Write a Research Paper and PPT about Apple’s or Apple:Logistics Operations


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  • Procurement
  • Purchasing
  • Vendor Management


This research paper will be 6 pages, must have a reference page and cover sheet; remember, cover sheet and reference page will not count and having run-on paragraphs as an continuation to the next page will not count either. Please use scholarly sources; 7 references will be suffice. Be sure to number each page, double space it, simplify language. The paper must be free of all grammatical errors, punctuation and spelling must be accurate.
Remember, you will only use American English for this paper. Please, please, make sure you use citations in this paper; use your own words for references not used. Any references used from textbooks then make sure you include the page number(s); this paper must be in APA format. The research paper will consist of Apple’s logistics operations ranging from:
1. Procurement
2. Purchasing
3. Collaborative Supplier Relations
4. Vendor Management


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