsory education. In the early 1900s, the after-class assignment was developed as child labor.

As per the modification of homework, teachers must assign easy homework to students. And, not to punish students. The homework must be manageable. It must be such that students can do them without any help.

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Who Is The Father Of Modern Homework?

Horace Mann is considered the Father of Modern Homework.

Who was the father of modern homework?

Horace Mann was a politician, education professor, and educational reformer. He took a keen interest in the mandatory education system in Germany. He took it as a newly unified nation-state throughout the 19th century.

As you now know about the inventor of homework, the next question that you have in your mind is, ‘Who invented exams?‘ Get full details here.

Students attending “Volksschulen” or “People’s Schools” must complete homework assignments. They must do it at home on their own time. There was a time when nationalists like Johann Gottlieb Fichte were gathering support. They wanted help for just a unified German state. This demand stressed the primacy of the state over individuals. Essentially, the state utilized homework as a tool of coercion.

Despite their political origins, the practice of bringing schoolwork home expanded. It boosted throughout Europe and eventually reached Horace Mann. He resided in Prussia at the time. He extended the concept to the United States. Wherein homework became a regular occurrence for students. Today, homework plays a vital role in the educational process. Also, see A Complete Guide To Webwork Answers Hack.

Homework Created A Boost In Students Development

Homework invented a boost in students development

The mandatory assignments boosted students to learn the lessons even after school. The education authorities appreciate learning post-class. Roberto Nevelis invented homework to create consistency in the academic life of students. 

The person who created the homework made a simple concept. Since he was a teacher, he could examine pupils attending his class. As a good teacher, he observed students in ancient Rome. Just formal schooling or teaching children in classrooms is not enough. A home task is mandatory for a few reasons.

According to psychologists at Ladies home journal, students must assimilate the knowledge that they acquired in the classroom. Also, home assignments in schools are very beneficial. It is impossible to churn the information just within the class.

The negative effect of the technological revolution can impact students in their free time. Thus, it is better to keep students engaged during summer vacation. Homework helps students to solve math problems with confidence.


The Negative Impact Of Homework Assignments

Negative impact of homework assignments

According to researchers at Stanford University, students often get stressed. One of the reasons behind it is the homework burden. According to a duke university psychologist, students fail in classrooms due to tremendous tension.

But, it is for all those students who dedicate more time to homework. Pliny- and oratory teacher asked students to practice public speaking. In addition, the “National Commission” on Excellence in Education published a report. The main subject is: ‘Nation at Risk with homework’.

Some of the impacts of homework on American students are:


Health Issues

Health Issues

Most homework bans are appreciated due to the mental and physical health problems of the students. According to the reports and some research papers, almost 56% of students regard homework as stress. Homework bans return the needed free time to students.


No Time To Play

No Time To Play

The anti-homework sentiment in many parents worked. Genuinely, students don’t get time to play due to homework. Such an invention can affect the natural function of the students. Children’s health is a major concern for many educators. Even medical professionals opposed homework.


Hindrance Growth And Development

Hindrance Growth And Development

Other concerned citizens pointed out the perspective of students’ growth and development. Rather, homework alone can create a stop in the physical growth of a child. After all, students, younger or older, are human beings. Extra stress will surely hinder proper growth and development.




Homework is having a long history. A more than a century, or even more. Homework improves the retention time of the students. The best part is students revisit what is taught in school and learn to study independently.

Modern education is assessing the proper utility of homework. Whether the time students spend doing homework is really worth it?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who created homework?

Roberto Nevilis- an Italian pedagog, is stated as the creator of homework. According to him, teachings lose essence as soon as the students get out of class. Also, students learn and acquire oratory skills with homework.

Why did he invent homework?

Some historians claim that he invented it in 1095. While others say, he invented it in 1905 before it spread in Europe and other parts of the world. It was aimed to give punishments to the students who underperform in the class. The students who are performing well in the class are not given homework.

Who invented math homework?

When you ask, ‘who invented homework?’ Online, one name comes on the list. Thus, the homework maker and math homework inventor are the same. Yes, he was Roberto Nevili.

When was homework invented?

There is a controversy about the actual date of homework invention. Also, one group of people says it was in 1095. Again another group says homework came into establishment in the year 1905.

Why do homework exist?

In the modern education system, homework help teachers to assess the knowledge of students and how well they understand in the classrooms. Homework offers another opportunity to students to revisit class materials and clear subject concepts. Moreover, parents can also review what children are learning in the class.  

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