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Do you have confusion about externship vs. internship? Most college students have heard these two terms often. But, very few people have perfect clarity about both internships. But don’t worry; this blog will explain everything in detail.

These days, only academic qualifications with theory knowledge may not help. If you want to get a job just after completing your degree, you need to have some practical knowledge. It is the point when you need an internship vs externship. Both programs help a student or an individual to add the skill set. But what exactly does both terms mean? Let’s find it out below:

What is an internship?

An internship is a program that offers a practical experience to students in a company or a firm. It is a short-term role that provides the opportunity to boost expertise and skills. Another word for an internship is apprenticeship training. Once you are taken for an internship, you also get college credit. You can now get internships in a variety of career options. For example, you will get practical training in the field of technology. Also, it is possible to get hands-on experience in the areas like education, business, etc,

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What’s an externship for college students?

In an externship, students can connect their career interests to the workplace. It is where the students get first hand experience in each career field. You will also know how the industry operates like the industry professionals. The college can arrange the externship, or the student can do it alone. Usually, the externships are short-term. But, the graduate programs like law firms, etc., set the long-term externship program. It is pretty similar to job shadowing.

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How are both internships and externships similar?

  • Both the internships and externships are for college-goers and high school students.
  • Also, these two are similar to an apprentice program
  • Students or participants get the opportunity to learn new skills
  • You get the chance to learn everything that matches your career interests.
  • Both offer the short-term job experience of about 6 – 9 months before they work with an industry professional.
  • You can also get the programs during and after the school semester.

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What is the difference between internships and externships?

What is the difference between internships and externships?

Do you want to know the difference between externship and internship? Both internship and externship has differences as well as similarities. Let us discuss some of the dissimilarities.


Usually, internships has longer duration as compared to externships. The duration of a training will be from 3 months to 9 months. But, the apprenticeship can be much shorter and have a minimum duration of a single day. Whether you are among nursing students or enrolled in a business management course, the time will be more or less the same.


A student pursuing a degree program can be offered an internship. Sometimes, the college arranges for training just after completing the degree course.

Thus, they have proper subject knowledge. Also, they are almost ready for fulltime employment. But, current college students can be a part of an externship. The graduate school offers externship opportunities.


One visible difference between the internship and the externship student is the pay. Unlike internships, the students pursuing externships are unpaid. But, the exact amount depends on the approval of the internship coordinator. Even the students taking up summer internships get paid.

College credit

Students are invariably bothered to get college credits. If you are pursuing the internship, there will be a good chance of getting such an opportunity. You can now get such programs in several career fields. But, students with externships may not receive college credit.

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Internship and externship with job shadowing

It has been understood that the externship is the preliminary stage of the career journey. To be more specific, it is the step before the internship program. Students can take advantage of the career journey if they complete an externship. Getting academic credit is also going to be easy with a job offer.

What is an extern vs intern?

What is an extern vs intern?

It is a fact that most externships are unpaid. Also, they rarely get academic credit. It is another significant distinction between externships and internships.

Although the student works on-site, they are still merely observing the professional or group of professionals; they are not given tasks and projects to complete, as they would in an internship.

The critical distinction between an externship and an internship is that. In contrast, internships transition from student life to the working world; externships are primarily used to explore hobbies and curiosities. Thus, here is the facts for intern vs extern.

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What is the difference between an intern and extern?

The internship synonym can be stated as an apprenticeship. training. Also, the internships definition is clear from the above-written facts.

Internships and externships provide many advantages and opportunities. Before exploring options, be sure to know what you’ll gain from a practicum or internship.

Interns assume professional duties and acquire practical knowledge. Externs, on the other hand, often observe a professional without performing any job-related responsibilities. An internship can last as little as one day, unlike an internship, which acts more like an entry-level position.

Externships and internships can both advance your career. In actuality, the company where an intern interned will give them a job roughly 70% of the time.

An externship can never aid professionals in choosing a course of study or career route to pursue, even if it typically offers a less direct road to a job offer.

Will an externship result in employment?

Not always, but possibly! The same is essentially true with internships. However, there are no assurances; many of the firms that the school partners with hire externs because they need staff. They view externships as lengthy interviews, and you should too. Utilize this chance the most because if a potential employer likes what they see, they might find a way to retain you on staff after you graduate. Externships are the final six weeks of most of our programs because of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an extern do?

Externs typically conduct a lot of job shadowing and occasionally work on little projects. Externships give students a unique chance to apply what they’ve learned in a real-world workplace setting and provide them with an opportunity to decide if the area they are interested in is a good fit.

Are Externships usually paid?

No, usually, the externships are not paid. It is not deemed as employment. Also, you don’t get academic credit with the externship program. It is a short-term experience where students are offered exposure, like an internship experience.

What do you mean by externship?

Externships are opportunities for experiential learning offered via collaborations between educational institutions and businesses. It gives students real-world experience in their field of study.

In the medical field, it might be used to describe a guest doctor. Here, he is not a regular employee. It typically refers to demanding legal work assignments completed by law students for academic credit.

Also, it is comparable to that of a junior attorney. It is a combination of English and Latin externus. Thus, you can now get a clear externship meaning.

How can I maximize my externship?

Treat the experience as if you were reporting for duty every day, whether it be a six-week externship through the Carrington program or a six-month internship somewhere else. Be professional, on time, engaged, and focused throughout the day. To the best of your ability, be respectful, ask questions, and remember that you are there to learn. You’ll look great if you do it!

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