It is commonly said that “A picture is worth a thousand words!” However, words can create more vivid and bright pictures than an image itself. A narrative essay is a perfect example of creating images through words. Moreover, the genre of narrative essays is the only one that allows the writer to explore his creative and imaginative spectrum to the fullest. You do not have to follow structure regulations in such type of essays rigidly. Hence this kind of an essay is usually a favorite among the students. However, with the freedom, there comes a huge challenge for the writers i.e. to select the topic. Here you can get stuck due to a deficiency in ideas. If you get an essay as your next assignment, then worry not and land on the assignments4u website to get help with assignment.  This blog will also guide and provide you with the perfect ideas to write narrative essay topics.



Follow the guidelines mentioned below to form an excellent narrative essay.

  • Getting started

The very first thing you have got to do while constructing your narrative essay is to create an outline. It always is an essential step in writing every kind of pieces. The outline should contain the following points:

  • An attractive hook.
  • A narrative arc.
  • Description
  • Use a first person approach.
  • Narrating what happened

Most of us have problems in describing our feelings or jotting down our ideas on paper. Narrative essay demands the same from the writers. Jotting down your thoughts and creating an attractive narration out of those should be on your priority list if you want to construct a narrative essay.

  • Concluding the narration

Convincing the readers at the end and creating a lasting impression on their minds through your description is the sole purpose of the conclusion. In other words, end your essay with a bang!

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One loud notification alert in your mobile phone or noisy neighbors can be very distracting when trying to make your creativity come alive.

Suppose, if you are on the college campus, the library can be an excellent place to take up your assignments.

Likewise, if you are home, then choose the quietest corner of your home, or you can ask your family members to cooperate with you by staying silent while you work.

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To get an idea of writing a narrative essay, below listed are four major models based on which you can construct your essay.

  • The success story

A straightforward model, this usually involves talking about the time when you faced obstacles and how you overcame them to reach your goal.

  • Resolving conflicts

Any incident which describes you getting into trouble because of having a difference of opinion with your colleagues, friends or people, in general, comes under this particular pattern. You can mention how you arrived at a solution as well.

  • Personal growth

Under this pattern, you can talk about the compelling experiences which had an impact on you and changed you into a better individual.

  • A journey

Talk about a trip that you hold close to your heart. However small or big it is, talk about it if it holds a special place in your heart.




Stuck on essay topic ideas for a narrative essay? Check out the list of topics mentioned below from several categories and choose the one most suitable for you.

  • Experience

The main aim of a narrative essay is to help you render your thoughts and experiences on paper in a literary sense. It can be either positive or negative experience. For example:

  • The most awkward time in your life.
  • A frightening experience that you had in your life.
  • An experience which helped you to understand the real life values.
  • Describe the time in your life when you fought cowardice bravely.
  • How your life was affected when you moved from one place to another.
  • School years

School experiences and challenges of any person are unique to their existence. A school is a place which trains and shapes you up for adulthood. Hence a narrative essay on the school would be substantially original and close to your heart.

  • Who were your role models at school?
  • Describe the experience of taking part in a mass school event
  • Your most unfortunate experience during a lesson at school.
  • Talk about the teacher whom you would like to befriend.
  • A field trip of your class in which you participated.




Part and parcel of every individual’s life are the relationships present in his/her life. They are of utmost importance. Hence essay topics on relationships are relatable and would hold your reader’s interests.

  • A break up in a friendship that you experienced.
  • A time when you faced rejections the most.
  • A ridiculous misunderstanding with another person.
  • Your worst quarrel with parents.
  • A time when you looked up to your older sibling.
  • Morality

Essays on topics of morality are an immediate choice for students since these subjects are always attractive and provide a lot of room for narration and discussion. These type of issues are of direct interest to the readers.

  • The time when you had to take a difficult decision in your life.
  • Describe a rebellious act you did in your life.
  • What are the morality problems that you face?
  • Talk about anything which you find your morality challenge.
  • Talk about the moment you felt that you are starting to grow up.
  • Interests

Your interests determine your personality and throw a reflection on everything you create. An individual’s sphere of interests includes the hobbies in which he/she is interested. Hence essay topics on this are more personalized.

  • Talk about the book or the movie you watched and which impressed you.
  • Talk about the song that touches you emotionally.
  • Which talent would you like to possess?
  • With which fictional character can you connect yourself?
  • Travelling

Traveling itself makes a story. Every spot in the world creates an impression on you while you travel. You gather experiences which affect you in subtle and significant ways. Traveling topics are fascinating.

  • Talk about your first visit to the countryside.
  • Your favorite transport for traveling.
  • What is your idea of a peaceful vacation?
  • The best place according to you for a holiday.

Student life

Life of a student is incredibly enriching. It is an adventure where each day you get to learn something and become a better person. Few essay ideas on this genre are:

Bonding with technology
  • Talk about your most exhausting exam experience.
  • Talk about the lecture that created a lasting impression on you.
  • Your first day in a dorm.
  • Your most impressive hang-out during college life.
  • Which incident in college depressed you?
  • Imagination

This genre helps you to delve deep into your fantasies. It gives you the complete freedom to make up anything you wish. For example:

  • Imagine if you build a time machine.
  • Imagine if you belonged to a different century.
  • Imagine if you were born in a different country.
  • What would happen if you turned into a character from a comic book?
  • Successes achieved

Describe your experience in the toughest interview of your life for a job position you wanted desperately.

  • Your role in a volunteer project which you succeeded in completing.
  • Write about the time when you faced a series of setbacks in your life but then stood up and conquered your obstacles and succeeded.
  • Describe when you wanted to buy something since a long time and could finally buy it after earning.




  • Focus on the relevant points and the specific details. Avoid mentioning irrelevant points.
  • Your narration should have an edge of sincerity to it. Providing false descriptions and embellishments is off-putting to the readers.
  • Using transition words to connect your ideas is extremely important.
  • Always include a conclusion and state what you acquired from your experience.
  • Test how engaging your narration is by reading it yourself.
  • Test the limits of your writing and proof-read your essay.
  • Be creative since this is the only sphere where you can make good use of your imagination.

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