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Investment Trading –

The investment trading simulation allows students to learn about share, fund management, foreign currency and interest bearing securities trading in a controlled/simulated environment. This simulation gives you a sum of $300,000 imaginary money and allows you to “purchase” or “sell” investments in all companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and other markets in Australia. You are to start on the 2nd September 2013 (Monday) and your last trading day is the 18th October (Friday) 2013.

You are required to undertake imaginary transactions and record all the transactions that you undertake. You can purchase any instrument that the ASX and other main markets in Australia, so it is not just shares. .For example when you “purchase” a share you will need to record the purchase price (this can be obtained by checking the price on the ASX website.). Transaction costs such as brokerage will be ignored in this assignment


A suggested format for recording your transactions is shown below (you may choose to record other relevant items):


Assessment Requirements

1. During the 7 weeks you submit your trades (and reasoning) each week on Blackboard in the Assignment 2 folder.
At the completion of the simulation (18th October 2013) you are required to submit


2. Trading Diary – You are to keep a diary of your trades and reasons for trading. The diary should detail the following for each trade:

a) Date

b) Company

c) Research Undertaken and thus the reason for the trade

d) Other information

The diary must be detailed enough so reasons for trading are clearly shown and justified. Any trading strategies must be explained and examples of the strategy must be within your trades.


3. Trading Review –

e) what the simulation taught you about trading

f) a review of your trading psychology including

– What affected your trading?

– Did your trading match your risk profile?

– Preference – fundamental or technical analysis- why and how?

– How did you select the instruments?

– How successful were you?


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