The anecdote behind the word ‘calculus’

There is an interesting anecdote behind the origin of the word “calculus”. The term itself indicates that it has a connection with some words like ‘calculation’ and ‘calculate’. All these terms have derived from a Latin root word that suggests the meaning “pebble”.  In the earlier times, ‘calculi’ were actually the stone beads which are used to keep track of livestock and grain reserves.

Any subjects based on calculation seem critical while writing a whole project. Most of the students fail to submit their calculus projects within the notified time. In this academic crisis, the students can take expert’s advice and seek calculus assignment help from them.

The specialist may not uproot your antipathy totally; but assist you in understanding the subject. More importantly, their guidance will help you achieve a decent score in calculus which you never dreamt of.

The experts cover the most Important Areas of Calculus

■  Linear functions

■  Quadratics and derivatives of Functions

■  Rational Functions and the calculation of Derivatives

■  Exponential Functions, Substitution and the Chain Rule

■  Trigonometric Functions and their Derivatives

■  Inverse Functions and their Derivatives

■  Numerical Differentiation and Non-Differentiable Functions

■  Review of Differentiation

■  Application of Differentiation to solving Equations

■  The Anti-Derivative

■  The Area under a Curve; Definite Integrals

■  Numerical Integration

■  Areas and Volumes of Parallel Sided Figures; Determinants

Know the Application of Calculus to overcome the difficulties

Mathematics is always an essential part of our daily life. We make use of multiplication, counting, addition and percentages every day. But, many of the students are confused about how calculus helps them in real life? The students ask this question very frequently.

Many of us have the least idea about the application of calculus in their day-to-day life. Yes, the application of this subject is not as recurrent as math. But this is a silly reason for not considering this subject important. Don’t you think that a clear-cut knowledge of the use of this subject help you to combat the fear of Calculus? Scroll down to get a gist of it.

Top 4 Fields to Utilize Calculus

1) We can find out the area or the perimeter of the perfect shapes such as circle, square, cubes using algebra and geometry concepts. But everything is not in the perfect size and shape in nature. For instance, you need to calculate the area of a regular and asymmetrical shape. You can easily crack the solution with the help of calculus concepts.

2) Calculus is also used in economics. Calculus can help us to inspect the right time for selling and buying a product, how many customers can pay for it, the margin value of that specific product and other requirements or changes of this process. The concepts of this subject help the economist to develop their business.

3) Engineers hailing from different fields most often use calculus in their research work. When the architects and the Civil Engineers are hired to build a structure, they have to determine the shape and size of the curves. Whether it is a bridge, road or tunnel, without the contribution of calculus, it will never be as safe as today.

4) Biologists also utilize calculus in many applications. Mainly they apply calculus concepts to find out the growth rate of bacteria and modeling population growth etc. Calculus is useful in the medical fields also.

Indirect use of Calculus

The above-stated four fields are the ultimatum when it comes to know the application of Calculus. It can also be used indirectly in several other fields.

■  Calculus also contains pure math. Even math and calculus are deeply related and sometimes cannot be separated. Hence, a math professor uses calculus frequently to teach the concepts of particular areas of mathematics.

■  Calculus is used to enhance the safety of vehicles.

■  Many credit cards follow calculus for payments.

■  A significant part of Space science is structured around calculus. Spacecraft are used for a wide range of purposes like earth observation, meteorology, navigation, planetary exploration and space colonization, technology makes use of calculus concepts in many ways. Space technology makes use of calculus concepts effectively.

Never-Ending Difficulties in the Calculus

■  The complicated terms-

The calculus represents a bucket of complicated ideas. The first time the student is confronted with the terms like limit concept, numerical integration and anti derivatives, they get bewildered. They stuck with the calculation later when they realize that these cannot be performed by algebra and simple arithmetic.

■  The effort of the professors is going in vain-

The professors in the institutions should take the responsibility to help the students to evade these problems. They have to bring change in the teaching techniques. Unfortunately, the welcome change in the method has not proved beneficial for novice learners.

According to research, in the last couple of years, 74.8% of students have a general hostility against this subject. This aversion is not limited to a single country. The dissatisfaction emerges in most of the countries around the globe.

■  A Time-consuming process to get into the skin of various Calculus terms

Students suffer more as they don’t have the time for soaking themselves in the subject. They need to remember all the functions and application of the complicated calculus terms.  Initially, most of them find it cumbersome because of the time involved in learning.

Added to that, when they are assigned homework, they struggle to submit the calculus projects within the allotted time.

■  The short-cut route of success

Students mainly take assignment help from external resources to gain good marks in the examination. Though they do not concentrate on conquering the fear of calculus, the expert’s suggestion helps them.

Grasping the crux of Calculus requires not only theoretical explanation but also numerical details. Weak students neither produce flawless explanation nor calculate the correct answers. A true expert in this subject will surely cement this vacuum with their in-depth research work and accuracy. Therefore, if you think to score well despite your loose grip over the subject, go for a reliable online academic portal.

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