Write an individual research paper on a significant current event in one Pacific Rim

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Summarize your main points and write your conclusion concerning the issue and its implications


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To research and write an individual research paper on a significant current event in one Pacific Rim* country that has been reported or published in the national or international media during the past 12 months. You may choose any economic, political, social or environmental event as long as you can demonstrate that it is significant in terms of development and change within that country or for the region as a whole .

Your assignment is to describe the issue and the events in detail, provide the geographic and/ or historical background to the issue, explain how or why this has arisen or occurred and analyse the issue with respect to its significance and the implications it may have or the impact on the country or region

*Pacific Rim countries include the following: Japan, North Korea (DPRK), South Korea (ROK), China (PRC), Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, East Timor, Philippines.



Your paper will be evaluated and graded on the following:

Information/ Content : factual accuracy, relevance of information, whether current or not, overall quality and depth of information

Quality and depth of research : nature and depth of your research, type of references used, variety and quality of sources used

Organization and structure of paper : overall structure of your essay, the logic of your argument, and the way the information and arguments are organised

Analysis: discussion and explanations of the event and underlying issues as well as the implications



Use the library or the internet to find out what has been going on the Pacific Rim in the past 12 months. Browse through the back issues of news magazines, journals, yearbooks or any other source of Pacific Rim news. Once you have found a topic that interests you, then conduct further in-depth research using books, articles from academic journals etc. Use the Langara College Library website. Remember you must choose an event or issue that has been in the media in the past 12 months on one Pacific Rim country!



1. Prepare an outline. Organize your information and write a point by point outline. This will help you develop a logical structure to your paper.

Introduction: What is your topic or issue, what are your you going to discuss or show in your paper, what is your purpose or objective, what do you hope the reader will get from this paper?

Body: Describe the issue and give details (what, where), explain the issue (how, why) and discuss the background, analyze the issue in terms of importance and implications

Summary and conclusions: Summarize your main points and write your conclusion concerning the issue and its implications.

2.Logical organization is very important. Each main point should begin a new paragraph, and paragraphs should be clearly and logically connected so that your argument is easy to follow.

3.Use figures, charts, tables, or maps to present data or detailed information rather than writing it out in detail. Remember – all sources of information must be referenced



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