Write a Research Report about Technologies used in Aged Care Facilities


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Advantages with technological advancement

Safety and security aspects for aged people


To : Prepare a research paper in accordance with the listed/suggested health informatics topics.

Description: : This assessment provides us with the opportunity to actually conduct a small-scale literature review, leading to a conclusion about the current state of knowledge on the topic area and possibly further questions that my need to be addressed.


Select one of these topics below  (this list will continuously expand) for your research report:

1.Wearable technologies in health care

2.Factors impacting implementation of technology in acute care/ or any other areas

3.Technologies likely to drive a transformational change in healthcare delivery

4.Technologies used in Aged care facilities

OR , if another area/topic/theme within the Health informatics area that interests you – discuss it and agree researching that topic with the Course Convenor before you commence.


Literature Reviews: Getting Started

In any literature review, you need to establish focus and develop search strategies around that focus. This information sheet provides some strategies for getting started, defining a clear topic, and developing a research question or questions to guide your literature review.


The Purpose of Literature Reviews

You may be required to do a literature review in postgraduate or undergraduate courses at university. Literature reviews can be used alone, or in research projects, reports, articles and theses, to:

  • Establish context, by providing background information and identifying previous research in a particular area;
  • Discuss different theories and/or methodologies, and critique why they might be problematic or useful for a research project; and/or
  • Demonstrate the relevance, importance, and/or strength of the research problem or argument that you are presenting.Literature reviews are a way of bringing together, analysing and evaluating a range of sources in relation to a particular topic or research question.


Step 1: Establishing Focus

You may have a set research topic, problem, or even question to analyse. Refer to the ‘Unpacking the Assignment’ information sheet to get started on analyzing this topic/question. This will also guide you through the process of formulating key questions to focus your research.

Developing your own research question

If you are developing your own research topic and question(s), try using the ‘inverted triangle’ or ‘funnel’ model. This involves narrowing the focus of your literature review, by following these steps:

  • Define the general topic area, taking into account what is appropriate in your discipline, program, and/or course.
  • Identify the particular problem or issue that you are interested in investigating.
  • Turn the problem into questions e.g. Why does this happen? How can we solve this problem? What are the main features of this issue? – These help to focus your research and writing. They also help you to define your aims and objectives in the literature review.

• Brainstorm ideas and key points, using your research question(s) as a foundation. Concept mapping may be useful here.


Step 2: Developing Search Strategies

Once you have questions to guide your searching, you need to start locating and evaluating relevant literature around the topic area. Try the following:

Know your faculty librarian: They can help you to find topic-specific resources.

Use the Library Research Tutorial (LRT): Available via [email protected], this tutorial will help you to develop skills in searching for relevant materials in the library.

Always maintain your focus and purpose: Continue to check that you are ‘on track’.

As you begin to collect literature, revisit your research question(s), and ask:

  • Is the literature answering or helping to address my research questions?
  • Is the literature informing my understanding of the topic area?
  • What seem to be the important aspects of the problem or topic?
  • What am I trying to communicate in this literature review?


Once you have analysed or formulated your research focus, and developed search strategies, you need to start managing the information that you collect. As part of this, you will need to:

Critically analyse, compare, and evaluate.

Classify information as you read, and sort similar evidence together.

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