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Cross-Layer MAC and Routing Protocols

MAC Layer Challenges and protocols


Net-Centric Computing

Wireless Sensor Networks: A survey of cross-layer MAC and Routing protocols and their performance evaluation methodologies”

Requirements: Regardless of the topic chosen, you need to demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of the topic studied, including an evidence of your own original contribution. The evidence of originality can be in literature review and analysis/synthesis of research findings.

Guidelines for literature review

1. After reading/reviewing 15-20 relevant recent papers (mainly academic journal/conference papers published in the last five years) on your chosen topic, identify the key researchers and their main contributions. You can use the following table to summarize your findings (Please note that if you do use the table below, it has to be incorporated in your report).

Table 1: Leading researchers and their main contributions in the field of <your topi>

Researcher (Authors,date)Main contributionYearDescription/key concept


2. Provide a brief description of each of the main contributions you listed in Column 2 of the above summary table.

3. The above summary table is useful for finding research gaps. However, it does not reflect the analysis and/or synthesis of your research findings. You have to include analysis/synthesis in your report perhaps in a separate section.

4. Provide an analysis and synthesis of your research findings – follow the example survey papers [Chieochan, S., Hossain, E., &amp; Diamond, J. (2010). Channel assignment schemes for infrastructure-based 802.11 WLANs: A survey. IEEE Communications Surveys &amp; Tutorials,12(1), 124-136 AND/OR Bianzino, A. P., Chaudet, C., Rossi, D., &amp; Rougier, J. L. (2012). A survey of green networking research. IEEE Communications Surveys &amp; Tutorials, 14(1), 3-20].


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