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Are you thinking of missing school? Looking for good excuses to miss school? Do you want to miss class and dedicate the same time somewhere else? You probably need to provide a good excuse. Some reasons are genuine when students miss class for family emergencies. But, some excuses were simply presented to skip class. Do you know that missing class is not new? Instead, it is an age-old practice as students always wish to stay away from their studies. It might not be for all the students. But, the count is more significant than the ones who want to study. Let us find some good excuse to miss school.

What are the Good Excuses to Miss School?
Several factors prevent you from attending school. The truth is usually too unbelievable. Thus, people don’t take it seriously as an excuse!

Here are some excellent explanations to make when you are out of options. Also, you will get some poor ones that you should stay away from. In addition, remember that, even though some of your excuses may be valid, how you present them will largely determine whether or not you get away with it.

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Usually, we’d prefer to stay away from sick individuals. In crowded areas, contagious illnesses like the cold or flu are easily shared. School administrators would undoubtedly be concerned if you missed a day or two of class, depending on the severity.

Use caution when using fabricated illnesses that may exempt you from class for longer than a week. Teachers and classmates might pay you a surprise visit at home. Additionally, you don’t want your friends to worry if word spreads. It can be one of the excellent excuses for not going to school.

Application format

Following is the application format you must adopt during illness.

Dear Sir or Madam,

My symptoms indicate that I am (ill), and I do not want to spread it to my classmates. Please excuse me until I feel better.

I’m requesting your kind consideration.

A visit to the dentist or doctor

A visit to the dentist or doctor

Most of the time, medical appointments are sometimes fully booked for weeks. Since your teachers had to utilize it at least once when they were students, it is, therefore, one of the best justifications you can provide them.

While dentist appointments can vary, they typically occur twice a year. To seem more credible, you should submit this at least two days before you intend to skip. However, it would help if you didn’t do this frequently because they can be suspicious and ask for detailed information about your sessions.

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Application Letter Format

My scheduled doctor’s or dentist’s appointment is tomorrow, sir or ma’am. Permit me to be dismissed, please.

family crisis

family crisis
Sometimes the most tragic explanations work best. It is nothing but a family emergency. No matter your circumstances, you will inevitably need to excuse yourself. It is an unexpected terrible event.

A common and occasionally overused justification is a family emergency. But, if you are honest, you will gain. It might merely be a little emergency.

For example, your family member is suffering from a headache. It could be severe. In such a case, you may call friends and family for help. That too in an extreme situation.

Application Letter


I had a family emergency at home, so I need to leave immediately. Thus,  I request your kind self to allow the leave.

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Holiday With Family

Holiday With Family

Many parents prefer to carry their children on vacations during the school year. If the parents contact the school officials, this excuse can be used with the administration. Parents often explain these holidays as once-in-a-lifetime events, and they say that the holidays help to enrich the life of the student. If your family plans a trip of this nature, you can use it as a good excuse for school.

Personal Motives

Sometimes you might give personal reasons for your absence instead of using the justifications of being ill or traveling. Perhaps your family is in disarray because your parents are divorcing. You can be excused from missing class in this situation. If you are a college student going through a terrible breakup or another event emotionally affecting your life, you can use personal reasons as an excuse.

Came late from office

You might even claim that you arrived home late from work as an excuse for skipping school. This justification works best for students who have part-time jobs. This could be advantageous if, for example, you arrived late from a party.

Mental health day

Though it is essential to keep mental health balanced, some individuals take advantage of it. One of the excuses to not go to school or not attend the lecture can be taking a mental health day. Now, it has become a law to allow a student a leave when they want some stress relief.


Traffic snarls frequently occur. Every one of us has encountered a few traffic jams in our lifetime. This situation can be used as an excuse to skip class because it is related. Let your lecturer know that you are backed up in traffic and that there are no other options, so you will have to miss class. Also, if you are traveling in your own car, you can have car troubles. It is good to get some good excuses to miss class.

But, most of the time, it is a real cause. Sometimes the roads are so congested that the general public hardly gets the scope to move swiftly. It is more observed when an individual is traveling in a bus. Thus, they fail to attend school. In some cases, it is a legitimate excuse.

Sample Application Format

“Sir/Ma’am, I’ve spent the last hour sitting in traffic. I’ve tried a different way to get to school, but in vain.

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Food poisoning

Food poisoning

Individuals often become anxious when health is involved; this is a popular favorite. This justification can only be used a few times. But, one should be highly practical and effective.

If you get food poisoning, it will be tough. You won’t be able to attend class. But, it will be legitimate if you see any doctor. Also, the doctor’s note will be practical when you state the reason. Food poisoning is indeed an excellent excuse to skip school.

How frequently does food poisoning occur? When using this defense, be prepared to provide specifics like what you ate, when, and where you ate it (maybe at a particular restaurant).

Jury duty

Jury duty

Did you know that jury duty is one of the obligations of US citizens? Individuals who get a summon from the court must attend the hearing. It is mandatory. Now, it can be for several reasons. Maybe the student has a property case in court or any divorce case for separation between their mother and father. College students in America often get such circumstances. In such cases, students have no more options but rather skip class. To help you find a good reason to skip your school we have created a useful video which you can see after you click here.


Bad weather

Bad weather

Bad weather is probably one of the legitimate causes behind the excuses for missing school. For example, if your area has heavy rainfall, it will be tough for you to visit your college or school. It is one of the unforeseen circumstances which the students can face. Sometimes, there can be a thunderstorm and waterlogging. Even the school bus cannot pick you up in such terrible weather conditions. In such a case, it will be a genuine cause.

Accident of a relative

Nobody can foresee accidents. Nobody desires to be involved in or even come across a fatal accident. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to utilize this defense nowadays, when car accidents are commonplace, given that a crash might be the newest news simply because people are speculating about it. It might even persuade your lecturer to get in touch with you so that they can give you a more detailed explanation of the updates.

It would be helpful if you informed your professor about any tiny mishaps, such as when your sibling unintentionally swallowed a pebble while playing or your father slipped and hard smacked his hips.


A Family member passes away.

A Family member passes away.

It may be terrible to have to excuse oneself due to a death in the family, but occasionally, it is necessary. Death is sudden, inevitable, and tragic. It is the reason you should only use this just as the last option.

It would be highly possible that your professor would be forgiving if your grandmother or grandfather had died unexpectedly or even after an extended hospital stay. Nobody ever has an easy time getting through the grieving process. Furthermore, they won’t even be able to detect the falsehood.

No Means of transport

Finding a means of transportation can be extremely difficult, especially if you don’t have a car. One would have to use any available mode of transportation, such as a bus, rail, or car. Nothing in life is inevitable, and unforeseen events happen, including transportation modes. You cannot be responsible if a bus breaks down or train drivers go on strike. Your professor would be sympathetic to your situation if you didn’t live close by—especially if you do.

If you plan to utilize this justification, give it a hundred times thought before you decide. However, you shouldn’t be concerned about using this because a relative has passed away. Your professor will undoubtedly support you in any way possible to help you get through this. Remember, nevertheless, not to become complacent about it after a while. Keep in mind that they will comprehend you and that you can communicate with them.

Theft on road

Theft on road

The excuse is one of the worst yet most logical justifications. Your professor might easily picture a scenario where you were the victim of criminals who fled after taking everything from you. Using this as an excuse could be terrifying because it could happen, so do so at your own risk!

Make sure you have a solid and credible tale ready if you intend to inform your professor that your absence was caused by theft. You may even claim that the criminals left you with nothing because all your money was gone. Avoid making purchases and sharing them on social media if this is the case. Do not forget to keep away your jewelry.


Allergic reaction

Allergic reaction

Most people have a food allergy, whether it be to peanuts, soy, milk, fish, shrimp, etc. Therefore, no one should be surprised if a student calls in due to an allergic response. Use caution if you claim to be allergic to something because the lecturer will never accept your justifications, whether real or not. Additionally, learn more about allergic responses by, at the very least, learning what an EpiPen is.

“Sir/Ma’am, I am in the hospital after having an allergic reaction to soy. Thus I will not be able to come in today.”


Some Lame excuses to miss class

Some Lame excuses to miss class

After you have gone through the genuine excuses it is also essential to know the facts which are not legitimate. Let us get some ideas for those excuses.

A newborn baby in the family

Your presence at the time of childbirth was utterly superfluous, excepting the possibility that you were the one who gave birth and the possibility that there was a problem with the parents. Baby care is the responsibility of the parents, and a child should have initial interactions with their parents. Technically speaking, you are not someone who is needed right now.

The dog wasn’t sleeping, and the cats were howling nonstop

Technically, this is your issue. Your professor is not responsible for your pet dog or cat.

When you leave for class, your pet can nap. It should not be held responsible for anything it cannot grasp because it is unaware of human beings’ social obligations.

I misplaced my phone at the party

You are not required to use a phone to attend class. You survived without a phone for a long time before you acquired one; surely you can do it again, and a new one may be purchased.

Simply put, your lecturer will inform you of this. Furthermore, it would help if you had been more careful with your belongings because you knew that you were attending a party. It’s not as if you require a locker for your belongings or anything.

Aching feet

Unless you feel terrible or incapacitating pain, having aching feet should not prevent you from attending class. Remember that you paid for the lesson, so do not squander it. Your lecturers won’t begrudge you for having painful feet.


Even though some people get headaches every hour, they nevertheless attend class. You can purchase your medication at the closest drugstore if you suffer from an intense migraine. Your teacher might give you the medicine if you use this as an excuse to skip class.


Because there are now many different types of alarms available, this is not an acceptable defense. You can ask someone to wake you up, use your phone, a conventional alarm clock, or both. The primary line is that you should never give your professor or teacher this explanation. Regardless of how true it may be, they won’t excuse your absence based on this justification.

Some unusual reasons

Some unusual reasons

These are totally out of the box. Some people don’t even know that these can be excuses for avoiding school work. Rather, you can say those are the best excuses.

Getting bullied at school

Speak to your parents or close family members if you are experiencing bullying at school. Describe how difficult it has been for you to attend school due to the bullying, and request permission to skip a day or two of class until things settle down. Its time to get school excuses.

A standard error among students is to keep quiet regarding bullying. You might be concerned that talking about it would make things worse, make you look weak, or label you a “rat.” Nothing will get better if you don’t take action to stop bullying, and one of the best methods to stop bullying as a teenager is to seek your parents, teachers, and other adults for assistance.

Miss the bus

Missing the bus might be intentional or an accident. In either case, you might not make it to school if you miss the bus and your parents have to leave early for work or don’t have time to pick you up to bring you to school. It can be one of the excuses for missing school.

As the bus departs, arrive at the bus stop. You don’t want your skipping bus strategy to be too simple. However, if you miss the bus, you should have enough time to walk home from the bus stop. If you’re lucky, when you come home, your parents won’t have time to drive you to school.

Tell your parents it’s too late to ask them to come back if they are out and about when you miss the bus.

Technical problems on PC

Not every class meets in a traditional classroom. Sometimes professors will opt to hold the lesson online because they are lazy. You can take advantage of the lecturer’s incapacity to rise from bed and arrive in the classroom. Explain to your trainer that you will be having computer issues. You can offer any suitable justification, such as your computer just shut off, it dropped and the screen shattered, or your computer’s motherboard fried.

“Sir/Ma’am, My computer collapsed, and the screen cracked; therefore I was unable to participate in your online lesson yesterday. It is now being repaired in the IT shop. I intend to attend your upcoming class. I appreciate your patience. It can be one the good excuses to miss school for a week

Mishap in schedule

Nobody is perfect; both administrative personnel and we all make mistakes. Sometimes classes conflict, and you must decide which to attend, or you might not even be aware that they do. It will work if you tell your lecturer about the incident, whether it is genuine or not. Whether or not this justification is accurate, you must be careful not to use it more than once because the lecturer won’t accept that the problem has not been resolved.

“Sir/Ma’am, I’m sorry I missed your class. I was unaware that your course conflicted with another. I hope the administration resolves this problem in time for our upcoming class.

Emergency with KID

Yes! Students have families, and we all know how prone children are to mishaps and minor illnesses. If you genuinely have a child, then this justification will work; otherwise, move to the next.

You might tell the lecturer that the babysitter just called, and your child needs to go to the emergency room because they have a fever or fell and have a large gash. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to leave class to care for your child because most professors would be relieved that you did not bring them because they might disturb the lesson or transmit an infection, whether the flu or a cold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good excuses to miss school?

There are several excuses for missing school. Some of them are:

  • dentist appointment
  • family member sick
  • bad weather condition
  • going through medical procedures
  • theft on road
  • traffic jaam, etc

What are good excuses to miss online school?

The excuses to get out of school include :

  • bullying by the classmates
  • relative expired
  • family vacation
  • getting flash flood

What is the best excuse to stay home from school?

The best excuse, according to me, is having a stomach ache. It is such a condition which you can say plaintively on your face. Also, with a little bit of acting, you can convince the teacher.

What are some good excuses for being absent?

The reasons to skip school are many. It depends on each individual and the situation. Some students say, my little sister has a fever. That is the reason I won’t be able to attend the classes. On the other hand, some speak about the weather condition. Going to a dentist is another reason as well. It can be one of the good excuses to miss school on short notice.

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