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  • Information technology or in general it is known as IT is the sole application of telecommunications devices and other computers so as to store, transmit, manipulate data and retrieve them when required. This terminology IT is normally used for computer science purposes, this also encompasses distributing other information towards devices like telephones and televisions. Many varieties of organizations are accustomed to this IT system like computer engineers, semiconductors, computer programming, computer networks and e-commerce systems.
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  1. Data Transmission
  2. Database Management System
  3. Retrieval Of Data
  4. Data Storage
  • Let us discuss the above assignment topics so that you can get a good idea about each of them.
  1. Data Transmission - It is the process of sending analog data over a communication system like communication networks, computing, and others, as this enables in transferring and making quick communications with the devices in a point to multipoint situations. This type of data transmission is also called as digital transmission.
  3. Database Management System - DBMS or popularly known as the database management is a system software which helps in interacting with the user as well as the database so as to analyze and capture the data. The database management system helps in providing the users a systematic way in creating, managing data, updating the data and later on retrieving them.
  5. Retrieval Of Data - It is the process of extracting and identifying data from a database which is based on the inquiry of a programmer or a user related to an application. This helps in enabling and fetching of data from the database so as to display the entire thing on a monitor.
  7. Data Storage - It is the common terminology used for archiving the data in an electromagnetic form used by the computer or other devices to store important data so that they can be manipulated as well as retrieved whenever required from the computer systems.


  • IT or Information Technology is being used by one or more different computer systems for the use of networking, storage of essential data, process to create, store and secure and exchange all sorts of electronic data. IT is used for preparing the context for business enterprises and other entertainment technologies. The actual commercial purpose of information technology is utilized to improve the communication system more accurately. This was used to draw a distinction between the purpose built machines that could perform computing and can be programmed for different tasks and duties.
  • The computer and other devices can run the applications. This helps in interacting with the other servers and clients across vast different business networks. Information can be taken as any forms like telephony data, multimedia data required by the sensors to work perfectly and others. The architecture of Information Technology as improved which includes cloud computing and virtualization where the normal physical resources are being pooled in from different configurations to meet the exact application needs. This type of information and resources can be shared with other business operations and IT administrators so as to control and gain valuable information from the computing systems.
  • The team of administrators and other technical workers of the company manage to deploy the required assets and IT infrastructure so as to support the teams who mainly depend on the vast range of information required to understand the actual demand of the company. This helps the team of IT to understand the demands of the organization and work accordingly and secure the database of the company so that no other third-party network can steal the essential information about the company and spread to the world unnecessarily.


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