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Explain what is meant by the term ‘medium neutral citation’. Which case citation should be used if the case is subsequently reported in the law reports?


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Part A

1.Go to the following website (http://www.austlii.edu.au) and locate this case:

In what court was this case heard?


2.Name the judge and explain her title.


3.Explain what is meant by the term ‘medium neutral citation’. Which case citation should be used if the case is subsequently reported in the law reports?


4.The crux of the case concerns the meaning of a ‘unilateral contract’; briefly explain what is meant by a unilateral contract


5.Which case established the definition of a unilateral contract and what was held in that case?


6.Which Australian case defined a unilateral contract?


7.Which of the parties did Dodds-Stretton J regard as the more reliable witness and what was the significance of this?


8.What was the decision of the court?


9.Briefly state the plaintiff’s claim.


10.Why did the plaintiff’s argument fail?


11.The plaintiff appealed the decision (a) give the case citation for the appeal; (b) state the outcome of the appeal; (c) what reservations did Kellem JA have in respect of the presentation of the plaintiff’s case?


12.Do you think this case was dealt with fairly? Give reasons for your answer.


Part B

1.In the form of a short essay, discuss the following statement:

“It is commonly accepted by lawyers that the adversarial system designed to resolve disputes is an inefficient system. Alternative dispute resolution is a far better system”.


2.Andrew lost his iPad at the University campus. He placed an advertisement on the University notice board for a reward of $200 to anyone who found it. Kim, who had not seen the advertisement, found the iPad in the University’s student lounge area. It had dropped underneath a sofa. Kim took the iPad to the University’s “Lost & Found” area. As she was handing over the iPad, Andrew was at the counter enquiring about his lost iPad. To his amazement, he saw his iPad and thanked Kim profoundly.

Could Kim recover the reward of $200 from Andrew in law?


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