Write an assignment about Analysis of Adidas Company


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How Adidas can overcome challenges


Organisation Choices

Pick one of the following to complete your individual assignment on:

• Adidas


• Johnson & Johnson

• MaUel

• Nestle

• Sony Music Entertainment


Organisation Analysis

• Analysis and key points idenYfied should be compared/contrasted against the academic literature

• Do not repeat large parts of organisaYonal history – this demonstrates no analysis

• The focus should be on intrapreneurial activity and innovations.


Recommended Report Structure

• Introduction (to the report, identify the purpose and introduce the organisation this assessment will focus on)

• Organisation Innovation (this section may use subheadings)

– The intrapreneurial/innovative process this organisation implements

– Intrapreneurial/innovative lessons learnt (this must be supported with academic literature)

– Why these lessons have made the business more successful (a comparison to other organisations in the same industry would be helpful here)

– Why it would be difficult for another firm to adopt some of this organisation’s success factors (key intrapreneurial activities/innovations)

– Explain how these difficulties (identified in point 3) could be over come

• Summary


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