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What are the basic type of research papers? How to write them? A research paper is the most challenging and complex project. Its objective is to evaluate the knowledge you’ve learned.

This is useful if you wish to write academic papers in various business and education fields. There are different types of research papers, each requiring different research materials.

Writing such a paper requires demonstrating a solid knowledge of your papers. One is necessary for every discipline, especially if you want to pursue a doctoral degree in that subject.

You can attain academic achievement and the most outstanding scores using help with assignment.

What Is A Research Paper?

The image shows a student searching facts for his research paper

A research paper is the result of a lengthy process that includes investigation, critical thinking, source evaluation, structuring, and editing, considers the research paper is a living creature that develops and changes as the student examines, interprets, and assesses the materials pertinent to a specific topic and present a controversial issue in the one paper. 

A research paper would become a writing skill without the assistance of and interaction with these sources. Research paper types are not merely opinion pieces. In addition to contributing to the field in which it is written, the research paper offers the student a rare chance to deepen her understanding of it. 

Nevertheless, you must ensure that your research paper’s topic is not so well known that it is challenging to discover information on it.

Top Research Paper types

The image shows top research paper types

There are different types of research papers. Therefore choosing the right one is an important responsibility. Always remember your research paper themes, procedures, and supporting data analysis techniques while selecting the best established theoretical framework for an academic paper.

There are fundamentally two types of research papers, even though their assignments can vary greatly. These are analytical and argumentative.

  • Argumentative research papers

In a thesis statement for an argumentative paper, students identify the subject they will be studying and the point of view they will defend. This work aims to persuade the reader to accept the argument presented.

A robust argumentative paper presents logical facts from both sides of an issue in the body of the text. It analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of each position in the conclusion of one paper. In the argumentative research paper, the confounding aspect is when the author is expected to support one side over the other on the subject, the research and findings must be objective and factual and cover both sides of the debate.

This is beneficial if you wish to write your research paper. Describes a particular experiment in detail with your perspective.

Adopting the proper composition is crucial whether you are writing a formal, informal, or personal letter format.

  • Analytical research paper

A topic for an analytical research paper is frequently stated as a question, with the writer taking an initially neutral viewpoint. The analytical research paper body will present various materials, and the writer will then state their conclusion based on the details that have emerged during the writing process.

Analysis of facts, events, problems, and ideas is the implication of an analytical research paper. In this, the researcher first presents many viewpoints on the study subject, analyzes each viewpoint by gathering pertinent supporting data from numerous other researchers, and then comes to a conclusion.

The researcher must maintain objectivity throughout the analytical investigation; the report paper should not support one position while opposing another.

You need to be aware of additional different types of research papers.

  • Cause and Effect Papers

The image show cause and effect papers written on blackboard

The research paper type that high school and college students typically encounter is cause and effect studies. By tracing the expected or predicted outcomes from a particular behavior, they answer the fundamental questions “Why?” and “What?” which reflect effect papers and make a personal conclusion about the topic in this type of research paper.

Cause and effect papers will assist in tracing a particular outcome that might occur from a specific action or circumstance in the business and education fields. Teach students to Persuade the reader of any particular action of thinking with suitable examples to reflect effects and causes papers.

Make sure to sufficiently describe the paper on both sides, analyze their different viewpoints, and explain a specific outcome or phenomenon with certain actions in the Cause and effect papers type of research papers.

How to write a claim? Don’t claim something that isn’t true. Focusing on sentences that you can substantiate will be preferable. It is advisable to create a plan before taking action. You must proceed with relevant supporting evidence and objective arguments.

  • Interpretative Paper

When writing an interpretative thesis, you must use the information you obtained from a particular case study, such as a legal situation in law studies. Write a paper supported with logical facts and statistical data on an accurate theoretical framework to support your claim and conclusion in an interpretative paper. You must compose the paper based on facts or arguments without expressing personal emotion or opinion with this type of research papers. Take some time to read our blog on genre conventions. 

  • Experimental research paper

When writing an experimental research paper, the researcher must completely detail the experimental procedure. Here, the researcher does the particular experiment, offers insightful observations, displays the relevant data, and draws a conclusion about a particular case study.

Typically, these type of research papers is written for sociology, psychology, physics, chemistry, and biology. The researcher must describe his experiment in this research report and provide supporting data findings and experimental analyses to explain an inevitable outcome.

Compile the First Draft of the article, summarize the findings, and Collect relevant data from other scholars to examine their points of view.

One of the most crucial aspects of earning your degree is selecting the appropriate capstone project ideas. For students in their last semester, a capstone project is a prerequisite for their final project.

  • Definition paper

The image shows a search definition for definition paper

DEFINITION PAPER is self-explanatory. They present information about the objective arguments, usually without regard to the author’s feelings or opinion. The facts in the definition research paper will come from various sources, but they won’t be examined and will merely be the raw data from other researchers’ findings in this type of research papers.

While some students, particularly those who want to debate topics from their point of view, may find it challenging to produce a definition paper, a firm definition paper can serve as a practical informational foundation for other argumentative or analytical research papers on the same subject. Make sure to describe both sides in the paper sufficiently.

  • Survey research paper

The researcher must conduct the research, interpret the data, trace probable or expected results, and conclude this survey research paper. In this survey, participants are questioned as part of the process. This examines conduct under various circumstances in various types of research projects. 

Also, go through the interesting blog on who invented school.

  • Compare and contrast papers

The contrast paper compares two writers or works from the same genre. The contrast papers analyze the difference between the two viewpoints. It Contrast Paper Compare the ideas of two philosophical systems, and even in business studies to contrast, for example, several leadership philosophies in various types of research articles.

 A compare and contrast essay’s key feature is that, while both components must be briefly presented, its primary body will consist of examples the author uses to compare and contrast two ideas to prove a point in this types of research report.

Using controversial topics for teenagers interests kids and gets them invested in the discussion.

Debates on controversial issue help people become more confident in front of an audience and increase their vocabulary in this type of research papers.

Critical Elements of a Research Paper

The image shows critical elements of a research paper

The type of papers to write the effect research paper is based on an established theoretical framework.


An abstract is a brief description that captures the core of your content. Type of research papers here summary of the essay topic is often provided to write at most 100 words.


It gives a history of the study’s methodology and findings of its topic and type of research papers. It is a crucial component of every article, essay, or research paper.

Literature Review

A quick review typically comprises one or two paragraphs and may be titled separately or incorporated into the introduction.

Finding any research gaps or prospective future extensions is frequently the final step in the literature evaluation.


Typically, the researcher’s proposed process or product serves as the objective.

Remember that the goal should be crystal clear.

Proposed Methodology

The recommended technique describes the steps you plan to take.

Or the brand-new product that will be made using that process.


Trace probable observations made by applying the suggested methods, and your research is outlined in this section as what research paper purpose.

Make your observations highly appealing by incorporating the knowledge you have gained from your investigation.

Interpretation Results

The results that were seen are interpreted in this section.

The conclusion is combined with the interpretation of a particular point of view. It is possible to separate the interpretation from the conclusion if it is essential in this type of research papers.


It describes what you learned from the particular topic experiment you conducted, such as a paper analyzing the expected results. It also offers some personal conclusion observations, injecting your perspective into all type of research papers.


Its only purpose is to find the research’s shortcomings or to combine one technique with another that yields different viewpoints from different researchers.

The references section of the research papers is crucial because to calculate the net effect, and you must look at one of the earlier studies.

As a result, it’s vital to cite the types of scientific paper in your paper whenever it makes sense.

A research paper is more than just a thorough analysis of a subject using primary and secondary sources.

The only purpose of a research paper is not simply to educate the reader about what others have said about a subject but rather to wisely utilize that collect relevant data and interact with the sources to offer a unique perspective on the issue at hand to assess your writing skills. 

How to write a short essay? The structure of a brief essay is relatively easy. In a brief essay, only one argument or point is made in paragraph form, usually with at least two sentences.


Different research paper types’ various formats and genres can initially seem intimidating. As you progress through this course, you’ll understand the critical distinctions between these paper types and how to structure your research papers to best present expert knowledge. With these, you can write research papers of any type without effort.

The next step is to go for peer review. Learn how to write a peer review if you are somehow given a task to review one!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 types of academic papers?

There are a few different styles of research papers used in academia. Do several examples include the following:

  • Definitive Research Paper 
  • Cause and Effect Research Paper 
  • Interpretative Paper
  • Experimental Research  Paper
  • Persuasive Research Paper

What are the 8 parts of the research paper?

A research paper has eight main parts:

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature review
  4. Research Methodology
  5. Data analysis
  6. Results
  7. Conclusion
  8. Reference page

What are the types of research papers?

Types of research papers

  • Analytical Research Paper.
  • Argumentative (Persuasive) Research Paper.
  • Definition Paper. 
  • Compare and Contrast Paper. 
  • Cause and Effect Paper. 
  • Interpretative Paper. 
  • Experimental Research Paper. 
  • Survey Research Paper.

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