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Define how organizations select their employees in the contemporary business environment



“Talent management is the use of an integrated set of activities to ensure that the organization attracts, retains, motivates and develops the talented people it needs now and in the future” Armstrong (2006).

  • Compare and contrast an exclusive and inclusive approach to talent management. What factors might influence the approach adopted by an organization?
  • Using an organization with which you are familiar, critically evaluate the approach to talent management taken by the Company. What activities, processes and/or tools do the organization employ in order to attract, select, engage and retain its talent?

Conclude and make recommendations as appropriate. Use organizational examples and theoretical evidence to inform your assignment.


The learning outcomes for this assignment are:

  • Identify job requirements, develop job descriptions and recommend job qualifications
  • Outline and understand the recruitment and selection process by assessing various tools including testing, application banks, interviews, references and resumes
  • Discuss the importance of the socialization process in developing a dedicated, loyal, productive employee; develop a process to bring it about including the essentials of employee training and management development.


It is increasingly apparent that the effective recruitment, selection and retention of people can be a key source of competitive advantage and that recruitment and selection are integrated activities.  Recruitment is primarily concerned with generating a pool of suitable candidates, whereas selection is concerned with identifying those that meet the organization’s requirements.

Unit 4 attempts to define and probe this process by considering the internal and external factors.  For example, the combination of conditions in external labor markets, technological developments and legislation can be contradictory.  On one hand, legislative requirements can suggest a common ‘best’ practice whereas, on the other hand, variations in labor supply and market conditions can indicate the need for a more diverse, pragmatic approach.

Internal organizational factors also influence approaches to recruitment and selection, including the organization’s business strategy and the preferred balance between external and internal recruitment.  Additional factors include industrial, sectoral and size variation and the growth in multinational enterprises.  The combination of organizational diversity and pressures from the external environment can account for wide variations in recruitment and selection practice.

In this unit we shall:

  • Examine the internal and external influences
  • Define how organizations select their employees in the contemporary business environment
  • Highlight the key elements in the process
  • Explore the Induction process

On completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Define recruitment and selection processes
  • Evaluate effectiveness of different recruitment and selection methods
  • Understand the importance of induction and socialization of employees


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