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Tourism is travel for business or travel at a place to find mental peace apart from studies or office work. People tend to go to some outing places when they feel boredom is affecting their physical health or making them inefficient at work. It may be International or within a country’s premises. The World Tourism Organization defines travel more usually in the terminology of not just having fun on an activity or a holiday sort of thing it’s much beyond that.

Today it is the principal source of income for many different countries, and this affects both economically the source and to some host countries. It is a competitive and dynamic industrial sector which requires the ability to adapt to its various customer’s changes and behaviors daily. It is the biggest and primary source of foreign exchange earnings and employment for many developing countries. The ideal concept of tourism refers to the broad framework which identifies the essential characteristics and distinguishes tourism from similar, often related phenomenon.

As an industry, it has different components and interrelated parts. Like for example, Transportation, activities, attractions, marketing, government regulations, and accommodation facilities too. This type of industry has many important implications for other sectors as well.

Below are the most cited definitions of tourism:-

  • International Tourism – This consists of inbound people who visits other countries just to explore them or come for business related trips.
  • National Tourism – Both inbound and outbound tourism.
  • Domestic Tourism – Inbound tourism plus internal tourism.
  • Internal Tourism – Residents of a country are visiting the different places in their own country.

Here are the five facts about Tourism:-

  • Tourism Industry took shape on the date of 5th July 1841, when Mr. Thomas Cook arranged a trip from Market Harborough till Loughborough for meeting on temperance.
  • It accounts about 5 % of the world economy.
  • The first Space Tourist was our famous US Businessman Mr. Dennis Tito; it was reported that he paid around 20 million dollars to visit the International Space Station in the year of 2001.
  • About Four Million people of The United Kingdom are related to the Tourism Industry.
  • The only sectors earning more in the market for global exports are automotive, fuel and chemical industries.


This field of study provides us with the perfect set of skills and expertises us to develop, in the market of tourism where we can easily manage the tourism business and its destinations. This specialization helps us to understand the latest emerging markets and their trends marketing and distribution, development of destinations and tourism transport. Studying tourism helps us to gain its insights and the knowledge we need to play the key role in this impressive global tourism and travel industry. It is also about understanding ourselves as a traveler and tourist, and our role in the global market.

The following six reasons will allow you to understand that why the study of tourism is required for us. Here are the reasons:

    1. Scope –
      There is ample of job opportunities, so do not get afraid that you will get stuck in a niche, as this industry is the hard core backbone of the world economy. Travel or Tourism courses will give you an opening and access to become a tourist guide, adventure sports activity manager, travel and tours department manager, travel consultant, Air cabin crew, Airport Authority Ground Staff, Event and conference manager, and much more.


    1. Working Hours –
      It’s not only about 9 to 5 or 8 to 9 hours of working shift timings, and It involves a great variety of indulgement to various conversations, it’s not only about the same work over and over again or even meeting the same clients and customers always. It is more likely about the kind of work one can opt for and can enjoy while he or she is working there.


    1. It is Creative in Nature –
      This is mainly a people oriented industrial sector, a vast variety of job profiles are there for you to grab it. People who work in this industry have only one vital role to play, and they have to make sure this that his or her visitors had a great, awesome and fantastic experience and then they will go back home, just to spread the word to the world.


    1. Growth –
      Every human being when tends to study about any subject of his or her choice thinks only about one thing, that is the “GROWTH” while working with an industrial sector. But in this case The growth automatically comes to you, you don’t have to run behind growth anymore like in other industrial sectors. Keep only one thing in mind that if the industrial sector you are working with is a growing industry, then no one can stop you from growing your perspectives. The tourism sector is a vastly growing sector. Like Scotland’s Travel industry is about to reach to a booming one as its economy growth is about 13 billion pounds and still increasing. This happened because Scotland welcomes tourists and travelers from all around the globe.


  1. It Is An Innovative Industry –
    Travel industries are one of the most competitive and innovative industries in the world with some international destinations all looking forward to the most exotic and top spot. Here on a daily basis new innovative and creative ideas plus newly designed services are continuously developed for the assurance and the comfort of travelers and tourists. These are required to stay ahead of the highly competitive market.


It is great for not only just one single traveler but for more than one also. Travel allows wealth to get injected into a community in a variety of ways. The main Benefit of this industry is that it’s highly labor intensive and many of the other businesses present within this are only small and micro operating businesses.

To know more about why the study of tourism is necessary, below are some advantages which will be coming useful to understand the main potentiality of this industry:-

    1. Social Advantages-
      In addition to the collection of revenue, There are various cultural advantages to tourism too. In return, this helps the residents of the countries to maintain and regularize their tradition and culture which will be easier for them in showcasing for all the visitors. This advantage has saved many residents and their traditions, cultures and heritage site from being ruined. Also, this has helped the Tourists in viewing incredible scenarios and insights of the people and their culture.


    1. Infrastructure –
      The additional revenue of this sector mainly benefits the local council and the government. Which means more tax money allowing different public related projects to be launched or developed. This is the most help done to the government as it can improve the infrastructures by building new roads, flyovers, schools, libraries, and even the improvement of public spaces as well. Without proper support, the inflow of goods and services will get highly hampered and its near to impossible to create it without the supply of adequate funds. Here this Industry helps to maintain any country specific infrastructures.


    1. Opportunities –
      Bringing tourists and travelers recreates a new life in a community. This helps entrepreneurs in establishing new services and products as it would not be easily sustainable based on the residents alone. Travelers are all potential customers, and with the proper approach, they can be targeted as a business strategy which will allow fantastic successes.


    1. Employment –
      The greatest thing in these type of jobs that it doesn’t only pays wages or salaries to its employees but also it gives goods and products locally, which in return gives a boost to local industries. The main thing about this industry is that it also provides benefits to other industries as well like the retail industries and food production industries gets a huge boost up to manufacture new and innovative products on the go. By this stature, it helps different industry sectors to grow and helps provide job opportunities towards unemployed educated candidates. In this way, the Economy of a country gets better day by day.


    1. Diversification –
      It allows an economy to develop in a new way to acquire more income. It also works as an insurance policy during hard times, because the additional inflow of money can support traditional industries if they undergo any financial crisis.It is important to those communities who rely only on a single industry. It is also well versed for rural communities as well where there is slight risk based on farming conditions and prices of commodities globally. This sector allows a community to grow according to their resources, sources of income and so they don’t have to be dependent on only one industrial division from where the first inflow of revenue is coming.


  1. Environmental Advantages-
    Many Tourism operators are defining themselves in a differential way from their viewpoints by offering tours and packages with an environmental entrust hence supporting the conservation of the local area. This helps the tourism operators to make the inflow of income count and as well as assist the environmental positions in a very dignified way by making it pollution free. For which many tourists get attracted towards these environmental locations.


The main benefits of Tourism are the welfare of economic, socio-cultural and environmental possessions.
It provides job facilities to the community sectors like Tour guides, Lodge & Hotels, housekeeping and even other industries like agriculture, retail industries as well as food production sectors. These people when visiting a particular country, this helps in generating income for the local communities of the country, this leads to the alleviation of poverty. We all know that economic growth is widely influential in various areas for a country when the environment has been crippled by other industrial sectors like mining or manufacturing.

Even Touristry can bring pride and help in the giving an identification of a country’s communities. It is genuinely helping in preserving the central tradition and culture of society intact. These are some points relating to social benefits of a country.

Tourism even supports in providing conservation of an ecosystem and its natural environment. It helps to make the destination more authentic and attractive for visitors. This protection of environment also brings value to the local tourism also.


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