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TIDI has a $10,000,000 investment budget, an investment hurdle rate of 11.0 %



Mr. de Ville, the owner of Tasman Ian de Ville Investments Ltd. (TIDI) has asked you to evaluate five investment projects. TIDI has a $10,000,000 investment budget, an investment hurdle rate of 11.0 %, and the owner has a requirement that all investments have a Payback Period (PBP) of ,≤ 3.5 years. Also, Project 2 brings the offices and warehouse up to the current fire code and the listed savings are the “facilitation payments” (e.g. bribes) that will no longer need to be made to inspectors to avoid the office being shut-down.

Year-endProject 1Project 2Project 3Project 4Project 5

Please review the above-listed projects by providing NPV, IRR, PBP, B/C ratio and do not forget social legitimacy needs and select the ones that should be brought to the attention of the owner for investment consideration.


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