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A rhetorical analysis thesis is a paper where the author defines a problem, analyzes it, makes an argument related to the topic, and then presents supporting solid evidence. It is academic writing about a specific art, speech, or literature piece.

Writing essays on rhetorical analysis topics requires students to dedicate their time to this task and plan how to complete it. However, most of them face the main challenge of selecting the subjects for their papers. Choosing the wrong rhetorical analysis essay topics can lead to struggles when writing the paper.

The first step is selecting the right topic for the paper. Understanding what is required to write a rhetorical paper can help you select topics. With this understanding, students can choose topics they won’t struggle to handle. Do not choose a topic that seems popular but not impressive. Find a rhetorical question that interests you and has good research opportunities.

Easy Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Give a rhetorical composition of varying religious texts
  2. Explain how ancient and modern use of stylistic devices vary
  3. Select language used by advertisers in poster and billboard advertising
  4. A Detailed Rhetorical Analysis of pop-culture Songs
  5. How Ted talks uses rhetorical devices to attract listeners
  6. Analyze the techniques used in a TV commercial
  7. Look at the techniques used in a social media post
  8. What are the persuasive strategies used in a celebrity endorsement
  9. Examine the rhetorical techniques used in a TED talk
  10. Examine the rhetorical devices used in a news headline

These are some of the easy rhetorical analysis topics to consider. 

Good Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Here are good topics for rhetorical analysis.

  1. A rhetorical analysis: Transgender speech by President Biden
  2. Rhetoric analysis: Logo colors of the Coca-Cola Company 
  3. A rhetorical analysis: An impactful orator’s speech
  4. How can you complement a text with a particular text’s organization
  5. How stereotyping can hamper the rhetorical devices’ effective use
  6. Explain the patterns of William Shakespeare’s diction
  7. How can you use syntax to reduce the data that detracts from an argument
  8. How authors or writers use ideas, phrases, and keywords to communicate the texts’ messages
  9. What impact does the author’s subjective or objective approach have on their work?
  10. Analyze the persuasive strategies used in Apple’s “Think Different” campaign

Choose from these rhetorical analysis ideas to write an interesting paper. 

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics For College Students

Here are some rhetorical analysis topics for essay that will help you write a research paper. 

  1. What is the current state of racism in the United States? Is it improving?
  2. Discuss how the American culture makes its way around the world.
  3. How has the internet changed the way we socialize?
  4. Why should there be checks and balances in all government entities?
  5. Analyze different genres of music and their listeners.
  6. What are the benefits of leadership?
  7. How is industrialization changing rural areas?
  8. How the authors use ethos, pathos, and logos in the work?
  9. Choose a piece of work and describe the target audience
  10. Rhetorical devices and their use in TV advertising

These rhetorical topics are relatively easy to write about. 

Also, know about Descriptive Essay Topics

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics High School

Here are some topics for rhetorical analysis essays. 

  1. The effective techniques used in a college application essay
  2. The techniques used in a personal essay or memoir
  3. The use of compelling techniques in a political campaign ad
  4. The use of humor in a TV show or movie
  5. The emotional appeal used in a charity or non-profit advertisement
  6. What type of rhetorical devices are used in a historical document
  7. The use of imagery and symbolism in a work of literature
  8. Rhetorical strategies used in a famous speech
  9. What rhetorical strategies are used in a popular YouTube video or podcast
  10. Differences in how men and women consume ad messages

These are some good topics to write a rhetorical analysis on if you are in high school.

Current Rhetorical Analysis Topics

Looking for the best rhetorical essay topics? Pick any of these ideas to write an essay. 

  1. Funeral messages- Evaluate the rhetorical devices the writers use
  2. Differentiate the messages from native speakers and other people
  3. A rhetorical analysis: Twitter messages by President Trump
  4. Analyze the compelling techniques that are used in speeches at the 2024 United Nations Climate Change Conference
  5. Analyze persuasive techniques used in the marketing campaigns of plant-based meat alternatives
  6. Analyze the persuasive strategies used in the messaging of the #MeToo movement
  7. Analyze the techniques that are used in the marketing of electric vehicles
  8. Examine the rhetorical devices used in speeches related to LGBTQ+ rights and equality
  9. Analyze the effective techniques used in the marketing of mental health awareness campaigns
  10. Examine the rhetorical techniques used in speeches related to income inequality and poverty

Know about Process Analysis Essay Topics

Interesting Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Analyze rhetorical that portray romance and love 
  2. How theme and plot can turn a work into a masterpiece
  3. How presenters can use rhetorical devices and how they impact their audiences
  4. What hinders monologues from attracting more audiences?
  5. How the author’s credibility affects how the audiences perceive their story
  6. A detailed rhetorical analysis of Britain and USA rhetoric devices
  7. How to determine whether a play uses suitable rhetorical devices
  8. How to identify any speech’s rhetorical richness
  9. A comparison of the inauguration speeches: President Obama and President Trump
  10. Which rhetorical devices can draw the audience’s attention to a writing style?

Rhetorical Analysis PaperTopics On Movies

  1. Analyzing rhetoric devices in Star Wars
  2. Rhetorical analysis essay on Man of Steel
  3. Wuthering Heights
  4. Rhetorical analysis of Romeo + Juliet
  5. Rhetorical analysis of Macbeth
  6. Manhattan Project
  7. WarGames
  8. The Phantom of the Opera
  9. A Streetcar Named Desire.
  10. The Titanic– A detailed rhetorical analysis

Speech Rhetorical Analysis Topics

  1. Analyze Sarah Kay’s speech, If I Should Have a Daughter
  2. Analyzing the Farewell Speech by President Obama
  3. Inspire Women to be Their Best– Analyze Rachel Hollis’ work
  4. A rhetorical analysis: We Shall Fight on the Beaches by Winston Churchill
  5. A Rhetorical Analysis of Any Given Sunday
  6. A Rhetorical Analysis of the Banquet Speech
  7. What were Queen Elizabeth’s intentions in her 1588 Spanish Armada speech?
  8. Rhetorical analysis: Huey Pierce Long’s speech Every Man a King
  9. A detailed analysis: A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf
  10. Analyzing the Finding Forrester speech

Rhetorical Topics on Fiction

You can choose a topic for a rhetorical analysis essay for fictional. 

  1. Rhetorical strategies: Ayn Rand implement in The Fountainhead?
  2. A Rhetorical Analysis: Dubliners by James Joyce
  3. Discuss the use of rhetoric features: Toni Morrison in Song of Solomon
  4. Analyze Ulysses by Lord Tennyson rhetorically
  5. A detailed rhetorical analysis: The Phantom of the Opera 
  6. Which rhetorical devices stand apart in The Evil Empire?
  7. The Lottery– Discuss the primary themes
  8. A rhetorical analysis: Wilson Rawls’ Where the Red Fern Grows
  9. Discuss the primary themes: The White Heron vs. Death of a Salesman
  10. Which rhetorical devices can make The Crucible by Arthur Miller stand out?

Consider some of these ideas when looking for topics for your rhetorical essay.

Funny Rhetorical Analysis Paper Topics

Choose a rhetorical analysis essay topic. 

  1. Why writing any work is a purely individual matter
  2. How necessary are spots pants for men?
  3. The cat starts fighting first
  4. How rich vegetables are during summer
  5. How do bees make honey?
  6. Why do the birds fly southward
  7. How sources and ways of a plan are diverse
  8. How to care for the street puppy
  9. How the bears survive in the zoo
  10. Do humans pay attention to animals?

These are some of the topics to consider for your essay.

Visual Topics For Rhetorical Analysis Essay

  1. Rhetorical analysis of culture and arts
  2. Examine the effects of slow motion in movies
  3. How creative ads use symbolism
  4. How food ads portray people
  5. How TV campaigns use texts
  6. What are the impacts of yellow journalism?
  7. How Hollywood movie producers use visual arts
  8. Social class and art
  9. Rhetoric features on magazine covers
  10. The effects of soundtracks in film

Non-Fictional Rhetorical Analysis Topics

  1. A Detailed Rhetorical Analysis: Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies
  2. A Rhetorical Analysis: Sermons by Jonathan Edwards
  3. A Rhetorical Analysis of Success Strategies
  4. Analyze William Kingdon’s work, The Ethics of Belief
  5. Evaluate Richard G. Wilkinson and Kate Picket’s work, The Spirit Level
  6. Analyzing Joseph Stiglitz’s The Price of Inequality
  7. A rhetorical analysis: Thomas H. Bender’s A Nation Among Nations

Bonus Topics in Rhetorical Analysis

  1. Do college athletes deserve payments?
  2. Should self-driving vehicles be legal?
  3. Should abortion be legal?
  4. Should clubs be allowed in learning institutions?
  5. Is the data that people disclose to Facebook private?
  6. How does social media facilitate globalization?
  7. Should the government legalize gun ownership?
  8. How effective is automatic voter registration?
  9. Is sports segregation by gender necessary?
  10. Are the automated systems safe?
  11. Should sex work be legal?
  12. Should the government legalize assisted suicide?
  13. How legal is the death penalty?
  14. How safe are coronavirus vaccines?
  15. Are clergypersons supposed to marry?
  16. How necessary is college?
  17. How essential are school uniforms?
  18. What are the issues to worry about regarding people’s health and GMOs?
  19. Should religious organizations pay taxes?
  20. How economical are monopolies?

How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Know how to write rhetorical  analysis essays

You need sufficient information to analyze and write a good rhetorical analysis paper. It teaches the learner analysis skills and also improves their thinking. This requires you to think critically when performing an analysis.

This can be challenging for many students because it requires evaluating the original content’s purpose. The writer must know how to evaluate the language. Some analytical papers or essays may differ in terms of their analysis objects. For example, the educator can ask you to analyze a book, a movie, or a situation. However, the structure will be the same, while the context can differ.

You should understand the target audience and the subject matter to write a good paper. The paper is not a reflective or narrative piece of writing, although your opinion matters. Here are step-by-step guidelines you can follow:

1. Analyze the text

Reading and analyzing the text is the first step in writing a rhetorical analysis. 

2. Organize your analysis

After the analysis, organize your thoughts by drafting a rhetorical analysis essay outline or structure.

3. Write your analysis

Now, you can start writing your analysis. 

Remember, the rhetorical analysis introduction should be catchy so the audience can read. The rhetorical analysis conclusion should summarize what you said in the paper while leaving a lasting impression on your readers.

If you want to improve the quality and effectiveness of your rhetorical analysis, here are some steps you can follow. 

  • Re-read the text
  • Identify the author’s purpose
  • Analyzing and understanding the rhetorical situation
  • Identify the rhetorical techniques used 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the techniques
  • Revise and edit
  • Get feedback

Know about Evaluation Essay Topics

How To Choose The Right Rhetorical Analysis Topic That Interests Readers

Choose the right rhetorical analysis topics<br />

Here are considerations for selecting your topics.

1. Look for freshness

You must find a suitable topic that interests the readers. The educator might come across a list of rhetorical analysis essays. So, choose the best rhetorical analysis topics to impress them. 

2. Objectives

Choosing rhetorical analysis topics helps you prove to the educator that you have critical thinking abilities.

3. Brainstorm ideas

Look for as many rhetorical ideas as you can. The internet has a rhetorical analysis topics list. Pick a topic suitable for the paper. 

4. Choose topics

Writing your essay requires the best ideas that are appealing, and you are comfortable writing. 

5. Research

Finding relevant research is essential in selecting a topic for your rhetorical paper.


Writing a rhetorical paper can be challenging, so it is suggested that you hire a professional essay writing service provider. If you are still struggling with rhetorical essay writing, don’t worry. Assignments4U has professional writers who can write rhetorical essays for you.  Moreover these professional writers can also help you with college essay topics to avoid if you need help.

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