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Strategic Human Resource Management is a typical study of various human resource elements like recruiting, hiring, screening, payroll and discipline, also involves working and operating along with employers and employees in a coordinating manner. So as to improve the work experience as well as boost the relations amongst each other. This type of activity takes place to achieve the minimum growth and development of the company. This helps the company to adopt few steps to earn a competitive position which requires the change in the current path and adopt new situations like risk declining profits and more competitiveness. Strategic Human Resource Management was introduced in the year of 1982 by Dr. Charles Wiseman it was mainly used within the fields of strategic information systems which were created to provide a competitive benefit in response towards developed business initiatives.

The strategic intentions required by any kinds of business helps in making every member understand about its requirement so that every staff members can work towards a consistent purpose or goal. Strategic Human Resource Management can be described as the connecting of human resources with objectives required to develop business performance and improve the organizational culture which tends to foster flexibility, competitive advantage and innovations. In any organization or business entities, the work of Strategic Human Resource Management can be depicted as the means of improving the HR functions. Which are required as a strategic partner in the formulation and implementing the company’s strategies through HR activities like recruiting, screening, selecting, developing, training and rewarding every candidate who is being chosen by the HRs.

The main relationship between Strategic Human Resource Management and Human Resource Management is that. Strategic Human Resource Management helps in addressing the broad organizational problems which relates to the organizational performance as well as effectiveness while operating the business-oriented functions. This provides to change the culture and structure in such a way so that it becomes easier in matching the resources for forthcoming requirements, obtaining the knowledge to change the management systems and developing the distinctive capabilities. It is mainly concerned about the development process capabilities and meeting up new human resource requirements so that everything and operations of the company can be done and executed properly. Strategic Human Resource Management or in short known as SHRM mainly focuses on the actions which help in differentiating the business organization from its competitors. It is also concerned about the long-term allocations of essential company resources.

There are some key points which help the SHRM to maintain the balance between the company and to its employees, these key points are as follows:-

    1. There is an exact connection between the practices of HR policies and its overall organizational strategic environment and achieving its primary purposes.


    1. They are always mutually supportive, as the organization manages in organizing a scheme which helps in correlating every individual HR interventions.


  1. The SHRM help in providing the accurate support to the HR team and managers so that they can carry out their duties as well as help in developing the Organizational Management Systems too.



The main objective of Strategic Human Resource Management has stimulated the interest and excitement in the work area of HRs by inviting Human Resource specialists and managers to dictate about the special, different aspects of their job role and other issues. This Strategic Human Resource Management was formulated to provide help for the development and improvement of the staff members so that they can help in providing good leadership possibilities and help in establishing the support standards of Human Resource Management. Strategic Human Resource Management mainly aims in providing a perfect sense of direction which will help in turbulent environment situations of the organization as well as help in translating the practical and coherent policies of the business programs smoothly. Any SHRM should provide the perfect guidelines for achieving the main objectives seamlessly as it helps the organization to maintain the balance between its relations with the administrative heads, clients, managers, suppliers for further financial requirements in making the business grow properly.

Strategic Human Resource Management mainly focuses the works of Human Resource programs which are related to long-term purposes. Rather than keeping focused on the internal problems of the HRs, it tends to keep its focus fixed in solving the problems and addressing the people of management who are related directly with the Organizations globally. So from here, we can see that the primary goal of SHRM is to maximize the skills of the employees by focusing the business issues which takes place the external side of the Human Resources. The actions which are required to be taken by the strategic human resource manager in the first instance is to identify the key areas HR where the strategies can be implemented in the forthcoming years. So as to improve the overall productivity, skill, and motivations of the employees by implementing the strategies taken up by the organization so that they can boost the production of the company.

The managers who are expanding their business globally, their main concern is about the Strategic Human Resource Management and its processes as it helps in providing new avenues for promoting team learning and increasing the growth of the organization successfully. But the main fact is that the promotion of Strategic Human Resource Management has not been emphasized by the academicians and scholars. Strategic Human Resource Management is the sole practice aligning the different types of business strategies so as to achieve the goals of the organization. The actual aim and purpose of Strategic Human Resource Management are to assure that the companies must “FIT” their Human Resource Strategies in such a way so that they can framework the overall business objectives and ensure that there is a perfect alignment between the strategic objectives of the organization and the Human Resource Practices.


Now we will understand that what are the advantages of SHRM in a corporate field of work. Below are some pointers which will make us know the in-depth details about the advantages. They are as follows:-

    1. TEAM-BUILDING – Strategic Human Resource Management helps in fostering the team spirit camaraderie within the organization. The main strategic vision of a company is to ideally rely on the inputs of the stakeholders which includes customers, managers, employees and investors. Creating an HR strategy helps in aligning the perfect sense of open communication which can have some major advantages in helping the stakeholders feel as if their opinions are both meaningful as well as valued towards the company’s executives and owners.


    1. HELPS IN KEEPING THE ORGANIZATION LEGAL – This is the major advantage of Strategic Human Resource Management as it keeps the organization compliant the laws which are relating to the employees, insurance, salary, and others. The policies and laws administering the business are very much complicated as well as vary between the jurisdictions. But the HRs has a major role in making the organization’s strategic plans legal and amendable enough so that it can adapt according to the changes in legal circumstances and in changing times.


  1. MONITOR PROGRESS – The Strategic vision of the company helps in influencing the evaluation and creation of Human Resource policies. The HR team helps the organization in monitoring the progress towards achieving its stated objectives and goals which are mapped according to the strategic plan of the organization. But much of the strategic plans relies on the support and cooperation of the employees as well as other individual departments present within the organization. The essential and significant role of the Human Resource Department is to monitor that the strategic plans of the organization are being implemented effectively or not.



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