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SWOT analysis and create a cause and effect diagram


1)a. A project risk analysis:

i. Using the IT Risk Framework in Figure 8.2 (in your textbook) as a basis, identify at least five risks to your project. More specifically, identify one risk for each of the five phases of the IT project methodology depicted in the outer ring of the framework. Then, use the framework for analysing each risk by moving from the outer ring to the centre. Make sure you carry out a SWOT analysis and create a cause-and- effect diagram.

ii. For each of the risks identified, assign an owner to each risk and describe a strategy for managing each particular risk.

iii. Develop a Risk Response Plan following the same structure as the template provided on pg. 269 of your textbook.


2) Project procurement information, include the following:

a. To save time and money, you decided to outsource the testing of the MAA School Management System to another organization called TestIt4U. This company specializes in product testing and is located in another country. Your boss has asked you to convince him as to why you decided to outsource the testing. Consider the outsourcing model (Fig. 12.1 in your textbook) and provide a description of:

i. What steps you took to decide to outsource.

ii. Which criteria did you consider to help you decide which vendor to use for MAA.

iii. What are the possible challenges you may encounter during outsourcing and how you will deal with them (this is so your boss knows that you are prepared).


b. Decide which of the contracts below makes most sense for MAA and TestIT4U. Make sure you compare and contrast the suitability and/or lack of suitability of each contract type for the MAA project.

i. Fixed price or lump sum

ii. Cost reimbursable

a. Cost plus fee or cost plus percentage of cost

b. Cost plus fixed fee

c. Cost plus incentive fee

iii)Time and materials


c. Since you decided to outsource the testing of the MAA School Management System to TestIt4U, you need to be sure that both you and TestIt4U meet the terms of the contract. Provide and discuss a strategy of how you will ensure that the contract conditions are being met. Be specific and be creative. Remember, managing the outsourcing relationship is very important.

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