Write two topics about File System and Symbian Operating System


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Structure of life

File access mechanisms






The goal of this project is to allow students the chance to familiarize themselves with additional topics relating to operating systems. To do so, students will study a topic relating to operating systems and write a report detailing their findings. The goal is to focus on practical aspects, and not simply theoretical. Students will first submit a project proposal outlining the topic they choose to study. The final report will be due near the end of the semester. Students can work individually, or in pairs (no more than 2).



Students should choose a subject area to study and provide a report detailing their findings.

The report should clearly articulate their understanding of the topic.

The report should be separated into clear sections. A possible outline may be:

  • Introduction: What is the topic.
  • ¬†Background: Brief background of the topic. This may include history and related issues.
  • Discussion of Topic: Bulk of content.
  • Conclusion: Summary of topic, and what you learned.


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