Write an assignment about Human Resource Management


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Universalistic perspectives or Best Practice Model

Contingency perspectives or best fit method



On successful completion of the module students will be able to:

i. Evaluate the role of human resource management in organisations

ii. Evaluate and critique human resource management theory and practice

iii. Analyse the relationship between HRM and organisational performance

iv. Analyse HRM issues, identify HRM problems, draw appropriate conclusions and offer solutions using critical thinking skills

In addition, the module develops and/or enhances the following employability skills:

v. Seminar discussions: team working, task-centred working, challenge Seminar discussions: team working, task-centred working, challenge opinions, critical analysis, developing deep learning, oral communication, creative and innovative thinking, time management, leading/chairing discussions.

vi. Private study and reading: self motivation, time management, ability to learn independently, management of own learning, information retrieval including skim reading, business awareness.

vii. Coursework: identification/definition of problem/essentials, self- reliance, critical analysis, business awareness, information retrieval, building an argument, logical thinking, creative and innovative thinking, writing and structuring a focused answer, meeting deadlines, time management.

viii. Lectures: self motivation, listening and concentrating, effective note taking, reflect on past experience/knowledge, contributing ideas, respond to questions, challenge opinions.

ix. Examination: working under pressure, self-reliance, identification/definition of problem/essentials, critical analysis, building an argument, logical thinking, writing and structuring a focused answer, time management


Learning objectives:

To revise and discuss holistically the HRM topics covered in the module

To discuss and disentangle multiple ambiguities of HRM

To discuss HRM professional identities


Assessment criteria:

1. Address the actual question – do not just write generally about the topic but focus firmly on the question, address all elements of the question explicitly in your answer.

2. Demonstrate wide reading and familiarity with the literature – discuss ideas from the literature, critically engage with them, draw on a wide range of academic sources and theoretical perspectives.

3. Analyse (rather than describe) relevant concepts and theories (ie relevant to the actual question and the argument), construct arguments based on this analysis that are relevant to the topic under investigation.

4. Support arguments/analysis with evidence such as empirically based publications, survey results.

5. Illustrate points (of your argument) with topical examples eg from the media, case studies, own experience


Write an individual essay in response to one of the following titles:

1) Critically evaluate SHRM approaches. Which one do you find the most convincing and why?

2) Critically discuss changes to the HR function that took place following the publication of Ulrich’s (1997) model. Consider implications of these changes for various stakeholders.

3) Critically evaluate the exchange view of recruitment and selection. What do we know about applicants’ reactions to recruitment and selection procedures?

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