Write an Essay Discussing the Effects of Life Course Changes on the Aging Self and Leisure Choices


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Social construction of ageing

The potential of leisure to create wellbeing


Write an essay discussing the effects of life course changes on the aging self and leisure choices.


Discuss how changes to our lives as we age impact leisure choices.

  • Massively, ageing impacts everything from physical to psychological wellbeing, which then affects what types of leisure we can participate in, or even enjoy. (Unpack).
  • Social construction of ageing.
  • In this essay I will use three different examples of people in my life who have experienced the complex interrelationships of ageing and leisure practice in different ways. I will use these three examples to drive my discussion on various theories of ageing and leisure … and use these to discuss a model of action for leisure practitioners.

Body paragraphs

Examine how theories of life course, ageing and loss may inform leisure practitioners in developing leisure programs for frail older people.

Paragraph 1 – the potential of leisure to create wellbeing

  • The importance of leisure for older people is recognised by many for a variety of reasons: Kleiber et al. discuss that in the case of post-traumatic stress, leisure has four functions, including “its role in distraction, its capacity for regenerating optimism, its importance as a narrative thread in reconstructing a life story, and the use of leisure as a strategy of intentional transformative action”
  • Hutchinson et al. identify the following important functions of leisure:
    • Leisure as a buffer from immediate stressors
    • Leisure as mental distraction
    • Preserving a connection to the past
    • Escaping confines of home and hospital
    • Escaping one’s illness or disability
    • Leisure as a source of motivation to sustain coping efforts
    • Offering hope and optimism
    • Providing structure and a sense of purpose
    • Providing a sense of belonging and acceptance
    • Preserving a sense of competence, independence and continuity of self
    • Maintaining physical or mental health
  • Although the potential of leisure to create lasting wellbeing for older people is well known it is often difficult to achieve for individuals. In the next three paragraphs I will discuss family members who have not yet achieved wellbeing and fulfilment from leisure during the ageing process. I will discuss the theories of leisure and wellbeing that relate to each of these people and what steps could be taken by leisure practitioners to assist people in a similar situation to them.

Paragraph 2 – Dad

  • Explain his situation (explain how ageing has influenced who he is, his engagement with leisure, and his quality of life or wellbeing as a result).
  • Explain the theories that relate to his case – see readings.
  • Discuss the practical applications for the theories – what to do for these people.
  • Explain how leisure practitioners could utilise the theories, to design activities that would be useful for people like Dad.

He is 67 now, his engagement with leisure activities started decreasing when he had big trouble with his physical health at the age of 58 but had decreased dramatically when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 63. Now at the age of 67 and still fighting cancer and other health conditions, he almost does no pleasurable activities like driving between cities and travailing.

Paragraph 3 – Grandma

She is 84 now, loves to take a good care of herself, eats well, takes an excellent care of her appearance, her only physical activity is when she cleans her home,

Paragraph 4: Mother in law

She is 79 now, she does look after her diet but she does not do much activities and her maximum workout in four years is to walk around the lounge room for four to six times and would spend all her day in her bedroom fearing to do any activity so she doesn’t hurt herself,


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