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Through the automatic online proctoring program Honorlock, students can take exams from a distance. When instructions or courses call for online proctoring, many instructors mandate that students take tests through Honorlock. You may be wondering what honorlock chrome extension is and how does honorlock works.

Learners are not required to set up accounts or make appointments to use the honorlock extension. The student must download and install the Honorlock extension on their computer using the Google Chrome browser. Students cannot download and set up the Honorlock browser on their PCs. The second step is to educate you on how does honorlock works and how honorlock tracks.

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How does honorlock work?

Software called Honorlock assists teachers in preventing exam fraud. This method safeguards against students exchanging information or solutions during tests and monitoring student honorlock sessions. The honorlock browser application is now widely used by educational institutions to maintain academic integrity. This software’s novel features are intended to keep test data off the internet.

Several university faculties use this program to arrange proctored tests for students using ELMS-Canvas. An online trial can be scheduled in advance by a professor. The honorlock browser application requests that the student submit a facial recognition ID, a photo ID, and a view of their surroundings to monitor data. This means the learner must do an Honorlock room scan before beginning the exam. However, the instructor must make this option available for particular students’ data settings.

Can Honorlock Detect Cheating during an exam session?

Can Honorlock Detect Cheating during an exam session?

Many universities employ remote proctoring service, a piece of software that fosters an ethical and fair testing environment. As a result, it challenges the student to display self-directed study abilities and write honestly throughout the exam with the student’s honorlock session monitoring.

The majority of students don’t know how to cheat with proctorio. Proctoring software helps monitor students’ activity during online tests. Colleges can guarantee the academic integrity of their students by using Proctorio. Additionally, it offers fair grading. Additionally, using Proctorio’s features, examiners can spot instances of exam cheating.

By deploying proctoring software that stops and alerts to suspicious activity by cheating students, Honorlock can identify cheating during tests, and instruction makes online proctoring.

It checks to see if students are following the norms for academic integrity by watching the webcam and audio analysis. Honorlock, on the other hand, only alerts instructors to any questionable activity so they can investigate and decide whether or not a student has cheated.

However, the instructor must still check how each student answers the exam questions. The teacher should define the parameters for the testing environment or instruction and makes online proctoring to aid in identifying when academic misconduct occurs.

The program grants the teachers the right to see and examine the data recorded during the tests. When students are taking tests, Honorlock performs a great job of creating a safe, equitable learning environment and detecting academic integrity issues.

Online proctoring services tracks and limits student behavior during examination session using virtual machines and artificial intelligence (AI).

When exams occur, the app can highlight certain behaviors or unexpected activities during the examination session. However, the instructors can assess these behaviors to see if they constitute a penalty.

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Does Honorlock record you?

Does Honorlock record you?

The student is recorded using various techniques because this is a highly secure online proctoring service. Some of these might be secondary devices like webcams—while others might be built-in. Together, these factors ensure you keep your credibility throughout the test. Honorlock may record specific student behavior in various ways and store student data.

Through the webcam and video feeds:

 This proctoring program records a video of students taking tests while using the webcam and video feeds. honorlock reviews enable the tutor what the students did during the trial. As a result, they can spot any suspicious activity, such as books or notes hidden in plain sight. In addition, Honorlock uses AI to examine how students behave during the exam.

Body motions and the position of the hands and eyes will be part of it. Any inappropriate action could be interpreted as cheating and marked as such.

Honorlock detect phones

Honorlock uses this advanced function to identify any connected devices and monitor data. The website hosts websites with exam questions seeded on them. These questions trigger an action on the student’s phone when students access them during an exam. According to the proprietary Multi-Device Detection system, students are discouraged from using cell phones and secondary devices connected during exams. It prevents individuals from accessing unwanted information when taking tests remotely proctored with computing devices connected.

Screening students with AI

When honorlock detects a face different from the one in its database and monitors data, it issues a warning using artificial intelligence during a student’s proctoring session. This software employs AI to capture students’ data related to the learner’s ID and photo to verify the student’s identity taking the test. Honorlock also possesses functional eye-tracking skills. In other words, it can tell whether a student is trying to steal a particular student’s data.

Audio and noise monitoring:

Honorlock detects any noise that comes from or is close to the exam environment. The professors will discipline the student if the noise’s substance encourages unethical conduct. A voice detection feature in this proctoring program may recognize different types of noises. Simple and complex sentences about the test will be included. They notify the teachers when they observe any of these and provide notifications.

Using the browser add-on:

This software employs a chrome web browser extension to keep track of the browser and block particular actions that students might use to look up exam solutions or cheat. The extension inhibits everything that could enable cheating in addition to monitoring.

As a result, if it detects something odd, the Google Chrome extension notifies the instructor. Because of this, you do not need to download and install Honorlock software on your computer.

Honorlock may capture your screen, audio, or test set using these techniques. Honorlock store student data and can also detect any sort of cheating. This proctoring service, in contrast to others, includes natural and functional security features. They have excellent monitoring, so it would be challenging for you to flee if you were discovered.

To get beyond these put-in-place security systems, you need to be a somewhat encrypted and secured connection.

The Best Honorlock chrome extension Hack

The Best Honorlock chrome extension Hack

Today’s students employ a variety of strategies to cheat on proctored tests. After all, there are plenty of tools on the internet to help students who want to cheat on proctored exams. The IXL platform  is valuable for students but finding correct answers  can be challenging. Many students find many valuable tips on IXL cheat  to get a high score. Here are some suggestions for kids who want to cheat honorlock on an exam their instructor has proctored using honorlock proctors.

Some students search online resources for solutions using the browser honorlock hosts websites on the host computer. Because the learner is testing on a different operating system, the proctor’s add-ons cannot recognize modifications to the tab.

Using a virtual machine: 

A student can set up a virtual machine before the test. For instance, a student may install Ubuntu or another lightweight operating system on a virtual machine and use it during a material day.

Honorlock does not scan home networks or keep student related data from connected devices.

Masking up: 

During the epidemic, students must wear face masks even when taking exams. But there may be some gaps in this face mask. For instance, a student wearing a face mask might not appear like the one on the ID. As a result, the program might not have a suitable method of identifying students who are already enrolled and taking the exam online.

Webcam settings on a computer: 

The student’s face can be seen by the examiner thanks to honorlock. But a student can configure the webcam so that the teacher can see it underneath their face to cheat honorlock.

Using two monitors and a silent keyboard: 

To cheat honorlock, a student only needs a silent mouse and keyboard. In this manner, individuals can look up seeded test questions solutions online on a secondary device like another monitor and apply them to a current exam.

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Is student data stored in honorlock

You might be curious to learn whether this software violates personal or confidential information now that you know how to trick Honorlock and get away with it. The start of any exam session being recorded must be announced visually and verbally by instructors or faculty, according to the law. The learner’s continued participation in the exam and test-taking parameters after getting this notification constitutes their implied permission to the recording student information.

Additionally, many colleges and universities demand that professors specify on the syllabus whether or not they plan to employ Honorlock for the course’s high-stakes exams. Additionally, the instructor must provide students with information on what to expect when taking the Honorlock exam. 

Honorlock upholds the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. That indicates that it keeps track of and protects student privacy following FERPA standards, all relevant laws, and the honorlock authentication process.

Honorlock does not scan home networks or keep student data stored coming from secondary devices connected.

Additionally, academic institutions forbid Honor lock from using student’s data related to or sell student information presented other than that specified in the contract. Therefore, educational institutions own any information the system communicates for defined data retention periods.

Who judges whether cheating occurred during an online proctored exam?

The automated proctoring service makes the final determination of whether cheating has occurred during an exam session. Only those students who behave strangely during an exam are noted and investigated. 

Nothing is done if a professor watches the video and concludes that the student did not transgress FSU’s academic honor code. The instructor will follow the relevant processes for academic honor policy infractions if they find that the student’s behavior is an academic honor policy violations. 

Honorlock’s private cloud stores all data, including images and videos, in Amazon’s AWS US data centers.

The Academic Integrity and Grievance process resolves allegations of breaches for students who believe they have been falsely accused.

Honorlock’s AI monitors the test-taking. The AI automatically raises a flag for only students with spontaneous activity noticed, such as a new individual entering the room. A live proctor is contacted if any abnormal activity is discovered. Concerning facial detection, honolock also offers two levels of flagging. 

A high flag is displayed when “Face not detected,” meaning no faces were found in the camera window (if an instructor requires a webcam during test taking). The medium flag “Face not visible” denotes that the camera picked up only a portion of the face. 

Instructors (or UMD workers with a genuine educational interest in the data) can check flagged recordings after an exam session to see if there is a possible academic integrity violation.

Online test proctoring keeps an eye on the college student’s behavior during the exam. A teacher or a licensed proctor watches over the student during the exam. The proctoring tool ensures that the exam rules and guidelines are followed. It makes sense that students sometimes struggle to find the time to study. They also do not want to receive poor grades. 

They consequently find themselves hunting for ways to honorlock cheating. But by getting assistance from a professional, you can avoid it. Many students search for Top 10 Tricks on How to Cheat on a Proctored Exam.


As higher education institutions, the necessity to safeguard the university requests for online exams with automated proctoring services is more crucial than ever as schools continue to expand their offerings for online learning. As technology advances, more sophisticated honorlock proctored examination is becoming available to ensure the security of your online proctored test.

However, now you know how does honorlock work, hope these strategies will be resourceful and prepare college students. Always do your homework first to avoid getting stranded if a specific plan fails along the way.

You can also find qualified college writers who can assist you in honorlock cheating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 emotive words?

You can find several emotive words. Let me select 5 among the list. Those are:

  • magical
  • wonderful
  • tragic
  • terror
  • justice

What can they see on Honorlock?

Only when you are actively taking an exam can Honorlock record the websites you visit or attempt to visit through Chrome (which handles the request). The software obtains your IP address, email address, and name from Blackboard.

Does Honorlock let you know if you get flagged?

The AI automatically raises a flag if a spontaneous activity is noticed, such as a new individual entering the room. A live proctor is contacted if any abnormal activity is discovered. With respect to facial detection, Honorlock also offers two levels of flagging.

What can Honorlock look for?

The Honorlock AI can identify speech, audio, numerous faces on camera, off-screen, and out-of-focus exam windows. These could prompt a real proctor to enter the test and engage the student.

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