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The job advertisement should reflect one (1) selected job description (choose one (1) – doctor, nurse, and inpatient facility administrator), and the selection criteria should reflect the selected job advertisement to create a flow in your portfolio.

A. Draw up a set of job descriptions for each of the (3) positions in the case (doctor, nurse, and inpatient facility administrator).

You may use whatever sources you want, including interviewing people you may know in these positions or similar positions or searching relevant web sites as you want job descriptions and lists of duties that apply specifically to regional hospitals and outreach facilities.

The Job Analysis Questionnaire (below) can be used as a guide to help determine the major responsibilities and tasks of the job and the required knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics needed to perform the job.

Remember to write the job description using action verbs when describing the employee’s tasks, duties, and responsibilities. It is also important that specific duties be grouped and arranged in descending order of importance.

The complete job description should follow the format shown in sample provided (below).

B. Choose (1) job description to draft one (1) job advertisement, to attract the right people to apply for that position. Write the advertisement as if it will appear on an online employment agency (e.g. seek.com). It will need to stand out amongst the many thousands of other positions being advertised.

1. Develop a list of key selection criteria for an upcoming vacancy in this position in terms of experience, qualifications, skills/abilities, personal qualities and special requirements (see template below).

2. Outline how you would evaluate the candidates on each criterion (a rubric may be useful).

3. Identify your interview selection panel. Indicate the number of people to be on the panel, the positions that they hold and provide a brief explanation of why they are required on the panel.


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