Write an essay based on the Case Study:Joan’s Family


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Write an essay based on the case study, using the COCR model of critical thinking.

Case Study Two: Joan’s family

A mother (Joan) is a single parent with two children, Jessica is 10 years old and her brother Ryan is 4 years old. Concerns about this family were first raised by the school when the children were having very poor school attendance. Despite several attempts by the school staff to encourage the children to come to school, their attendance at school continued to be very irregular. When the children did manage to attend school it was noted by their teachers that the children appeared neglected because of their unkempt appearance and seldom had any food for lunch. Ryan’s teacher also noted that Ryan was very withdrawn when he did attend school. Joan has been called in by the school a number of times but never turns up for the meetings.


The child and family liaison officer is asked to do a home visit and on his/her initial visit to the family learns that Joan has recently left a violent relationship. Her mode of coping with the separation and trauma of the violence inflicted upon her is to use alcohol in ever-increasing amounts. She is finding it increasingly difficult to provide basic care and get the children to school. Her 10- year-old daughter (Jessica) is staying up late and is acting as a companion for Joan. Jessica tells you she is finding it very difficult to get up for school and get her brother and her ready so most of the time they just don’t go. Jessica also tells you she is worried about her mother as she is scared that her father may come back and hurt her again.


Deconstruct:What is happening here? Describe the issue(s). Pull apart the thinking around the issue(s) and closely exam where the notions are coming from. Examine what may be described as ‘normal’ or the taken-for- granted notions around the issues you have described.


Confront:What challenges your thinking? Approach the issues that are challenging you head-on by examining the ideas that are accepted but rarely questioned. What assumptions might be made?


Theorise: To help you get a better understanding of the issue(s) draw on relevant theory and literature. Describe the multiple perspectives presented in the theory and literature around the issues presented in the case study.


Think Otherwise: Re-examine the thinking about the issues and discuss how you are thinking now as a result of what you have learnt by examining these issues from more than one perspective. What has changed or deepened in your thinking?

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