Write an assignment about Leadership and Personal Development


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Theories of Leadership and their impact

Changes or Modifications Required


Leadership and Personal Development:

1)Description of leadership practice and consequence(scene description)

2)Critical analysis of the situation,theory identification,integration and application

3)Reflection on changes required using theory and LDA to support arguments presented

4)Identification of lessons learned and overall experience

Critical analysis of the situation, theory identification, integration and application Having looked at the scenes you will need to critically analyse how leadership was displayed and demonstrated. You can argue for both effective or ineffective leadership displayed but remember that this is not about whether or not you agree with Mandela’s politics.

You should then identify relevant theories and concepts (from leadership, motivation, team building, personality, communication and so on) that are pertinent to the scenes chosen and described and link them to the analysis.

Remember that the reliance on one theory alone is unlikely to be sufficient as leadership is multi-­‐ faceted. A very important aspect of this section is that you must integrate and apply the theories and concepts into the analysis.

For example, merely stating that the scene showed that communication principles were violated will not put you in good standing as far as marking is concerned. You will need to identify which areas of the communication process were affected and provide good breadth and depth of discussion and justification to support your assertion.

Remember that you should also include the LDA that you have engaged in (either those provided in class or those that you have been able to obtain from other academically reputable sources) to enhance your discussion.

Reflection on changes required using theory and LDA to support arguments presented Reflect on the changes that you will need to make in your own life, in the near-­‐term, so as to become a more effective leader as a result of having learned about leadership from Mandela.

Remember to use theories and relevant LDA to support your argument. You must include the lessons derived from relevant LDA to support your discussion.

In addition to your reflection on the changes required you should also consider how these changes, once identified, might be practically implemented. Identification of lessons learned and overall experience Comment on possible leadership gaps for the future that you may have identified as a result of your learning through this incident and discuss the areas that you might need to work on for the future. You might write about how this incident has demonstrated the need for such skills and what the insights derived mean for the development of your own leadership abilities.

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