Write an assignment about Enterprise System Implementation Failure


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  • Project communication, tracking and reporting
  • Managing organisational change, resistance and conflict


1) Project communication, tracking and reporting

a) Explain what went wrong with the communication between the project stakeholders in the case. Suggest how they should have communicated to avoid the failure. Consider face-to-face meetings, electronic media and collaboration technologies. Think about other factors that may have influenced this lack of communication. Make sure you justify your answer

b) Suppose the following tables were received by the project manager reflecting the progress of the IT project. Using the information provided, create an Earned Value Report which includes: Planned Value (PV), Actual Cost (AC), Earned Value (EV), Cost Variance (CV), Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Variance (SV), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), and Estimate At Completion (EAC) for typical and atypical variances.

You do not need to use MS Project for this. Instead, carry out the calculations yourself (you can use Excel) and present your work in a table in the report.


Note: The cost of Resource A is $20.00 an hour, the cost of Resource B is $25.00 an hour and Resource C is $17.00 an hour. 1 work day is equivalent of 8 work hours.





2) IT project quality management

In the case provided, it is mentioned that there were errors in the new system that was developed.

a) Come up with a list metrics that you think should have been assessed in order to make sure the quality of the new system met the users’ requirements. Think about the process, product and project metrics. For each metric, provide a description and a reason for why it is important to assess. To assist you, search for articles on what defines ‘quality’ for IT projects – this will make your answer more accurate and reliable.


b) Based on the case for this assignment, which review(s) do you think was (were) necessary to ensure project and deliverable quality – technical reviews, business reviews and/or management reviews. Justify your answer.


c) Develop and describe a set of validation activities that the project team could have performed to ensure quality of the new system. Be specific and be creative, however make sure this is realistic.

d) What organisational factors in the case do you think may have affected the quality of the new system? Assess the case thoroughly.

3) Managing organisational change, resistance and conflict

a) Assess the willingness, readiness and ability to change of the Australians and the New Zealanders. You should put this in a table with two columns or you can present this in paragraph format.

b) If you were the project manager, what would you have done differently to prevent the downfall of this project? Identify all of the “change” issues in the case. Then, build a change strategy based on one or a combination of the following approaches for each issue that you find:

  • Rational-empirical
  • Normative-reeducation
  • Power-coercive
  • Environmental-adaptive

Justify why you picked this strategy.

c) If you were the project manager in the case, how would you have managed the resistance and conflict? Justify your answer.


d) Use Leavitt’s Model of Organizational Change to assist you with identifying how the organisation was impacted after the failure of this project. You may use other frameworks from other sources or courses to further assist you. Think critically.


e) Come up with two lists of “lessons learned”, one for the Australian team and one for the New Zealand team.

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