Letter writing used to be a compulsion for all the students in their high school, college, and even university level. Teachers ask the students to write letters in several categories. Each type of writing has a specific format. Whether you are writing a formal or an informal letter for communication, vitality lies in adopting the correct composition.

 if your school teacher has asked you write a personal letter based on several research topics, Such as biology topics, life topics etc it is time for you to follow the personal letter format. 


The elements in a personal letter


Students suddenly getting a topic on ‘personal letter format‘ will keep on wondering about its contents. Following tips on the personal letter is worth following:

  • Sender’s full name and address
  • Recipient’s name in full with address
  • Salutation (Mr/ Miss/Mrs)
  • Subject line 
  • Introductory paragraph
  • The main body of the letter
  • Last paragraph for conclusion
  • Signing off note
  • Sender’s name ( preferably first name)

Personal letter templates

A template is a layout that will give you an idea of a document. Similarly, the personal letter templates are based on formats according to which you have to write the entire letter. The personal letter contains an informal form of communication. As a result, there is no such rule in the format. Yet, it is always good to follow a specific structure. Experts are there for the service if you want any help with assignments.

You can now get a variety of templates in your textbooks, reference books, etc. Moreover, these days, the internet and digital media provide you with all types of information. The visualization of the personal letter template is something that every student requires before attempting it.

Types of personal letters

Bonding with technology
Even personal letters have several types. It is always essential to have some ideas and textual notes about such categories of personal letters. 

Letter to a friend

A few years ago, there was a concept of a pen pal. That was the time when neither telephone nor internet was available. Two different people used to communicate through letters. None of them has seen one another before, yet they keep on communicating through letters.

Love letters

Two individuals in a relationship share their thoughts as well as feelings with the help of a letter. Such letters are personal, and two adults can share and keep each other informed about some events happening, etc. 

Get well soon letters

If someone in your family or among friends has been admitted to hospital due to some illness or a sudden accident, you must show your concern with the Get well soon letters and best wishes. It is a wonderful gesture that can boost the spirit of the person admitted,

Goodbye letter

These letters are for the individual who is either leaving the current city and switching over to another place for a good prospect. Some individuals deciding to move to a different country may receive a goodbye letter.

Thank you letter

You can write a personal letter to appreciate someone. Suppose you have received an invitation to a grand party or have received a lovely gift from your friend. This letter will make the sender happy.


Personal letter format example

Bonding with technology

Students writing personal letter for the first time need some samples and references. But, if you are among those who already have written such letters before, a personal letter format example is something they might not require. If you have learned it in your high school and now when you are in your college studies, the format might change. Also, the contents can change as the student has come to a higher level of education. 

It would help, as you always showed your completed assignment to your faculty or the professor to ensure that you are going on the right track. The experts in assignment help solutions too can guide you on personal letter format. The sample is stated above. Some colleges can also ask for online essay writing, you may contact the professional assignment herpes for that.


Personal business letter format


If you know that block style business letters, you won’t find it difficult to write a personal business letter. The only difference that lies in both the letters is the fact that in a personal business letter format you are writing to someone whom you already know. You can attach such letters in your email or even fax it to the authority. You must keep the tone of business letter formats in person neutral.

You may also add some professional touch to it.If you want to learn more about the character reference letter then I would suggest reading out the whole blog here.You must have an excellent interpersonal skill for a successful career. The informative blog on 10 Excellent Ways for Improving Your Interpersonal Skills can be useful for you.

Purpose of the personal letter

Every letter writing has a purpose; the personal letter is not an exception. Individuals write a personal letter to inform something such as Capstone project ideas, to share and also to keep in touch with the other individual. Individuals write a personal letter to inform something, to share and also to keep in touch with the other individual. A few years back, people preferred writing handwritten letters. Those were the days when no one would ask for the personal letter format handwritten, But today, you will find several formats online. The following can be some of the vital purposes:

For a reference

People need a reference letter for several purposes. For instance, you want to get admission in a good college, but no one knows you there in person. For instance, you want to get admission in a good college or you are currently searching for legit online jobs for college students, but no one knows you there in person. Thus, if someone can provide a reference through the personal letter reference format, your admission will be granted. 


You may write a complaint letter to an elder in your family or you’re senior at the office. It may be related to any situation or an event. It will also fall among the personal letters.


You can appreciate your friends, relatives, colleagues, and well-wishers for several reasons.You can praise anyone for his or her good deeds such as, providing you with top tips to write a good thesis defence, looks, extraordinary result in the final examination, etc..

How to write a Personal letter?

Some people have the impression that writing a personal letter is like child’s play. But, in reality, it might not be that easy if you follow the proper structure. Different individuals follow different ways of writing a Personal letter. But, following a standard format of a personal letter is vital. Some of the types include travel correspondence, holiday letters, letter com complaints, thanksgiving letters, etc. Meanwhile, if you want to acquire knowledge on the top 10 persuasive techniques, get it here. Following are the steps to write a proper personal letter format:

Step 1- Opening Salutations

The writer can find a good number of opening salutations while writing a personal letter. But, the use may vary with regards to the audience and the purpose. For example, writers can use ‘Dear’ for any type of situation and also connote any degree of intimacy among the writer and the reader. Some people also use Hi/Hello. Those are very casual approaches and can hardly be used in formal letters. Some of the examples of sign in note in personal letter writing are:

  • Dear Mr. Alan
  • Hi Simmy
  • Hello Mrs. Smith

Step 2- Paragraphs in body

In a personal letter writing format, you may use paragraphs according to your wish. But, while writing such letters, it is advisable to use three paragraphs, i.e., the Introductory paragraph, main para, and closing paragraph. In the first paragraph, you may ask about the readers’ health and share yours as well. The second paragraph is the letter’s main body, where you must discuss the actual purpose of the letter. In the end, the closing note will make the reader ready to accept the closure of the letter.

Step 3- Complimentary closing

In a personal letter format, the concluding texts come just before your signature. You can also get a variety of closing words and phrases. Also, the use of such terms denotes the extent of intimacy or distance between the writer and the reader. For example, if you use regards, it means the reader is close to your heart. Similarly, the terms like Sincerely cordially denote the distance between two people.

A personal letter format must include all the elements right from the heading till the complimentary closing. When writing a salutation, you may add a first name or surname. The format in writing letters is vital. You may use the full name and address in the heading, but remember to keep the tone informal. The examples of the personal letter formats are worth viewing before writing them in detail. 

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