Write an assignment about Design and Value Management


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In this project you will be required to work in a group to apply a design method to a problem


You have been given a very open problem: How can you as designers suggest ways to improve the experience for first years at ECU.


This kind of problem is sometimes called a ‘wicked problem’. A wicked problem doesn’t have a single solution and any solution can be questioned; there’s no one right answer and personal opinion can intrude.


You will work on this throughout the semester. For the first six weeks you will learn skills and gather information to help with this task.


From week seven you will use a formal design process to develop and resolve your concepts.


You will need to attend a value management workshop where the first steps of the project will be identified and completed. After that you are free to work in your own time or in class time to complete your proposal


Assessment will be based on your understanding of the Value Management process, especially the function analysis stage; what reading you have done on the topic and the work that you have completed in developing your concepts.


You will work in teams, you can opt to submit a team report, but you can opt to write individual reports. Reports can be in outline form and use dot points, they will not be assessed on literary style, but their ability to communicate what you have done and what you have learned.


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