Write a team Report of about on a Business Prevalent in the Digital Economy


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Business Intelligence and Decision Supported Systems (DSS)


Write a team report of about on a business prevalent in the Digital Economy. The business can be Australian or International, and should have a Web presence. Examples of relevant businesses include; Facebook, Alibaba, IBM, e-Bay etc. Each team nominates three different businesses to the lecturer or tutor, and then the lecturer or tutor will decide the business after discussing with the team.

The report should cover the following areas of IT Management in relation to the business selected.

IS Healthcare

  • ­ Impact of healthcare IT on health care access, costs, care delivery, and outcomes
  • ­ Designing health care organisations, systems and processes incorporating e-health solutions
  • ­ Role of IS in improving care in different national health systems
  • ­ Designing new economic models of financing health care services through
  • ­ Big data and analytics in healthcare
  • ­ Online and mobile health platforms and communities


Social and Organisational aspects of an IS

  • ­ The relationships between IS innovation and social and organisational determinants
  • ­ IS and new organisational forms, including the use of "Enterprise 2.0 for strategic and/or organisational goals
  • ­ The agile alignment or co-evolution of business strategy, organisation,and IS, particularly in dynamic global contexts
  • ­ Development, adoption, and diffusion issues of IS innovations in organisations or in society
  • ­ The role of IS in organisational learning

Enterprise systems:

  • ­ Post-implementation phase
  • ­ software integration;
  • ­ inter-organisational benefits
  • ­ partner relationship management.

Social Media and Business Impact

  • ­ The adoption, usage, and impact of social media upon consumers and businesses
  • ­ Social media business models and strategies
  • ­ Enterprise 2.0 and social computing in organisations
  • ­ Organizational learning and the use of social media
  • ­ Knowledge management with social media
  • ­ Crowdsourcing, collective intelligence, collaboration, problem-solving with social media

Business Intelligence and Decision Supported Systems (DSS)

  • ­ Intelligent methods used;
  • ­ How the company used DSS in digital economy


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