Write an assignment about Your Business Plan and an Income Statement Containing Your Business Plan Financials


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  • Industry Analysis and Trends
  • Strategic Position & Risk Assessment
  • Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy


You must intend to raise money for your startup company. You can start with money from friends and family but at some point you will need funds from outside investors, either angels or venture capitalists, depending on how much money you project you will need to raise. Another possible angle is to develop money through crowdfunding, assuming your product meets the demand of such audiences.

Before you can raise money, you must develop a business plan that convinces an investor that your company will succeed.

Section 1: Business Plan

Write a  your business plan in which you:

1.Company Description (Mini Project Deliverable 1)

2.Industry Analysis and Trends (Project Deliverable 1)

3.Strategic Position & Risk Assessment (Project Deliverable 1)

4.Target Market (Project Deliverable 2)

5.Competition (Project Deliverable 2)

6.Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy (Project Deliverable 2)

7.Operations Plan (Mini Project Deliverable 2)

8.Technology Plan (Mini Project Deliverable 2)

9.Management & Organization (Mini Project Deliverable 2)

10.Ethics & Social Responsibility (Project Deliverable 3)


The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Describe strategic planning techniques used to formulate alternative strategies designed to achieve stated business goals.


  • Create a plan to implement a firm’s strategy and manage the change from current operations.


  • Analyze strategies for exerting the internal leadership needed to drive the implementation of strategic initiatives and improve operating excellence.


  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in strategic management.


  • Write clearly and concisely about strategic management using proper writing mechanics.


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