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  • Nursing And Health Science in short NHS is an International journal mainly focusing in the areas of East and West Regions. NHS provides an opportunity for sharing of both formal, research-based knowledge and much more intimate clinical based knowledge and practices.
  • It has many small branches. They are as follows:-
  •  Community Health -It is defined as Nursing and Public Health, this type of practice is applied to promoting and protecting the health circle of the population. Nursing is a specialized field that focuses on the health needs of different communities and in particularly vulnerable populations. Community Nursing and Healthcare synthesize the body of knowledge from the public health science and professional nursing theories just to improve the health of our communities.
  •  Pediatric Health Care - It is the scientific treatment of children. This branch of medical science handles and cares about small children. A pediatric nurse always works in the field of pediatrics. Pediatric nurses always collaborate with the pediatric professionals. They may assist or work along the professionals alongside.
  • Midwifery Nursing - Midwifery Nursing means the care provided to women when they are about to have a baby. These nurses are given training in the different stages when a woman is pregnant, they know all about the variations of normal progress of labor and deal with risky situations too. Midwives are also known as perinatologists who are related to pregnancy and birth.
  • Geriatric Nursing - It is the specialty of nursing old aged people. They work with the collaboration of old aged people, with the help from their families, and communities just to support healthy aging, the great functionality of the body, and quality of life. These aged people are in many risky situations than any of us normal human beings. Risks like injuries and diseases like osteoporosis, cancer, and much more. Geriatric Nurses help these aged persons and their families to cope with certain medical conditions, which later on provides development in lives of old aged individuals.
  • Neonatal Nursing - This type of nursing is a subspecialty of nursing which works with these kinds of nurses who are being trained and given the knowledge on how to handle patients with prematurity, bearing defects, infections, surgical problems, and cardiac malformations.
  •  Critical Care Medicine - Critical care nursing deals with human responses to life-threatening problems. Critical Care Nurse is a licensed professional nurse who takes the responsibility to take good care of critically ill patients, and their families may receive optimal care too. These nurses can be found working in wide variety of environments and in intensive care units too. They are also known as ICU Nurses. They treat and cure those patients who need immediate treatment from uncertain and deadly illnesses.


  • Our nursing assignments help experts know, that as a nursing student you need to follow and learn some critical methodologies which contribute to providing excellent career-oriented job perspectives. You need to read, learn, and write a lot of question papers, books, and follow the notes given in your academic institutions regularly. But students have various other works to look after. For this reason, we are providing the right assignments for our individual nursing candidates. Just to help them complete their homework as well as their assignments on time, before giving to their institutions. Assignments4u prepares your given assignment sheets in such a way as if the candidate himself/herself have completed by his or her way without even seeking help from others. We provide positive results and TAT to help our aspiring Nursing and healthcare candidates to score good grades in their Institutions and have better work life experiences.
  • As we all know Nursing is the scientific study which encompasses, free, and intensive care to individuals of all ages, families, groups and various communities worldwide. Which includes, approach, care, warmth, protection, optimization, promotion, and prevention of health related issues, through the well-performed diagnosis of human response.


  • Nursing assignments can be in a various subject matter related, and on a different topic related Such as the following questions below will give better ideas about nursing assignments:-
  1. Group drug assignments
  2. Independent Lab Related Assignments
  3. Professional article summary
  4. Independent case studies
  5. Reflective Journals that comes to mind
  6. Cultural Assignments
  7. Pediatric Assignments
  8. Electronic Medical Record Documentations
  9. Skill Check-offs
  10. Group assignments
  • Nursing Institutions in various countries train their aspiring candidates by making them learn the job role, how to handle critical patients, How to make their lives better in a busy work schedule. Whenever we visit any hospitals we notice Nurses here and there, and everywhere some are talking to the doctors, some helping other patients, some are making records of medicines required to follow, and much more. They are the kindest and lively persons with whom you can ask your queries and can proceed with your or others medical treatment.
  • Institutions tend to give projects, class tests, Midwifery Nursing Assignments, Pain Management Assignments, Infection Control Assignments, presentation, etc. just to make sure that the candidates who are studying Nursing and Health Care Sciences should get good knowledge about the subject matter properly. So, they won’t have any problems regarding in understanding any critical situations or handling any problematic issues.


  • The overall requirement of Health Science Is to the improvement of human and other living organisms health through scientific research.
  • Health Science includes varieties of sub-disciplines, all of which are related to the application of science knowledge and towards health procurement. Both traditional and Western knowledge about medicines and treatments can be considered health sciences. Because human always gets involved in various illnesses. It could be said in this way also that the presence of people on the face of the earth has led to the creations of health sciences and towards social improvements.
  • This field mainly consists of the study and the preparation of different diseases related medicines, nutrition, other health related issues and components.
  • Health-related knowledge is primarily acquired from research related studies. These studies include evaluation of new medications and treatments in various ways which are effective against life-threatening diseases. The development of antibiotics and vaccines are some significant examples in disease preventing drugs. Health Science also includes research related to diet, nutrition, and fitness related issues.


  • Health Care is mainly considered about the application of the knowledge acquired from the studies of Health Science. Health Care has a variety of fields like dentistry, pharmacy, and medicines. It also involves not only the treatment of illness but the preventive measures of it. Professional Health Care People aims to maintain the overall mental and physical balance for the well-being of their patients.


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  • Epidemiology is the study and analysis of patterns, effects, causes of health related issues and diseases in defined populations. It acts as a guideline to public, health, and shapes policy decisions by identifying risk factors for diseases problems and targets preventive measures towards better healthcare. The collection of statistical data analysis, which amend interpretation and dissemination of results. This is the actual work of professional Epidemiologists.
  • Leading causes of epidemiological study include the study of the outbreak investigation, disease caution, transmission, disease surveillance, screening and forensic epidemiology. Epidemiology forms an integral part of an illness and its basic description about it. This subject has its methods of data collection and interpretation.


  • Students nowadays tend to face various hurdles while completing their medical assignments. This process of completing an assignment starts from reading different variants of medical books, collecting data from the books and even from online support as well as analyzing them with tuition teachers or any relatives whosoever having a sound knowledge of these medical related subject matter and topics. Then after coming across so many points and writing notes, they start to work on their assignments and try their best to finish it on time.
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