Write an Assignment about “Supply Chain Management”


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Wal-Mart’s methodologies in supply chain management




The integration of supply chain activities in an organization always has a significant impact on the bottom line performance of a manufacturing organization. Critically analyze how the integration of the supply chain activities impact the effectiveness and the efficiency in a real world manufacturing organization. Conduct a SCOR analysis along with a Lean supply chain on the chosen manufacturing organization. Identify critical success factors and pitfalls to avoid. Provide recommendations for all the findings.

BODY – Discuss the characteristics and methodologies of supply chain integration management strategies in your chosen manufacturing organization. Conduct a SCOR analysis , as well as a lean supply chain analysis on the chosen organization. Provide recommendations for supply chain integration, SCOR, and lean supply chain analysis . Use the supply chain theories and concept in your discussion. Diagrams are permitted to help explain the concepts.

CONCLUSION – Reinstate points you introduced and summarise improvement recommendations.


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