When two or more consonant sounds in neighboring words or syllables are repeated, it’s alliteration. These repeated sounding words can be used in phrases or sentences. Alliteration is not used with the vowels. In simple words, what is alliteration? When two or more set of words start with the same sound or are used repeatedly in a phrase or sentence.

The repeated sounds create alliteration, not the letters. That means “coca-cola” is alteration, not the “thirsty typist.” The reason is “th” and “ty” sounds in the latter phrase are not similar. So alliteration is a type of repetition – the repetition of sound.  

However, the words that begin with the same don’t really mean to be considered as alliteration. There is no rule how many words apart they can be, but you can figure out the alliteration by reading the piece of text loudly. The alliteration sound will tickle your ears!

One more example of the alliteration can be, “the group sang sweetly.” Alliteration is also known as head rhyme or initial rhyme. 

Some Key Points About Alliteration

Now you understand the meaning of alliteration, let us now discuss some of the key points of the alliteration.

  • How to pronounce alliteration? It is – uh·li·tuh·ray·shn”
  • Alliteration impacts poetry significantly, so it is referred to as head rhyme or initial rhyme when used in poetic texts.
  • The origin of the word alliteration is the Latin word “littera,” which means the letters of an alphabet.
  • Alliteration is used in various languages worldwide like German, French, Mongolian, Arabic, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, and even American sign language use alliteration.
  • According to some experts, alliteration can also be the repetition of vowels sounds or letters at the end of words.

Alliteration is the part of the consonance, the broader literary device used to refer to a depletion of certain in any part of the specific word. However, alliteration can be easily detected in the consonance where the consonant sound is repeated and present in the stressed syllable. The best tips to Improve Your Narrative Writing Skills!


Examples Of Alliteration

Examples Of Alliteration

Round the river, the rowdy rag picker ran! This is an example of alliteration used in a sentence. You can easily detect that the first letter of every word, “R,” has a similar sound. So we can say that alliteration is used in the given sentence. You may be wondering about going through more examples of alliteration. Read on to find more interesting examples.

The best way to detect an alliteration in a text is to pronounce it loud and clear. The set of words have the same beginning consonant sounds in the example given above. In fact, alliteration need not start with the same set of letters. They can start with a set of different words that sound similar. That implies alliterative phrases can be both similar and different sets of words.

One more good example of the alliteration in a sentence can be:  

Kindly keep the cat from scratching the couch! The words Kindly, Keep, Cat, and Couch have similar consonant sounds in this sentence. So we can say this sentence has the four alliterative devices present.

If you are still wondering, what is alliteration in a sentence? Like to go through more examples, so here we go! We have given some more good examples of alliteration here:

  • Kate’s kid kept shouting like crazy.
  • Liza’s lizard likes to lounge on the lamp.
  • Michelle made great music on his microphone.
  • Peter’s piglet was pouncing priggishly.
  • Sister Susie’s sewing socks.

Some More Examples of Alliteration in Sentences

  • He was irritated by Justin’s jokes. He’s not funny and loves to prank.
  • Lisa brought fancy flowers to Suzie’s birthday party.
  • When things get tough, don’t stop but be bold and move ahead.
  •  I feel like making melodies in my heart.
  • Do dare to redefine your life in a style.

Now, you have gone through some more interesting examples of alliteration. Let’s now move on to the use of alliteration in brand names. Also, explore who invented homework.

Use of Alliteration in Brand Names

Alliteration provides an exciting effect to words in a sentence. That’s the reason alliteration is usually used on writing copy marketing content, and brands also use them in their names. Let’s see some famous brand names that used alliteration.

  • Coca Cola
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • Best Buy
  • Park Place
  • PayPal
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Lulu Lemon

The main reason to use alliteration in the brand names is to make them memorable. The human brain quickly remembers similar names or has the rhyming effect in texts. That helps companies create more impact with the rhyming brand names on people. Explore the amazing techniques of communication!


Why Do We Use Alliteration?

Why Do We Use Alliteration?
You must have got some clue now why do we use alliteration? The use of alliteration makes our sentences more interesting and engaging to read. When writing engages your readers, they tend to pay more attention and remember what you want to convey to them.

Alliteration offers rhythm and music to your words; that’s the reason poets have been using it for ages and continuing using it. It helps their poem to keep moving and provides the much-needed pace that motivates readers to keep reading. There was a time when alliteration was used immensely in everyday work. 

Moreover, advertisers and musicians always use alliteration in their work. The reasons are obvious; the sentences and phrases sound more playful and easier to memorize utilizing alliteration. That’s why some of the commercial lines or song lyrics are stuck in your mind!

Alliteration is also used to express a particular emotion to the reader or listener. The use of alliteration in a soft and smooth song provides you with peace and calmness. At the same time, harsh and loud sounds can irritate you. Besides that, many leaders have delivered powerful speeches in history using alliteration.   

Learn To Write Alliterations 

You can use alliteration anywhere; it is a technique to make your texts or sentences more interesting. In written text, we can usually find alliteration in poems and sayings. An alliteration is a creative tool for the children to use their imagination and write something interesting and engaging. This will motivate them to write more when they see how playful their written content has become.

Alliteration offers an excellent opportunity to accentuate ideas and names and make them memorable. There are different ways to use alliteration depending on where the repeated sound is.

  • Make a mountain out of a molehill.
  • Mat met Mike at the Moor.

In the examples given above, the repeated sound “M” is in the first letter of the words. However, alliteration can also be achieved using it in the first syllable as given below:

  • Busy buzzing, the bee behaved beautifully.

In this example, you can find the two types of alliteration in the same sentence. However, all begin with “B” but have two sounds, “bu” and “be.”

Last Few Words

We hope you now understand what is alliteration and how to identify it in a sentence. The use of alliteration offers a beautiful opportunity to the writers, poets, marketers, and companies to impact people’s minds. Moreover, it creates the overall content more interesting and engaging for the readers. If you need help to create customized content using alliteration, visit assignments4u.com. The leading platform offers high-quality content to school and university students at affordable rates.

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