This blog is a must read if you are looking for tips and tricks for cracking an interview. Want to get recruited by an organization you had been dreaming? I can assure you that it will give you an entire idea about interviews and how to get selected. In addition to that, this blog includes the most common questions that are asked in Interviews.

What is an interview?

An interview can be termed as a meeting. It is a meeting where employers meet skilled people. These skilled people are evaluated based on their technical knowledge, communication skills and other relevant skills required by the organization’s Human Resource Team. 

After evaluation of all the applicants for the job, the best is/are selected based on the job vacancy available and their performance in the assessment process.

Types of an interview

An interview can be online or offline as well as both.


Bonding with technology

Phases Of Interview

1st Phase :

The job seekers are evaluated based on their communication skills through a group discussion

2nd phase:

A written aptitude or technical written test is scheduled where a sound knowledge of the domain is a must to get into the 3rd phase

Bonding with technology

3rd Phase:

A face to face interview with the HR. The HR may be one or more than one; each specialized to evaluate your psychology, technical knowledge, and interpersonal skills.

Preparation for the interview:


Step 1 :

“Jack of all and master of none” is a situation, not good enough to apply in the corporate world. Your versatility is appreciated, but you must be best at something. If you are not well acquainted with any subject or skill you can learn some courses online or join a training course you are interested in.

The interview is not just about answering few mugged up questions but a way to learn from your flaws.

Start grooming yourself with sound knowledge of what you are interested in. Until you get the confidence about what you are learning, never appear for an interview. If you do so, you may suffer from an inferiority complex for not getting selected.

Step 2 :

Keep revising what you learned and start reading interview questions from sites given as follows:

Visit the blog links given below to know the basic interview questions:

  1. Smart Interview Answers.
  2. 25 tough Interview Questions.
  3. 5 things to do Before Interview.

Step 3 :

Start making profiles on the Job portals.

To know more about such job portals all over the world, visit the site:

  1. Top 10 Job Hunt Sites.

LinkedIn is a platform where job seekers can directly contact or follow recruiters. So, creating a profile on Linked in is worth a try.

Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, google+, Snapchat, etc. are not just a mere place to meet people. It is far more valuable. Many companies go through the candidates’ profile before hiring them and even do so even after the interview. So be sure to keep your social media profile clean.

Step 4 :

Start writing resumes. A good resume is an initial step to standing out of the crowd.

To get an interview call, you must have relevant information on your resume.

How to write a good resume?

  1. Make your resume straightforward and to the point.
  2. Think what you need to include in the resume
  • Personal Details–>date of birth, address, email, religion, nationality
  • Qualification–>from your class X, XII to a degree, graduation to post-graduation.
  • Skills–>Relevant competencies that the organization requires (write only those skills if you are good at it)
  • Achievements–>your results may include your talents in sports, extracurricular, volunteer ship, seminars, etc.
  • Objective–>It must include what are you looking for and what can you do for the organization

Passport photo tips

  1. Your passport photo must have a professional look.
  2. Never submit passport photos in casuals for job purpose.
  3. The picture must be clean and bright with a dark background.
  4. Try to keep a smile as employers don’t prefer people with a dull look.
  5. Your photo must show enthusiasm.

Step 5 :

Start networking with people. Meet new people and if possible try getting their contacts or emails to learn about their experiences in interviews. If you are lucky enough, you may find an HR who is looking for a person with the skills that you have.

Do an aggressive search for jobs to get a list of good companies looking for skills relevant to your talent.

Do a bit of research about the salary they are offering and the reason behind it.

Don’t apply, try to have a word with the contact person name given in the job post and get some more details about the job. It gives a good impression to them and also ensures that your resume reaches the higher authorities.

Tips to remember a day before the interview:

  1. Research about the organization where you are going for the interview.
  2. Learn what they do and where is their head office, their sub-branches, employee strength. You will get this information from their website itself.
  3. Prepare why you are good than others for the job profile.

In the interview

Always keep in mind the following things when you are in an interview—

1. Body language:

Always remember your body language. Don’t scratch your head if you don’t know an answer. Or for that matter don’t keep biting your nails, shake your legs or sit with crossed legs.

2. Greetings:

Always ask permission to enter the room or to sit. Greet him/her/them as soon as you enter the room. Ensure to see the time before greeting.

3. Dress:

Always wear clean, ironed formal attire with polished shoes while attending an interview.

4. Handshake:

In case you have to shake hands, ensure that its firm. A weak handshake can imply an unstable personality.

5. Communication:

Being a shy person in the interview is a bad idea. You need to speak up. But don’t be in a situation where you are not allowing the HR to speak. Be sure not to flatter or brag off. Be the person who you are.

6. Technical answers:

Always try to give professional and to the point answers but also add a real life example if possible. It provides a good impression to the recruiter. The students always worry themselves stiff because they find themselves in deep trouble when they are in college or perhaps in an esteemed university. It is because they have to write assignments all on their own and appear for umpteen numbers of tests at graduation and post graduation levels. At Assignments4u we make the task easy for you because we provide assignment help and essay help. Economics assignment help and biochemistry assignment help is easily available if you sign up on our website for our services. We also provide editing help and proofreading help.


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